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Setup & Installation / Re: How to have quantity and quality of memory
« on: July 19, 2020, 07:29:59 pm »
As usual - it seems you run out of lower shared memory. 12800 is small for different tasks.

Setup & Installation / Re: How to have quantity and quality of memory
« on: July 19, 2020, 02:50:06 pm »
I can't believe that you don't have any upper memory so I zipped my working version and attach it here. Maybe you want to test.

Setup & Installation / Re: How to have quantity and quality of memory
« on: July 19, 2020, 11:29:42 am »
May I remind people about the simple utility above512watch.cmd or memmon.cmd or whatever it is called for -
Code: [Select]
{0}[p:\util\above512] type above512watch.cmd
/* memmon.cmd - memory monitor */
/* a wrapper for above512 to monitor memory usage */
/* use control+c to stop monitoring */
/* pm = private memory */
/* sm = shared memory */
/* left entries display memory below 512 */
/* right entries display memory above 512 */

out = 0
curline = ""
first_string = ""

call rxFuncAdd "SysLoadFuncs", "REXXUTIL", "SysLoadFuncs"
call SysLoadFuncs

SIGNAL ON HALT /* termine program with CONTROL+C */

"mode 60,75"

do forever

'@ABOVE512 2>nul | rxqueue 2>NUL 1>&2'
call SysSleep 1

do while queued() <> 0
curLine = lineIN( "QUEUE:" )

if out = 0 then do
parse var curLine first_string .
if first_string = "current" then out = 1
else out = 0
else do
parse var curline val.1 . val.2 . . . val.3 . val.4 .
say "pm:" val.1 "sm:" val.2 " <---512---> pm:" val.3 "sm:" val.4

out = 0




I think it came with the above512 package but not sure anymore. With this little script it's easy to monitor memory usage without knowing the details of Theseus. I have it running all the time. So I get a feeling about memory consumption of different applications. And I see when memory runs out before it makes my system unstable.

Sample output here while some apps are running -
Code: [Select]
pm: 253056 sm: 156544  <---512---> pm: 1835008 sm: 1542520
pm: 253056 sm: 156544  <---512---> pm: 1835008 sm: 1542520
pm: 253056 sm: 156544  <---512---> pm: 1835008 sm: 1542520

Of course such tools doesn't tell you exact values and you have to keep in mind that memory utilization is much more complex than a simple tool can show you. But as said it's very helpful to get a feeling.

Btw. I don't think reporting an out of memory problem is very helpful. Most of the time this is a problem of this specific system and specific setup and specific use case. Most of the time it's not a fault of a single application. And a lot of applications do not even report such failures but crashes silently or behave in unexpected ways. It's nice that FM/2 gives you the hint that there is something wrong on your system and it can't work as designed. But I'm pretty sure it's not FM/2s fault.

Utilities / Re: WifiState.exe
« on: July 09, 2020, 09:22:08 am »
Additional note, you don't need to reboot when you change from DHCP to fixed IPs or vice versa. setup.cmd will be started at boot up but no one prevent you from running it again from command line afterwards. Simply edit it, save it, and run it to change your IP.

I'm also confused about you're saying you can ping something although you're far away from being connected to any network. Best guess is you have pinged yourself while you've given yourself a fixed IP. Can't imagine you ever successfully pinged your WLAN access point with your current setup.

So although there are much valuable information in this thread I think you need to start with the very basics first -
1) you need a driver for your card which can be installed an configured with MPTS
2) if the driver is loaded successfully then most probably you can see a proper message about in in \ibmlan\lantran.log. Guess this works for you but it does not hurt if you post your lantran.log here.
3) if the driver loads then you need to attach a protocol with MPTS. You probably need TCP/IP only at first. It seems you managed this step successfully too.
4) after that you need to assign an IP address to your interface. It seems to me this is the place were you currently stuck. You can check with ifconfig lan0 f.i. Yes it's that simple as in other OSes. You can even do ifconfig lan0 to assing a fixed ip to your interface. But doing it within setup.cmd is the better way as long as you don't know exactly what you're doing and know the consequences. Advice - play with setup.cmd. When you setup a fixed IP then you need to rem out the DHCP line in setup.cmd of course.

These steps are all basic network stuff. Very similar in every OS. Don't play with XWLAN or wpa_supplicant before above things are work. On the other hand, if you're have a working linux wpa_supplicant.conf file for this system it will work the same on OS/2. The whole wpa_supplicant package is available even the QT frontend works on OS/2. Of course your network card have to work before and is correctly configured on OS/2. See steps 1-4.

A lot of discussion here in this thread is about 'is it really worth to play with this card'. This is an important questions you've to ask yourself. Most probably your card does not support any current security standard. Read it can not do WPA2. Not even WPA. If you ever want to connect to your wireless network you have to change the whole network to something insecure. Period. You need to decide if this is an option for you. For most people this is an absolutely no go. Hence the numerous warnings in this thread. Only if you have access to the security settings of your access point and only if you can live with the consequences of an insecure wireless network it does make any sense to play with this network card.

If it is of any help I think current 4os2 command line length limit is 2k. Years ago I expanded this for Elbert who needs this to compile some QT stuff.

Utilities / Re: WifiState.exe
« on: July 07, 2020, 08:51:51 am »
I know installing xwlan (package includes the xcenter widget and wlanstat.exe the stand alone application) which needs dhcpclient and wpa_supplicant, isn't that easy. Especially without internet access.

That's the reason I suggested to check the basics first. Only if you're sure your card supports WPA2 (which I doubt) or only if you're really sure you would like to change your whole wireless network to the insecure WEP standard, then it's worth to start looking at xwlan.

Hi Andi, rather then downgrading libicu, you should install the icu-legacy package,forget the exact name.
There'll be more legacy packages coming from looking at exp, unluckily YUM doesn't always seem to properly handle them.
I tried that without success. Only downgrade worked. Have to check again with a clean installation. Unfortunately I need this system for 'corona home office' work. Not much room to play with it at the moment.

@Mike - thanks for your answer. But I'm pretty sure my network setup is okay. I've localhost and my computers name in the hosts file. My hosts file is quite long, I've a lot of computers listed there. Ping works and my network with fixed IPs works too.

@Ivan - thanks too. Now I remember I had to downgrade libicu (?) otherwise AOO does not work anymore. But beside that I keep my system up to date as this is what the developers of current applications do too. I don't like the idea to have different versions of dlls in use by different programs. Our OS is not capable to deal with this very good. Especially with newer applications which needs a lot of memory. Sooner or later you run out of memory when you work with libpathstrict and you'll also may see strange kernel crashes.

Question, does it work for you when you open a file and immediately do a 'Save as'?

Additional info, I'm using 4.1.7 since a few months only. The years before I used an older 4.1.x. But since the old days a lot has changed. So no clue if this is a feature of 4.1.7 or something which started witch some libc(x) update.

Occasionally I use AOO writer for some documents. When I open a document and try to save it with a new file name the whole system hangs. No CAD screen only a reboot when doing CAD two times. Ping from another system still works but f.i. ftpd does not. Wonder if it is only on my system or if this is a bug of our OS/2 version.

I've installed current libraries from netlabs standard repository. I can't remember if older versions behave the same way. I don't use AOO very much. But wonder if no one else sees this.

I usually have auto save enabled every 10 minutes and enabled make backup copy (translated, options menu, Load/Save settings). Wonder if it makes a difference.

Before I open a ticket I wanted to ask here if someone can replicate this.

Utilities / Re: WifiState.exe
« on: July 06, 2020, 07:12:40 am »
Still, I have no idea where to put my wifi password. Probably why DHCP is failing and cant ping any websites. Is there a configuration file somewhere where this information would be contained???
You need to know which sort of encryption your wireless network uses. Today usually WPA2. And you need to know if your card supports this encryption. Guess it's a very old card and maybe it only supports WEP. If your card does not support the encryption standard your network uses then you can't connect. Suggest you check this basic things before trying out other things.

loads lots of songs onto that.. and finally in the car, the entertainment system (linux) cannot read the damn stick..

Googling (or duckduckgo'in) around he finds that exfat is the culprit and the damn MS operating system "does not work with my radio".

I would love to see a car manufacturer to solve this the MS way. When inserting an EXFAT stick - reformat automatically to something else :-)

I didn't get errors. The messages are silently disappeared or to be more precise they did not show up. I tried with my email client (Seamonkey) but also via Web-Interface from my google account. Google still has my message in the sent folder. No error returned.

Maybe your right. I couldn't find out the moderators name and email to get in contact with him. But have to say I don't like this web front end for google groups. I think I saw a nickname which I believe is a guy in Italy before I unsubscribed. Can't find it anymore. So maybe I'm wrong here.

OTOH I'm a user of this group since many many years. Honestly I can't remember if I only lurked around there or ever posted something before.

As messages to this group are censored and silently deleted don't use this group (

Anyone knows a serious place where to discuss Apache for OS/2 topics without censorship?

You can easily bring the upper shared memory down with Seamonkey and I think some javascripts. When I work on some wiki sites (Atlassian Confluence) it only needs a few tabs open and you have to have an eye on upper shared memory as it is all eaten up very fast. Even VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT=2560 does not help very much here.

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