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I might be able to answer some of those questions.

My board (Asus Prime B350M-A) arrived this morning.

Updating the bios took 10 minuets including installing the old A10-9700 processor.  Then I cheated a bit since it was easy with everything spread out on my worktable.

Installed the Ryzen 3 2200G processor and 2 x 4GB memory sticks.

Added a 1TB Toshiba disk and a slim DVD drive.  Now this where I cheated - the Toshiba drive was taken from one of my other AMD APU based systems when I upgraded its drive to a 2TB Seagate FireCUDA disk, it has a complete ArcaOS 5.0.2  install on it as well as my usual tools and utilities (I did update the ACPI driver before using the drive - SATA/USB adapters are good).

With everything plugged together and power applied it didn't take long to arrive at my ArcaOS desktop with everything working except USB.

I will post more information when I get the case for this in a couple of weeks and get everything neat and tidy.

The sound problem is well known and appears to be a timing problem with drivers loading from the config.sys.  I have it on a couple of my AMD 3850 APUs and it is stopped by opening the sound object - then it sound is ok until next time start.

Thank you Martin, it should make my install easier this weekend.

I do have one question though.  From the manual I got when I first considered this board I see that there are 2 two port USB2.0 headers on the motherboard.  Did you try to use those or just the USB2.0 card?  I ask because on every mini-ITX AM4 board that I have used that have such headers those headers are USB2.0/1.1.

Did you try with the default settings?  If so do they give the same results?

Since Intel CPUs use a different throttling mechanism to AMD and a lot of ACPI is based on Intel code there may be a problem of it working especially with the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

Hardware / Re: How to deinstal ACPI driver?
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:12:35 am »
Good.  I have one of those boards arriving tomorrow.

The reason the CPU fan is working harder is the CPU is now working rather than loafing along on one processor.

Hardware / Re: How to deinstal ACPI driver?
« on: May 15, 2018, 12:22:42 am »
I use FileFreedom like you do Larsen Commander so there shouldn't be any problems but you will have to remove the read only flag.

Don't forget the *.tdf files go into \os2\system\trace and harderr.exe goes into \os2\system

Hardware / Re: How to deinstal ACPI driver?
« on: May 14, 2018, 11:25:41 pm »
You need to look in ArcsOS DVD and then open cid\server\arcapkg\ 

In there you will find the necessary minimum smp files - the remaining files are in the root of the acpi3.23.09.wpi and should have been replaced when you installed it.

You will need to change the read only and hidden attributes on the os2kernl, os2ldr.* in the root of the boot partition otherwise you won't be able to replace them (ATTRIB -r -h <boot dir>\os2* )

Networking / Re: Rsync vs NetDrive
« on: May 13, 2018, 06:58:58 pm »
What do you see if you use a different FTP client (jftp for example)?

Thanks for that information regarding the SATA connectors since I have a requirement for CD/DVD, HD and an eSATA socket. 

It looks as if I will have to make a small case since there is no way that board will fit into an ITX case like the SilverStone ML05 that I am using for builds at the moment.

Setup & Installation / Re: Panorama v Snap Video
« on: May 11, 2018, 11:27:22 pm »
Thanks everyone.

From what I see here ans the experiments I have undertaken it appears that Panorama isn't really ready for prime time and needs much more work to allow easy adjustment of resolutions - import INF for example.

SNAP still appears to be better even when running in VESA bios mode.

I am not so concerned with graphics speed as long as screen redraw can keep up with my typing I am happy.

So, again thanks to all and I will let you know I get on after crawling about under the desk to get at cables to fit a KVM switch between the old and new computers and my normal keyboard, monitor and trackball.

Now all I need is to get the USB keyboard to do key repeat when holding down a key to make life easier...

Setup & Installation / Panorama v Snap Video
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:03:36 pm »
I am a little mystified at the moment.

I have one computer that has been running OS/2 Warp 4.52 CP2 since CP2 landed.  Video is provided by a Radeon X550 card, Snap drivers and a 28" 1920x1200 LCD monitor.  Everything works as expected.

Since the computer is getting old I am thinking of replacing it with one of my ArcaOS mini ITX units but I still need my large monitor.  Rather than crawling about to change cables I used the maintenance partition on this computer to install ArcaOS.

Found out a couple of things.

ArcaOS install does NOT play well if there is BOOTMANAGER installed - at first reboot after installing files it says there is no operating system, getting round that is a fiddle.

The default Panorama video driver does not recognise the video card or the resolution of the monitor.  Is this normal or some bug?

By looking at the ArcaOS DVD I see there is a modified (updated??) Snap driver.  Will that work with large monitors and Radeon video cards - I am considering getting a 30" 2560x1600 monitor if it will work at that resolution with ArcaOS or OS/2.

Does anyone have experience using large high resolution monitors with Panorama or Snap? 

I know that Snap v3.1.8 works at 1920x1200 with the Radeon cards I have, I have also found out that Panorama does not but would like to hear other peoples experiences.

Applications / Re: WPTools error message
« on: May 10, 2018, 12:10:06 am »
cleanini /c /restart

Does need cleanini installed in a dir in the path though.

Hardware / Re: Lenovo T420 - disabling touchpad
« on: May 10, 2018, 12:03:15 am »

There are some tools in the Win95key package that give the key codes if they are reported.  You could try them and if they do give a key code you may be able to do something with the information.

Win95key (from hobbes) works with PS/2 keyboards only (usb keyboards don't work) but does allow the use of all the keys on 'multimedia' keyboards so there is a possibility it or the tools could work for you. 

Hi Martin,

I looked at that board but there was no way I could fit it into a mini ITX case  ;)

I could reconsider it but it would need all 4 of the SATA sockets working.  Do you know if they do or are two of them controlled by an ASMedia SATA chip and therefore useless under OS/2 - ArcaOS.

What motherboard are you using, there are several out there and some of them are win 10 only with lots of complaints from those wanting to install Linux.

Another thing, you should have better results if you had installed win 10 64 bit.  I have used that on all the systems I have built for friends using MSI, ASRock, Biostar and Gigabyte boards.

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