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Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: March 19, 2017, 06:28:16 pm »
I have done some maintenance on the Java pages, nothing wild or so.
About the program UPM, update to last version. There is more international support, particularly interesting for Dutch users.
The page about Hodoku is updated, some lines where too long, so the page didn't show too well.
Same about the program Photo Manager, some lines where too long.

Its getting harder in finding new Java programs, more and more are migrating to Github, but that doesn't search so easy.

Internet / Re: Strange problem
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:56:09 pm »
Some file on Mozilla about Mac gives lots of info about the files. Found that one thanks to Dave. But still have the password file problem. Memory seems to be a bug. I have *.wal files, these are write ahead log files.

Internet / Re: Strange problem
« on: March 17, 2017, 06:16:21 pm »
Can someone tell me what the files in the profile directory mean and do? And where can I connect the password database to the security page? For some reason I lost it. Get real sick of 38.8, its slow, don't use memory right, needs a lot of time shutting down, what is the program writing? And the worst part, I can't read a thing in all those files, formerly you could go through a file and kick out the line which was not okay.

Applications / Re: Do you really need DOS/WIN16 Support?
« on: March 11, 2017, 06:24:37 pm »
I'm just trying to understand the weight of the legacy on this subject, so the question is "Do you really need DOS/WIN16 Support as OS/2 Warp offers it?"
It can be interesting to know:
1) Which DOS and Windows 3.1 applications are still needed ? Please list the name of it.
WP 5.2+
Van Dale dictionary Dutch and synonymous Dutch
Psion database
Het groene boekje Dutch spelling
Drafix cad program
Psion Backup
Rcom OS (Psion)
Character map
And I have a lot of cd's with DOS and Win 3.1 stuff...

2) Why can not DOSBox with Win3.1 installed can it be used?
Not native and it slows down

3) Why it is needed to be WIN16 integrated VM on OS/2?
Seamless integration and that's the reason I stick to OS/2. Copy and paste in very very old Dos programs which do not know what that is.

Internet / Strange problem
« on: March 10, 2017, 11:23:57 pm »
I do visit regular a forum. But since yesterday I can't. Its like it doesn't exist. I have this behavior in FF38.8. When I close the program and start up FF24.8.1 then I can go to that forum. So I have a virus? Deleted the directory of FF38.8 with the databases, not the program directory, seems all is okay there, no changes in dates or time. I pickup my backup from about a month ago and restored the deleted directory. I had no problems then. But after starting up FF38.8 I still can't go the the forum. What's going here? For the record, did a fresh restart too.

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: February 17, 2017, 12:24:10 am »
I have added a new Java program on my homepage, its an easy java editor, in short eje. You can find it on my page or in Dutch

I have made a screenshot, looks like this;

Have fun!

Article Discussions / Re: What program for font preview
« on: January 21, 2017, 08:40:04 pm »
Hi Dave,  This appears to be one of the java programs that requires openjdk6-ga3 to run. 

I have a few java programs that will not run with openjdk6-ga5.  I don't think there are supposed to be that many differences between ga3 and ga5 but there are enough not to let some java programs work that is why I have both versions on this computer.
Its best to run latest Odin and latest Java for our system, ie openjdk6-ga5. I don't have problems with latest Odin. I did test openjdk6-ga2 up ga4 and all do have errors some way with programs. What programs don't want to run with openjdk6-ga5?

As I found Joops example Java command files quite useful in setting up all of the Java Programs I currently use
Thank you  ;D
(which include some that are not linked to his website)
Interesting, which one?
1) in the case of the parameter -Duser.home=<path to java program>, could that also be used as a statement in a command file to set-up and run , say, QT4 programs, to store config, INI or setting data for the program in question, within its own directory?
-Duser.home is a Java thing, will not work with QT or any other none Java program.
2) I noted in the two separate HOME\DEFAULT directories on this machine (and two more on my test machine)...
You have to set that up in your config.sys file with SET HOME=[drive:]\HOME\DEFAULT. Having more can confuse programs.
3)I would see having all the DLL's being in a UNIX framework on a separate partition, accessed by multiple OS partitions as a useful timesaving  solution, from a maintenance standpoint. However, as I learned by accident today, there may be quirky programs that still want libs in specific locations on the boot partition, despite what the LIBPATH says.
I have an OS/2 machine, not an Unix machine, so no Unix framework. Well sort off, because if you run Gimp you get some directories with Unix names and fontconfig does the same. But all are NOT on the OS/2 drive.

I have a drive with OS/2 with a directory OS2 with ONLY OS/2 things. Everything else which is needed is going to the ecs directory. So all needed libs and so on are in \ecs\dll. You need to set it right in your config.sys, but that is once and you don't have to look at it ever again. If you have a new whatever.dll for running nextlevelfirefox, then you place it in ecs\dll. Ready.

I have on my programs drive all versions of ODIN. They are installed in a directory called ODIN-xxx where xxx is the version. I have one directory called ODIN-empty. That one contains the subdirectory structure. With a new version of ODIN I create a new ODIN-xxx directory and copy from the ODIN-empty the structure to this new ODIN-xxx directory.
Next I have an ODIN directory, this directory is set in the config.sys. This directory contains the working copy of ODIN. If I want to test with an older ODIN version, than I copy the working directory to the directory ODIN-old. Then I compare the ODIN directory with the directory of an older ODIN version in order to see what I have to delete. Normally only the directory \ODIN\system32 needs to be erased and copied from the old version. In this way I can switch from ODIN versions in a very short time. I don't have to  adjust or change anything else because nothing changed, directories are still the same. The only thing I run is the program odininst.exe.

With Java its not very different. I have all Java versions next to each other, it doesn't bite so to speak. Also I run Java programs using different Java versions on different drives. That's why I use command files. With this setup I can run any Java version with any ODIN version. So read my site carefully, some combinations are not  good. Best is to use  ODIN 0.8.9 (2013-02-17) and Java Version 1.6.0 Build 27 GA5 (2013-02-17).

Its a while ago that I played both games. If you run into problems than you can try to find out what is wrong by adding 2>biogenesis-bugs.txt (as an example) to the end of the line starting with java ...... If you have used javaw its a good time to erase the "w". With java... you see more if you start the command file in an os/2-ecs session. If the java program has problems you get a file ----bugs.txt. The top error is the one which is responsible for the error. All other errors are in most cases a logic follow up because of that error.
Biogenesis doesn't store anything. If you have used my example of the command file, then verify if the directories are correct for your system. Always use "-Duser.home=[drive:]\javaprogram" right after java or javaw. This forces the java program to store all files in own directory. So if you want to erase the program you only have to delete one directory. There are some exceptions with programs which unpack in memory and use the home structure. The program "Mars Simulation Project" is such a program. You can add what you want, but the program doesn't see it.
Freecol also doesn't have user files. It was a bit of a problem to run it, but I changed the command file a long time ago. Its now java -Xmx512M -Duser.home=[drive:]\freecol -jar FreeCol.jar --no-intro $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9. Be sure to have the --no-intro, because the intro can stall your system. It might be that you use a different drive/directory setup.
It can be wise to add "SET CLASSPATH=" in your command file, this is true for Biogenesis, I didn't used it with Freecol.

If the program runs without any trouble then you can switch from java to javaw.

I hope this will give some ideas to solve your problems.


Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:45:23 pm »
I added a new game today, its a sliding puzzle. You can find it on this page or in Dutch

This is a screen print;

Have fun!

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: January 01, 2017, 06:59:36 pm »
I wish you all a good and happy year. To give it a start I added a new program to the list of Java programs. This is all about managing your photo's. You can read about it on my page or in Dutch language

I made a screen print too;

Also I did upgrade some pages with translation errors, mainly Dutch pages. Added some info on the test phase page or in Dutch

Okay, that's it for today. Have fun!

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:49:57 pm »
I have added today a new program. AccolorHelper (accessible color helper) is a simple tool which helps you determine whether the colors you want to use can be distinguished from each other by people with color deficiencies. You can read more on my page or in the Dutch language on I placed the program in the map Web programs.

A screen view from the program with in front the program and in the back the help page.

Want to add that the program switched automatically to Dutch in case you fear that there is no English text.

Have fun!

We had the number of our bank account always on our contact page at
from the very start of bitwise works in April 2012.
Thanks, found it. Next question, when new version of Java?

The biggest problem is still the money. Not the amount but getting it to the account. There are lots of options, but first they have to explain to me why I can print 19 pages with names of companies who need to know that I paid through some kind of service. Credit cards are nice too, but not safe. Also the site where you have to fill in your numbers is not safe. In Europe we can transfer money to every other account in Europe thanks to one coin. But I never see an account number.
Next the thing I was not pleased. Latest donation for Java was spend in an other direction. When I donate for next version of Java I suspect that the money is spend that way. And I'm still waiting for the next release kick-off.
So I understand that Bitwiseworks needs money, but than they have to release an account number and spend the money for the purpose it was given.

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:56:02 pm »
I have added a new drawing program to the list of Java programs. Its called GroIMP and you can find more info on my OS/2-eCS homepage or in the Dutch language

A screenshot from my system;

Have fun!

Applications / Re: Java applications
« on: December 04, 2016, 05:19:38 pm »
Hello Joop,
First of all thanks for your mails with the java programs, of course I have installed and running some of them.
But when I've seen the Jsoko, and I've gone to download it I've seen, and out of curiosity I have the Trashman from Carol Soft, which is the same game for OS/2, and occupies 120K unzipped. Only is 607 more times size.
Long live the progress !!!
Thanks for visiting my pages and this topic. I don't think you can compare JSoko with Trashman. JSoko does have hundreds of levels and storerooms. Also it has a solver and much more. Also I'm not in the game which is best or better or whatever someone comes up with. The only thing I do is finding serious programs for our version of Java (which is hard enough) and yes, some of them are to stay like Data Crow and Memoranda with lots of options. But the latter is personal preference. I think what most users forget is that Java can run on any serious computer system and you can take your Java program with its data to other platforms, a lesson I did learn the hard way with Apple which doesn't fulfill its promise and is going downhill again in favor of swift money and not in quality or bug-free or backwards compatibility. Most important thing with data is your backup and have a working restore if anything happens, no matter what.

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