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Setup & Installation / Re: Update ISO Image with new Drivers
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:08:09 pm »
OK, try this. 

Step 1.  Unpack the ISO to a directory or use a program that lets you remove/add to the iso on the fly (I use PowerISO running on win xp in a vm)

Step 2.  Extract BOOT2.PF from BOOTIMGS

Step 3.  Use e_pf.exe from Veit Kannegieser's memdisk package to extract everything in BOOT2.PF

Step 4.  Replace OS2AHCI.ADD with the one you want and repack the files to a new BOOT2.PF using packfile.exe - don't forget the compression.

Step 5.  Replace BOOT2.PF in BOOTIMGS with the updated one and recreate the ISO using either mkisofs2 (OS/2) or some other program on Linux or windows.

Step 6.  Run a test to see if everything works from the ISO.

The above assumes that you understand how the memdisk tools work, you have the necessary auxiliary files and are prepared to experiment.

Applications / Re: Samba and ArcaOS?
« on: January 23, 2018, 07:16:39 pm »
An interesting observation regarding this problem.

Today a friend brought in his laptop with win7 on it for me to add a printer for him.

Without thinking I opened the network section of windows explorer to open one of the drives on ITX-01 to get the drivers I had downloaded there.  The amazing thing is that all the shares of ITX-01 were there and fully accessible yet they do not appear on any OS/2 or ArcaOS machine I have.

Anyone with any ideas?

Applications / Re: Samba and ArcaOS?
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:17:11 pm »
Hi Klipp,

You aren't alone with this problem, I have it on one of my boxes.

Network setup: 5 ITX motherboards with AMD APUs all 4 core.
Names: ITX-01 to ITX-05

ITX-02 and ITX-03 are my test machines for ArcaOS and don't generally run at the same time.
ITX-01, ITX-04 and ITX-05 are OS/2 CP2 machines with Samba as an addon.

Each machine is set to be able to access each of the others (I only have certain dirs actually mapped for transfers although this can change as necessary).

At the moment every machine can see all the shares on the other machine except ITX-02 - it appears to be there but there are no shares available.  This was working like all the others 4 days ago.  When I started it 2 days ago the shares weren't there even in its own network neighbourhood. 

Everything was working when I shut it down but not working on the restart.

I have compared ITX-02 with what is on ITX-03 and they appear to be identical (apart from names).

Anyone with any ideas?

Edit to add:

Paul, I checked the DLLs - no problem. Is the ndpsmb.dbg just a blank text file?

Then I suspect that we will have to wait for Lars to put the latest versions up on hobbes.

BTW, I asked that question because I have found in the past that people forget to put minstall into the directory with the files they are installing.

Did you unzip the two files found mmos2 in Lars' and run minstall from the the dir you unzipped them into?

Applications / Re: SDL on the Netlabs RPM Repository
« on: January 11, 2018, 04:30:58 pm »
Dariuez, that asks the question,  why is there any RPM SDL there in the first place.

The impression given is that RPM is supposed to make everything easier yet there are several instances when it does the opposite.

Hi Pete2

From what you say it might be interesting if I could only get it to do something.

From what I see it needs two parameters a source and a target directory and the documentation says nothing about them.

What is the source?
The target directory, I assume can be on another drive or maybe even another computer. Is this correct?

Applications / Re: Is REXX in all its versions still heavily used.
« on: January 09, 2018, 01:31:22 pm »
Sergey didn't include the the section with Rexx in it.

It is still 30 out of 50 but as with all these tracking sites there is always a fudge factor since their tracking methods are obscure and their sample base may not be truly representative.


I think a lot depends on the definition of 'restoring the desktop'.

As an example:
I have a folder that contains over 50 java programs.  A new install of ArcaOS creates a new desktop but I want that folder with all the java programs restored to the desktop - the java programs are in the java-programs directory that is in a non bootable partition and is thus untouched be the new install.  Is that supposed to be done by dragging a programs template to the desktop, filling in the details and adding the icon for all 50+ programs?  Then what about the QT4 programs folder (25 programs) and the utilities and so on?

I am not concerned with the 'Computer', 'Help Center', 'Network' and 'Printers' folders except for the stupid layout and maintain sort order that they have.  It is the folders that I have created that I need restored to the way I had them.  Anything that does that, even to a limited extent, gets my vote.

Maybe one of our rexx wizards could write something that would do that folder by folder.

There is also ROBOSAVE an IBM employee written software to backup and restore the desktop. 

We used to use it for cloning an OS/2 computer before DFSee made it easy with images.  I assume it would still work to keep a desktop layout assuming everything is boot on the boot drive (a stupid idea foisted on the world by microsoft because of how windows does things).  All I can say is we never had problems since programs, utilities and tools were always on a non boot partition.

Programming / Re: OS/2 kernel requiring speculative execution patch!!!!
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:38:41 am »
Roderick, technically this is not a bug in the kernel since everything is fine with AMD processors. 

It is a bug in the Intel processor itself such that the kernels of all operating systems need an addition to workround the Intel processor bug. 

At the moment all Arca Noae needs to do is send out an e-mail saying either, yes we are considering something, or, no we can't do anything about it - mantis shouldn't need anything.  Since it is so bad they might be able to screw some money out of Intel to do any work necessary.

Storage / Re: oddities with OS2AHCI version 2.04
« on: January 01, 2018, 06:05:09 pm »
Not sure how, but some people got a "OS/2" to work on a Ryzen based system.

That is interesting, could you please ask them to give us some information.  I have not been able to do that on boards with the X370 chipset, the B350 chipset and the A320 chipset using both a Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 CPU.  Even an A12 APU with those chipsets is problematic.

Also, any board with as ASMedia chipset for AHCI is a no go.  From that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that there is NO standard unless it is an Intel or Intel supported chipset with our OS2AHCI driver. 

Storage / Re: Is there OS/2 specific way to deploy a desktop system SSD?
« on: December 31, 2017, 11:46:15 pm »
At the moment I have 3 of my OS/2 / ArcaOS machines with the 2 TB Seagate FireCuda hybrid drives.  The only 'problem' is that I have to let all the other machines get well into the boot process before I start them, otherwise they complain they can't find some of the network shares, boot time is that much faster and I have the added storage capacity of the spinning rust.

As others have said the housekeeping of the SSD is in the firmware.

Article Discussions / Re: ArcaOS Wishlist - 6 months !!
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:14:32 pm »
Yes, USB is necessary since most usb devices are now 3.0.

No, USB  3 is not necessary. USB 3 devices will work with USB 2 cables, hubs, and controllers, at USB 2 speeds. However, a USB 3 driver is becoming much more important now that many new computers don't have USB 2 controllers. This is likely more important than WiFi.

Remember that people has their own priorities. I think that USB 3.0 is not necessary just because of the USB 3.0 devices, it is necessary because there are machines that comes without CD and with only USB 3.0 ports (with no USB 2.0 legacy option on the BIOS), so you can not install OS/2 or ArcaOS on that machines because of that. (Or you can take out the HDD and load the image, but the USB ports will be useless. ) And present laptops are going this way. I also remember that discussing this at Warpstock some guy said that USB 3.0 is more important than Wifi because of this. His priority was that OS/2 remains installable on machines and before of that it cames the wifi driver.


I couldn't agree more Martin.

There used to be workrounds for the odd motherboard problems  but with the current crop of boards we have to be even more selective.  A lot of them are using the ASMedia chip for USB (mainly 3 but also some 2) and the documentation specifically says that it won't work with OS/2. (Linux has managed to get a partial workround) which makes more than 50% of modern boards useless.

There are also problems with usb on the AMD Ryzen support chipsets even though they are supposed to support usb 2 as well as 3 but for some reason they don't work with our usb drivers so the two boards I have just run Linux rather than my preferred OS/2 (ArcaOS).

Hardware / Re: Who has a functioning dual-head display configuration?
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:15:16 pm »
Hi Dariusz,

I had a dual-head setup working some years ago (two 19" monitors) but since I got my Hanns-G HH281 (28" 1920x1200) I have found there is no more need for dual-head.

The extra 4" over your Dell 24" make a lot of difference.

One thing I can note is that the Panorama driver with ArcaOS doesn't like the HH281 for some reason - I have tried VGA, DVI-D and HDMI yet the old SNAP works.

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