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Internet / Re: Couldn't resolve host
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:38:25 pm »
OK, what is the DHCP range, and what is the DHCP server?

It might be that the machine has somehow ended up with an IP address that is outside the DHCP range and so anything is not passed through to the outside world.  For example here the DHCP range is to and anything outside that range is blocked by the modem firewall on both outgoing and incoming, that way the network printers and managed switch are not accessible from the internet.

Internet / Re: Couldn't resolve host
« on: May 06, 2018, 03:24:58 pm »
Is that machine actually on the network?

Does it get its IP address from a DHCP server or does it have a fixed IP?

If it is a fixed IP is that IP allowed through the router/modem?

Those are the sort of questions you should be asking.  I have seen the sort of mess someone made when they started playing about with the TCPCONFIG gui, there are also things that can mess up a system network in the Connections/Network folder.

Hi Martin,

Since you only have one PCIe slot on an ITX board and that is needed for the video card what you suggest is rather difficult, but there are come boards that have USB2 sockets if you plug in a USB header which takes care of the keyboard and trackball.

The main problem that I have discovered is the ASMedia SATA chip which our OS2AHCI driver does not support so that anything connected to those ports are not seen which makes installing rather difficult.  If you can get a board with the AMD SATA connected sockets then you stand a chance of installing.

Hi Lars,

I was told that they have XP running on a Ryzen 5 system as the only OS but that they had to patch a couple of drivers to do so.  I haven't seen it and the youngsters that did it did it for fun just to say they had.

The CoreInfo dump was sent to me by the guy I built a Ryzen system for so I hope it is the correct one - I have two Ryzen systems here but they are running Linux until I can, hopefully, get OS/2 running on them and I can't find a Coreinfo program for Linux or I would have done it myself.  I will be seeing the guy over the weekend and will make sure it is the correct coreinfo dump.


Changed a hard disk on my Ryzen 5 box, installed win 10 (yuck) and did a coreinfo dump - see below.

It appears that some people have installed 32-bit win XP on Ryzen systems with the only slight problem being the AHCI support.

Edit to add some info about the processors.

Lars, you are correct about changing the processor being equivalent to changing the board in the case of the Ryzen processors because they carry AHCI and USB controllers built in.

The attached table is for the early Ryzen processors and support chipsets and shows the various combinations between support chipset and processor.

There is a possibility that the problem is associated with the custom ASMedia USB that is incorporated in the newer Ryzen processors.  For some reason ASMedia do something that makes their chips incompatible - their USB and AHCI will not work with anything we have.

Hardware / Re: Lenovo T420 - disabling touchpad
« on: April 28, 2018, 02:42:28 pm »
Hi Ian,

The Mylar cable between the circuit board and the switch board is double sided - one side connects the switches to the board and the other side takes the output from the board across to the output Mylar cable.  I assume this layout is to allow for different switch plate layouts while using the standard touchplate circuit board.

As far as I know the the touchpad controller also integrates the switch pulses because of the tapping function and multi swipe - if everything didn't go through the controller you would end up with very interesting things trying to happen.

The unit in the pictures is about 5 years old, pulled from an Acer laptop that got rather damp in a fire.  Much newer ones appear to follow the same configuration as an all or nothing setup.

Hardware / Re: Lenovo T420 - disabling touchpad
« on: April 28, 2018, 12:33:42 am »
Hi Andi,

After many years of delving into the guts of computers and laptops/notebooks your idea of cutting wires to touchpads is a no go.  Most of the touchpads are an integrated sub unit that usually presents a usb interface to the hardware.  To isolate/separate various functions would require major work in the touchpad circuit board and cutting the wrong track could well stop everything there working.

The two scans show a typical touchpad layout.

Does minilvm allow you to set the partition type?  I have found that any partition you don't want windows to mess with has to be marked as a non windows partition which I why I use DFSee to setup the partitions.

I think the only way to get the two to coexist is to make the partitions with DFSee first with the correct partition types.  This does two things, a) it stops windows messing about with the partitions because it does not 'see' the JFS or HPFS partitions and is therefore restricted to the NTFS partition.  The only drawback is the windows takes the C: partition - I think there is a way of hiding that but can't be bothered finding it. b) it gives you control of your hard disk otherwise windows installer will take over everything.

I don't know about win 10 but with win 7 you need to use the advanced install just to confirm that it is using the correct partition.

That would explain why I have been unable to install ArcaOS on my Biostar X370GTN ITX board, the PCIe slot is needed for the graphics card.

The main part of the problem with the AM4 boards is the use of ASMedia chips for dedicated AHCI and some USB (I have discovered that AMD also use modified ASMedia designs in their support chipsets for Ryzen and A10 and A12 CPU/APU and until the ASMedia variant is incorporated into the ArcaOS OS2AHCI. we don't have much chance of using the Ryzen processor to the full.

Hi Martin,

I just went through that exercise and found the same as you (win 7).

I ended up using DFSee to make the partitions with the first one on the disk for win 7, then my usual utilities, programs, work and home partitions with ArcaOS boot partition at the end. I also include a win32 partition for transfers between OSs.

Installed win 7 then installed ArcaOS and finally AirBoot.  The fact that ArcaOS boots from H:\ is no problem, just have to remember that, and C:\ is blank, must work out how to hide it.

This is on an ASRock AM1H-ITX board with an AMD 3850 quad core APU.

Programming / Re: Templates
« on: April 19, 2018, 06:05:51 pm »
Thanks guys.

It looks like a long task which ever way I go and now I have retired I don't have the night shift to do such things  ;)

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