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Networking / Re: NetDrive can't load module smbcln47??
« on: February 07, 2020, 08:58:49 am »
You could try changing these files, this is part of a previous ticket. Comment if it works for you or not.

In the C:\usr\lib\ these two dlls appeared

smbcln47.dll │ 9910862│28/04/18│10:19a
smbnetap.dll │ 267180│28/04/18│10:45a

Copy these four files, to c: \ usr \ lib Overwriting those of the same name and everything seems fine.
smbcln49.dll │ 9963156│09/06/19│10:00a │ 881613│09/06/19│10:00a
smbnetap.dll │ 264069│24/03/19│ 1:33a │ 83288│24/03/19│ 1:33a

Hmm.. I have taken the smbcln49.dll and smbnetap.dll from the ArcaOS-install-CD. (But no .MAP files there)
Copying these to C:\USR\LIB does not change anything (still SYS0002 file not found)
When renaming the smbcln49.dll to smbcln47.dll the error message stays the same, BUT then I'll get SYS0123 (A file or volume label contains an incorrect character). - I suppose the DLL does not match to some other stuff..

And: In C:\USR\LIB there was none of these files! I've searched whole C:\ for smbcln*.* and the only find was the smbclient folder, not containing any of these. (of course)

Networking / Re: NetDrive can't load module smbcln47??
« on: February 07, 2020, 08:24:47 am »
Roberto & Dariusz, thank you guys! : ))

As for changing files on the file system I will create an image and try this on a virtual machine first. (might take a moment..) --> I'll report back with the results.

As for smbclient --version:
Code: [Select]
{0}[c:\] smbclient --version
Version 3.3.16-eCS 1.1.4-804

I havn't touched this for ages (as you can see). Also only installing release updates from ArcaNoae Packet Manager, never experimental things. (besides Firefox 45.x of course. :>)
Also I have to say, this effect occured like out of nowhere. In one moment it still worked fine, next moment, net drive didn't want to establish an smb connection anymore.

I never had ANY issues with ArcaNoae mapper, besides freezing the whole desktop when starting up that tool. I suppose this is due to the flickering down below in the task bar, opening and closing things very fast. (Maybe a problem with Panorama being unable to catch up? Not sure. - But this does not happen often.)

Networking / Re: NetDrive can't load module smbcln47??
« on: February 06, 2020, 03:25:05 pm »
Yes, indeed. The ndfs32.ifs is still in that path.

Also it loads fine when the machine starts up. Displaying as normal at boot:
Code: [Select]
NDFS32 NetDrive for OS/2 File System Driver (Large Files), V3.028

Networking / [fixed] NetDrive can't load module smbcln47??
« on: February 06, 2020, 02:18:48 pm »
Hello together,

worked until yesterday or so.. and now I try to mount a samba share, and it tells me about a network error. :o
Okay.. so I went and tried net use on the prompt... which also says something about error 50.

In the end I went and had a look at netdrive.. which works. I can attach and detach.
But: ndctl says:
Code: [Select]
NetDrive for OS/2(R) Control Program version Apr 06 2017

NDFSDIR environment variable found: C:\Programs\NDFS
NetDrive working directory is C:\Programs\NDFS
File system driver name is NDFS32.
NetDrive configuration file 'C:\Programs\NDFS\ndctl.cfg' has been processed.

Exclusive Samba Use

[   local] internal plugin has been initialized.
NDF0033: The system can't load the module: SMBCLN47
NDF0029: [  ndpsmb] plugin has not been loaded.
NDF0007: The system error is SYS0002
Initialization completed. The control program is running.
NDF0016: Can't connect to file system driver.
NDF0015: NetDrive Control Program is already running.

The last two lines appear to be normal. On a second ArcaOS machine I did the same things, compared the output .. and it worked out there.

So.. I have two questions now:
1) what is SMBCLN47?
2) How to get that thing working again?

Config.sys wise...
- IFS=C:\Programs\NDFS\NDFS32.IFS is set in config.sys and DOES exist on the file system (no error at OS boot, Net Drive message displays properly)
- SET NDFSDIR=C:\Programs\NDFS is set

Didn't change a thing, that I am aware of. Well.. I installed an update today via ArcaNoae Packet Manager: poppler (which should imo only have to do with PDF stuff)

Any ideas? @_@

General Discussion / Re: Strange behavior.
« on: February 04, 2020, 08:08:53 am »
Like Ian said... most likely geo block on the specific hobbes external IP.

An admin must really be sick of attacks until he's blocking a whole range or even country ranges. Unfortunately this could potentially mean legit connections also cannot pass through anymore.
But as for protecting the service, this is, as a temporary measure, a valid tool to keep the services up for all of us.
Imagine hobbes being unaccessible for everybody without the geo block would be bad...
And even worse, if it becomes too expensive to protect and maintain hobbes.....
So.. as a quick fix, they propably banned whole ranges to quickly get rid of the attackers.

For the hobbes admins, I'd recommend using adaptive firewall config tools like [  Fail 2 Ban ].
With this they can unblock all the ranges again, and instead configure a set of rules to *automatically*...
- block each individual IP that does forbidden things at every third or second attempt
- unblock them again after n hours

Using such an auto config tool, the firewall maintains itself and only the bad guys need to stay outside. : )

Hardware / Re: Liquid/Water CPU Cooling systems
« on: February 03, 2020, 09:27:15 am »
I *was* using water cooling around 2008/2010 utilising a Levicom all in one dual 5 1/4" slot system including pump, water reservoire and everything.

In the beginning I thought it's wonderful. Unfortunately though this Levicom water cooling solution was poorly made, like for instance wood screws into plastics etc.. so over the years the plastic water reservoire got more and more cracks (you couldn't see these since they were covered still).

One day, all of sudden my CD drive kept opening it's tray... and I wondered wth that is.. - Opening up the case I already saw the mess: Water dripping all over the drives, and some must have gotten into the CD drive.
Uninstalling that thing I saw the massive cracks and gaps in plastics.. also discovered they had used the wrong screws for this plastic case.. oh dear.

Quickly got rid of it, cleaned the mess, dried the hardware and everything went on with air cooling. Until today. Never regretted going back to air cooling. It's cheap, it's reliable and won't mess up your hardware, in case of failure. - Also air cooling has become VERY quiet and effective over the years. - So, why bother with liquids? : ]

Hm.. on one side, it'd happily agree, since retro stuff is cewl and always was exciting, but on the other hand, 1) there already are DOS and Win 3.x forums around and 2) it's the OS/2 Community World Forums, not retro OS forums.

Not sure if DOS and Windows would benefit this forum. This might bring new users, topics and ideas, but then it's still a forum about OS/2. (It's like going to a bakery shop, just to find out they also have a butcher now ; ) - Would be nice, since if you need both, you'd have all done in one go, but on the other hand.. that's a bit strange. :>)

Hmm.. maybe a vote would be a good thing. Do we like the idea YES / NO, and depending on that, poor Martin would have to redesign these areas.

A Wiki with the "stuff to install" after operating system setup is propably a good idea, atleast for standard useful tools, like this 2gbfix.

Not sure which operating system Travis is using, but ArcaOS 5.03 and higher already has this 2gbfix included by default.

This wiki above should be operating system specific, since Warp 3 might not have things included, that are already default with EComStation or ArcaOS

if you have....
[ + ] OS/2 Warp 3
[ + ] OS/2 Warp 4
[ + ] EComStation
[ + ] ArcaOS 5.0.2
[ + ] ArcaOS 5.0.3 and higher

then click on + to see what others found useful as basic "need to have" stuff.

Hardware / Re: OS/2 compatible hardware
« on: January 22, 2020, 11:13:56 am »
Nice project! - Lucky though google translate can help with russian text.. ; )

General Discussion / Re: OS2World Server Issues (2020-01-04)
« on: January 06, 2020, 08:15:51 am »
True, always a bit tricky to change a tire on a driving car. :> - So... for such a short downtime, this was a great job! : )

Polls / Excellent : )
« on: January 03, 2020, 09:39:20 am »
So much effort. :o - Which paid off nicely! : )) - Thumbs up!

Agreed. :D - Governments are one of THE most incompetent bunch of people in business.
But.. since (atleast for Germany) many politicans are in regular businesses too, and can influence politics. Of course they always deny to do so. Also many politicans and business guys are members of lobby groups. And as said above, politics ask lobby groups to help writing new laws in DE. - Politicans (are they involved or not.. are they competent or not) are elected and therefore have the ability to make the wishes of businesses and lobby groups come true. That is what they are for. :D  - They are elected and accepted by the masses.. and so the masses will believe politicans have influenced and realised laws... but in truth their only (practical) reason to exist is to use their `elected` status to enforce laws, which businesses have wished for.

And of course data collection, logging and storing is key. Big data means potential knowledge, that could become valuable now or later. :D - The question is.. is it wise to try to give them NO data or some data, or manipulated wrong data..
Interesting also that users can be identified on their web footprint.. like for instance the whole bunh of user screen size, browser window size, browser language, operating system (including version), source IP, etcetc... all these lead to surprisingly good identification of single users.

I`d not say governments want this stuff, but rather create boundaries to legalise data collection.

General Advertisements / Re: OS/2 Discord Channel
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:21:01 pm »
I also prefer IRC over Discord, since it's features are plenty enough for me. Also since all retro OSes have IRC support, regardless of AmigaOS, OS/2, DOS and the lot.
Discord is "not gonna fly" with any of them. - Also it punishes VPN usage, as you need to give them your mobile phone number, or else you cannot access their services.

Nonetheless Discord, Facebook, Twitter and the whole lot of "the new internet" makes absolutely sense to bring OS/2 also to newer users, who might not use IRC or have never heard of. - Generally thumbs up, even though I'll not be on Discord... for the said reason: They won't let me in. : ]

True.. like with police and the country.. gaining more and more rights to spy on people. - Always of course measures against all and ultra residend trerror everywhere. :> - And you cannot possibly be pro terror... so arguing against these spy measures usually means you`re postmarked being part of the tinfoil hat fraction.. and that it does not matter if you have nothing to hide.

Reading the well known IT news portals reveals the usual thing: Government agencies always say they only use the newly granted spy rights with court order only, and only in really hard cases.
In he end, the same IT news portals lateron bring reports about government agencies step by step lowering the requirements for themselves to make use of the spying on people, without deeper evidence beforehand. And in the very end the IT news portals first, and then mass media broadcasts, the country can now, because of reformed laws, spy on you completely legal and without court order! Yihaww. - What can one do? Nothing. Elect other parties? Wouldn`t work, as they all proved to be the same, once elected.

So.. politics appear to be just the pathfinder of ... of what.. the resident evil? ; )  -Naw.. people with enough money have influence and can buy politicans. Also there was in the news, lobby groups are helping politics with law writing... since "they have the best knowledge on that topic".. yeah sure. :D

It`s all a matter of interests and money. And since the government cannot roll out too drastic law changes, they do it like Merkel always says... Politic of small steps.. - Yes they even say it themselves! : ]

Okay.. the above is going on in Germany, no clue how things are in America. But the tendency with small steps is too successful to be an invention of Merkel alone.. so appears to be international. - Talking with other international friends shows, it`s the same in their countries..

Hehe as I thought. : ) - Thank you guys!! I'll include the original one.

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