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Programming / Happy WarpINning!
« on: November 18, 2016, 02:02:18 am »
WarpIN is very popular installer for warp-like OS-ses.

Many software developers distribute their products in WarpIN format. But many developers do not use all the features of the installer, as well as being make a errors in the descriptions of the packages. As an example I will give diff of wis script of the lSwitcher(v2.8.1) archive: See diff

Hardcoded paths(to \ECS\... of course), errors in "<PCK>"'s, don't use "<GROUP>" for localisations and what annoying me biggest ... XWorkplace X(e)Center plugin does not distribute as separate package. They offer to put it the hands  :-\ , as in the good old days, when the software was distributed in ZIP format.

No, it is not our method! ;) So, on court of the community proposed a project "WarpIN-Scripts-and-tools".
In this, active development package:

In plans:
  • WPI distribution of QS LDR(with backup feature of original IBM OS2LDR), and script for repack developer's zip distrib.
  • WPI distribution of OS/4 "Phoenix" kernels(with the function of automatic addition of the installed kernel to the boot menu and the ability to simultaneously install different versions of the kernels, and script for repack developer's zip of course).
  • Continue adding to the database corrected WIS scripts of popular products. If you have such products, you can send me their scripts by e-mail (oxyd76 (at) gmail (dot) com) (and a direct link to download wpi of course!) with Subject: WarpIN Or join me on the GitHub! WarpIN it's easy! ;-)


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