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General Discussion / The Mascot
« on: October 09, 2013, 11:54:33 pm »
I remember that long time ago we used to have some discussion in a OS/2 forum, I don't think it was on OS2World but I'm not sure.

The discussion was if OS/2, eComStation (the Warp Community in general) should have a mascot, what should it be.
I even think there used to be a contest and some mascots showed up like "Captain Warp" and others.

I know it is not a critical discussion, but if I have to choose a mascot it will be an Elephant.

Why an Elephant?
Because it reminds me the OS/2 Warp evil registration screen that IBM made for all of us.

Remember this bad boy?

So an Elephant mascot inspired on this character will be good for me :)

What name should I put this Mascot?

I will name this mascot Art Chron, but just call it "Arty".  Remember why?

I don't know why this came to my mind, but If anybody remembers where I read this discussion long time ago, or if anybody has a link, please let me know. 

Programming / Razor-Qt and OS/2
« on: September 28, 2013, 03:43:55 am »
I was checking some time ago the Razor-Qt project. Which is a Qt desktop environment.

I was hoping that it can be ported to OS/2, but checking its dependencies seems we are missing some:

    Qt 4.6 or above (inluding QtDBus) - YES
    X11: - (very old?)
    libmagic (usually part of the "file" package) (No)
    zlib (Yes)

I'm not sure about the X11 stuff, I know we have some X11 ported but it is old.

It will be interesting to try to port this to OS/2-eCS but it don't seems feasible. Any comments from someone that has more development/porting experience?


Article Discussions / eCS 2.1 as VirtualBox Guest
« on: September 13, 2013, 09:44:39 pm »

I took some time to improve the "VirtualBox Guest" article on the OS2World Wiki.

If someone wants to add something or improve the article let me know. Plus all users registered to OS2World can access the wiki and edit the pages.


I noticed this article thanks to Esther Schindler post on Slashdot.

It is a good article to read by Andy Lester.

Check it out:

Article Discussions / EDM/2 - September Updates - IBM Publications
« on: September 07, 2013, 03:41:35 pm »
Hi Guys

Do you know any other IBM OS/2 related articles (development or architecture) that was published by IBM but it is not public anymore? (with the exception of any IBM Internal confidential documents)

I can give it a try to request IBM for re-publishing permission.

For example. I'm trying to find some OS/2 workshop materiales, the OS/2 certification book. Any suggestion of what do you know it exists is welcome.



OS/2 and eComStation Open Source Software Catalog / Repository

Some told me that it was a waste of time others liked the idea.

I don't know but I have enjoyed uploading all this stuff to GitHub and checking some older OS/2 development projects on hobbes.

I'm still missing more applications, but I hope to keep uploading more.

I think it will be interesting for anybody to fork the projects, improve them a little bit and try to generate their own binaries for any reason at all, learning, continuing a project or just for fun.

If you want to see how to commit or clone a git repository check my little article on EDM/2 - Using Git under eComStation


Applications / "Workplace Security" and "The Secure Workplace"
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:23:22 am »

I'm trying to get the names of the developers/owners of this two Workplace shell security software, but it is very hard to get the names behind the two companies. If anybody know the owners or people that used to work there please let me know.

The software are:

The Secure Workplace by Syntegration
Workplace Security by Maple Valley Software

You all know that my final dream will be to have a formal open source OS/2 clone. I also guess that the majority of the OS/2-eCS community share the same dream, even that can only be called a dream.  But when I see projects like Haiku OS and ReactOS I see also that it is not impossible.

Since I want to move a little step closer to that dream I started a blog to share some ideas about it. And my first steps was trying to document at a high level the OS/2 architecture and try to find some points of where should we start.

I proposed that it will be interesting to start an OS/2 clone from "Top to down" which means cloning WPS, SOM and PM. And after analyzing this three components I also proposed that will be interesting to start cloning WPS classes on top of IBM's SOM and IBM's PM. why?
  • WPS classes can be called as the core of WPS
  • WPS classes are an important way on how we interact with OS/2-eCS
  • eComStation can benefit from this project and improve it functionality, while also contributing to the open source project
  • Cloning WPS will be a strong political statement outside the OS/2 community that we are moving forward on an OS/2 open source clone.
  • We will move one step forward on having a long term strategy for the Operating System.

I also wrote some pitfalls on the blog about starting with a WPS Clone:
  • Developers... I don't have (yet) no one interested on the project. It is also hard to find developers with WPS and SOM skills.
  • Money. It will be very hard to find someone for free.
  • Any strange behavior (quirks) on IBM SOM will need to be supported until IBM's SOM can be cloned.
  • After a working clone of  WorkplaceShell is created, it will require future re-works/tweaking when the SOM and PM clones gets created.

I want to see the possibility start a project to create an open source WPS classes full clone. I don't have development skills, I can't do it alone and I need developers, suggestions, funding and moral support :)

But I think that first I need to contact some developers with WPS/SOM skills to try to define a plan, costs, time frames and also evaluate the open source software that we currently have that can be re-used.

I'm open for suggestions.

General Discussion / OS/2 Hardware Compatibility List.
« on: June 09, 2013, 07:28:20 pm »
Does anybody remembers if there was a newer list? I got this one from July 1995.  Was it ever a digital copy of it?

General Discussion / OS2World Bounty System Clean-up
« on: June 08, 2013, 06:09:38 pm »

I started at the beginning of may the Bounty System yearly clean up.

At we are planning to consolidate all the bounties money in the "OS2World Common Fund".  You all can check the rules of that funding and contribute to it via paypal.


General Discussion / Hobbes directory structure re-organization
« on: May 30, 2013, 11:22:11 pm »

I'm proposing a file structure reorganization at hobbes. I will like to have some discussion on the forum of what can be improved on the hobbes directory structure to store files.

I currently made a draft on Freemind about the structure based on the current one that hobbes use. I'm sharing this files for you to comment.  Fell free to modify it and present any option, or give any comments.


Programming / WPS Classes - UML Design
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:48:57 am »
Here goes my first try to document the WPS classes in UML, using ArgoUML.

I still need to go deeper with the classes. My UML is very rusty, any suggestions if I'm doing it ok will be appreciated.

Reply from "Less success with MP3 audio stream at Warpstock Europe 2013..."

About the MP3 audio stream I happen to connect to it the first day (Friday). I had the luck that friday was here a holiday and I have some problems sleeping that day, so I joined at 4:00am local time.

That day the MP3 stream worked fine and I think that one of the best presentation that day was from David Azarewicz (Why does ECS miss feature X?). On that presentation he took some time at the end to do some brainstorm, took questions from the IRC channel  and also motivated the audience to make drivers for eComStation.  Motivating people is hard and sometime developers had taken so much heat, but lets remember that in this community the developers are the one that have more recognition. So that was an excellent point that David did at the end of that conference.

About the rest of the days, I was not able to connect as long as I want to, so I don't know how the MP3 streaming went.

The only suggestion that I have is try to bring more content to the world. We need more videos and documentation available for eCS-OS2, and putting someone to film the presentations is not hard. I don't care if it not 100% professional, but today an intern with a camera and PC hooked with Google+ Hangouts can do a very good broadcast on the web and record it to YouTube on the same time . It will not affect my pride to see a Mac/Win/Lin machine on a Warpstock doing the streaming, I'm no longer a teenager :) . Or it does not even matter if it is live streaming, just if in some weeks someone can upload the videos to YouTube for the rest of the world to see it.

Or maybe the people of the audience can volunteer in turns to film the presentation on different hours. If I have the way (sorry, money related) to be on WarpStock I will be honored to film myself the presentations and put them online. The presentations I hear were very good the content was very relevant.

On Friday there were about 113 connection attempts and on average 15 people tuned in during the day. On Saturday we had 40 visitors.

This was very good news. I really appreciate that this year we were able to have live audio streaming on WarpStock Europe and I enjoy it. I hope we can have more live streaming on the future and hopefully more YouTube videos. It was a very good friday for me and I sleep early that day.


Programming / What about the EDM/2 Wiki? - Help !!
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:13:02 pm »
Intro: The EDM/2 wiki is the source for OS/2 and eComStation developers.  (

I wanted to take a little while to share my thoughts about EDM/2. For the last year I had been updating it and getting authorization from the authors to move more content into it (and allow derivative works too).

I still have some pending tasks on the site (like finishing posting some books) and some specific articles I keep finding around. But I'm starting to see that I have  (or don't know) no more sources of what I can include there, so it feels like now I'm starting to squeeze the rock :)

So it seems that I'm going to move to other part of the EDM/2 Wiki that I think we need to improve. That is the "The OS/2 API project", which tries to be an open documentation source of the OS/2-eCS components.  Since I want to align this with "the dream", I will start trying to document as much of Workplace Shell (WPS) as possible.

HELP: I need to help on the following:

1) Let me know what the EDM/2 is missing. I can link it or/and request the author permission to be republished on the wiki.

2) You can also help me with the Wiki. Ask for an account to Adrian (netlabs) ( and help me organizing whatever you see wrong on this pages.

3) Any other idea is welcome with the objective to have more open resources for OS2-eCS developers on the EDM/2.

4) I need support/suggestions/recommendations from WPS experts or anybody that knows it better than me. I do not have deep technical knowledge about WPS and I need suggestion to improve the documentation.

It does not matter if you have one hour at saturday, or only 15 minutes. You can help on the wiki with little time that you have.


Applications / hwman installation
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:29:45 am »

I found it very interesting that a WPS class like "WPHwManager" got replaced by a open source one by Lars Edman.

I didn't found "WPS Class List" (XWPClassList class) icon on eComStation 2.1, I installed XWorkplace 1.0.9 over it so I can found the "WPS Class List" icon.

After that I installed and replaced the class as the instrucciones. I'm attaching some screenshots just for the fun of it.


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