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Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 23, 2018, 06:51:01 pm »

> Files/directories skipped/repeated twice

I have no idea why they could repeat twice, but they can be skipped because file
attributes are not matched. Maybe, they have hidden/system/readonly/archive
attributes set? Can you check which attributes these files/directories have? DOS
could skip files with system/hidden/readonly attributes. You could try removing
these attributes with FC/2 and see. You can also try Norton/Volkov Commander/
DOS Navigator -- they should not skip files with special attributes set.

PS: Indeed, as it can be seen, your files have "archived" bit cleared, except for
those two "sav_*.ice" files. So, it's because of this.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:40:17 pm »
PS: This is in DOS (


The volume label in drive L is os2l.
Directory of L:\TMP

0075_01  TRP      5866  14.11.18 13:51
3        10  <DIR>      23.12.15 23:45
acpi-3   22.    129939  23.12.15 23:39
acpi-man ger    118667   4.08.08 19:48
acpi-too kit    241070  14.12.15 10:23
acpi     psd    220275  28.11.13 11:02
acpi32   dll     15631  28.11.13 11:00
acpi4    bpd    112959  20.12.15 22:56
acpi4    rar    109184  23.12.15 22:29
AcpiInfo dat    452032  24.12.15  1:31
AcpiLstI fo.     37748  24.12.15  1:31
AcpiMana er.    201794  12.03.07 17:12
AcpiMana er.      2822  24.12.15  1:31
addition     <DIR>      12.11.18 11:32
addition .zi    692493  12.11.18  9:50
dos      txt        40  23.11.18 16:51
DosSysCt _IP     22112  18.11.16 22:12
freeShar dMe     14385   7.01.16 14:58
g        img  33162240  30.09.17  6:22
gnufu    dll     24445  31.03.98 18:22
gnuintl  dll      6203  31.03.98 18:22
o        img 181485568  29.09.17  8:58
PMGPI    DLL    248446  16.10.01 13:31
PMGPI    txt    117246   7.03.17 18:45
VBoxAddi ion   1422919  17.11.18 18:26
VBoxAddi ion   2818048  20.11.18 15:54
VBoxAddi ion   1519757  21.11.18  2:34
yum_save tx-     12815  21.05.17  7:53
yum_save tx-     20325   3.04.18 23:31
yum_save tx-     20325   3.04.18 23:33
      31 file(s)  223235866 bytes used
                 371965952K bytes free

The same directory shown in 4OS/2:


 Volume in drive L is os2l       
 Directory of  L:\tmp\*

23.11.18  16:54         <DIR>        0   _H__D  .
23.11.18  16:52         <DIR>        0   _H__D  ..
23.12.15  23:45         <DIR>        0   ____D  3.10
12.11.18  11:32         <DIR>        0   ____D  additions
                              0      0   _____   
23.11.18  16:54              38      0   _____  4os2.txt
14.11.18  13:51           5 866      0   _____  0075_01.TRP
23.12.15  23:39         129 939      0   _____  acpi-3.22.03.rar
 4.08.08  19:48         118 667      0   _____
14.12.15  10:23         241 070      0   _____
28.11.13  11:02         220 275      0   _____  acpi.psd
20.12.15  22:56         112 959      0   _____  acpi4.bpd
23.12.15  22:29         109 184      0   _____  acpi4.rar
28.11.13  11:00          15 631      0   _____  acpi32.dll
24.12.15   1:31         452 032      0   _____  AcpiInfo.dat
24.12.15   1:31          37 748      0   _____  AcpiLstInfo.lst
12.03.07  17:12         201 794      0   _____  AcpiManager.exe
24.12.15   1:31           2 822      0   _____  AcpiManager.log
12.11.18   9:50         692 493      0   _____
18.11.16  22:12          22 112      0   _____  DosSysCtl_IPI.exe
 7.01.16  14:58          14 385      0   _____  freeSharedMem.exe
30.09.17   6:22      33 162 240      0   _____  g.img
31.03.98  18:22          24 445      0   _____  gnufu.dll
31.03.98  18:22           6 203      0   _____  gnuintl.dll
29.09.17   8:58     181 485 568      0   _____  o.img
16.10.01  13:31         248 446      0   _____  PMGPI.DLL
 7.03.17  18:45         117 246      0   _____  PMGPI.txt
17.11.18  18:26       1 422 919      0   _____
20.11.18  15:54       2 818 048      0   _____  VBoxAdditions-os2-x86-5.0.51.r184.iso
21.11.18   2:34       1 519 757      0   _____
21.05.17   7:53          12 815      0   _____  yum_save_tx-2017-05-21-07-53nopywb.yumtx
 3.04.18  23:33          20 325      0   _____  yum_save_tx-2018-04-03-23-33cvthgo.yumtx
 3.04.18  23:31          20 325      0   _____  yum_save_tx-2018-04-03-23-315o16h2.yumtx
     223 235 352 bytes (212MB) in 29 files and 4 dirs

     223 297 536 bytes (212MB) allocated
 307 888 103 424 bytes (286GB) free

As can be seen above, the names shown are the same for "yum_save tx-", "VBoxAddi ion",
but the files are different. Also, as it can be seen, "addition" ("additions" in fact) subdirectory
is shown here. Both listings contain 29 files and 2 directories.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 23, 2018, 05:01:50 pm »

Interesting effect that it displays some files twice. Are you sure they are the same?
Maybe, this is two different files with long name, truncated to the same short name?
 I don't have this on my VM. Also, directories are shown ok in my case.

PS: File names in DOS are not yet ready, because file name translation short <-> long
is to be implemented, yet.

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Re: OS2 on emulation machine
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:50:19 pm »
Yes, debugging some drivers in a VM, or debugging any other software in a VM. For example,
I developed my live CD/bootflash partially in a VM. The boot CD has options for enabling VBox
additions, or VPC additions, so it can be very comfortably run in a VM. The CD/flash is very
handy to test some software setups in VM's. If someone interested, I could give a link here.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 21, 2018, 12:07:52 am »

It seems to me that ArcaOS 5.0.3 installs the  14.200_W kernel when you have only once processor/core. I installed this VM with only one core, any tip to update/change to the 14.201_SMP from the kernel that I have is welcome.

Just search \os2image for SMP kernel (It should be in \os2image\debug\smp, I think).

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 20, 2018, 09:44:09 pm »
I uploaded a new version:


Now WPS Drives object should work ok, as I implemented creating the empty EA's
structure. Also, I fixed FS_VERIFYUNCNAME, so it now should work, when two UNC
IFS-es are installed. The "dir \\vboxsrv\sharename" now works ok with CMD.EXE.
Previously, this command gave an error.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 20, 2018, 08:49:19 pm »
2Martin Iturbide:

1) It does not auto-mount with "start /n vboxservice.exe" on startup.cmd. I had to run like "VBoxSFAttach w: OS2Temp" to mount the drive. Was an auto-mount supposed to happen, or did I get it wrong? I have no problem adding "VBoxSFAttach w: OS2Temp" on the startup.cmd.

Is your \programs\VBox directory on PATH? If not, you need to specify the full path:

start /n c:\programs\vbox\VBoxService.exe

It automounts ok on mine, and several other users machines. Did you checked the
"Auto-mount" checkbox in shared folder settings?

2) It is "Read only" I can not copy a file from and to the same mounted drive using 4OS2 or CMD. (but the good thing is that now CMD sees the files and I can copy those to other drives like C:).

Do you have "read only" checkbox set on your shared folder in VM settings? If so, remove it. The "copy" command does not yet work ok, as I already mentioned above. e/ae editors should work. I have no problems saving files with them.
Note that read only shared folders are not tested at all -- used r/w ones only so far.

3) WPS integration is not working.
    a) I open e.exe and looked at the W: drive and worked (E Running W.png)
    b) I open W: from the "Drives" icon and get a OS2KRNL trap (See OS2KRNL- Trap.png or video)

E.exe is not the WPS drives object. It is Drives object did not work. File dialog should work. But now I
added support for WPS Drives object, will upload a new version soon. From your trap screen it is
hard to tell where it trapped. Somewhere in the kernel. You'll need to retest with the newer version
(I'll upload it soon).

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 18, 2018, 04:33:30 pm »

So, you have all video modes in the list. I have no display selected here at all. Yes, these
modes are shown by VBox VESA BIOS. I have the same. What else do you want?

No 16x9 value? Then add it with VBoxManage command, as Martin did before.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 17, 2018, 06:15:12 pm »

Yes, as it was written above, if you have the \usr\lib\*.dll files already installed, no need to install them
again, just ensure they're latest version.

And, opened C:\OS2\INSTALL\GRADD.LOG  I found the following:
20181117T155005 VMAN:ProcessGraddList(): Module VBXGRADD loaded successfully

So, it loaded ok. Did you checked System Setup->System->Screen ? Does it show all
usual video modes? If so, enable the video mode you need and reboot.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 17, 2018, 01:33:44 pm »
2Mauro: Is it indeed the version r179? Its version of vbxgradd.dll should load ok, it's fixed.
Though, VBoxService fix was in r180, so I didn't uploaded the fix, yet. So VBoxService.exe
should be non-working, yet. But no need to try the old version anymore, I'm already uploading
the newer version, r183, try it instead:


This version contains more fixes. Both vbxgradd.dll and VBoxService.exe now are
working. SO, shared clipboard should work too.

Also, now I fixed UNC pathnames, so, it now should work if any other UNC IFS is
installed, except for vboxsf.ifs (like the IFS from Peer/LAN Server).

Also, a new feature is added: If \os2\boot\vboxsf.cfg file is present, having lines
like the following:

share1       <driveletter1>
shareN       <driveletterN>

Then drive letters can be pinned. If vboxsf.cfg file is not present, a first available drive
letter is used.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:15:09 am »

> means a latest version than the one attached at the beginning of this thread?

I updated the link in the first message of this thread. And the message itself, so that it
contains the actual information. So, you need to reupload it and try.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:59:39 am »
2Doug Bissett:

I finally found some time to try this. First, I don't like the way it is packaged. It is difficult to easily transfer the files to the final locations, but I am sure you can do better (possibly by packaging it as an RPM, or WPI, package). Even a ZIP file, that could be unzipped over the boot drive, would be better (of course, that assumes that files are where they are expected to be). I don't know how you would handle the LIBC stuff though. That should be done with ANPM (RPM/YUM) anyway.

I put it into the ISO image for easier mounting under a VM. So, you mount the ISO image under your
OS/2 VM and copy files to respective directories. Just copy them by your file manager. I use FC/2 for
that. In the future, I plan to create also an RPM package for it, so it could be easily installed from the
yum repository. So, I plan to distruibute  the additions by two ways: 1) As an usual additions ISO
2) As an RPM package. This sould be more convenient. RPM is better for newer OS/2 installations,
which have UNIX ports installed. If they are not installed, it's better to use the ISO image.

It's better to handle kLIBC dependencies with RPM, but in case RPM is not present in your system,
it can be copied manually from the ISO. Also, each RPM package has the same files zipped. So, you
can use a ZIP file as a third installation method.

It is MUCH better. At least I get, what appears to be, good information when I do DIR in CMD.EXE, or 4OS/2. Even a DOS or WinOS2 window works, within the limits of what DOS does. I still do not get anything, but a blank folder, when opening the WPS drive object, and that folder does not close properly, every time.

Yes, CMD/4OS2/DOS session should work now, but WPS still doesn't, as all required DosFindFirst
options are implemented, except for FIL_QUERYEASFROMLIST[L]. It requires more work, as I should
properly return an empty FEALIST structure (which contains an empty EA'S) for WPS to be working.
DOS also requires more work, as I need to implement filename translation short <-> long, as it's
done by FAT32.IFS. So, some long file names are not yet accessible to DOS/Win16 programs.

In CMD.EXE, I cannot copy a file to another drive. It says that it cannot find the specified drive (not clear on which drive, the source, or the target). Copying a file to a new name on the source drive (no drive letters used) seems to work okay, but it said that 2 files were copied. I don't see a second file. Deleting the copied file works.

Yes, I know about that, too. The "copy" and "cp" commands still don't work as required. It tries
to create a destination file and returns "File not found" error. Need to fix this too.

I am not sure what to make of vbxgradd.dll. I did not change the line in CONFIG.SYS, but the file is locked, so I assume that your replacement gengradd.dll is using it. I don't notice any difference in the video stuff.

What do you mean, you left GENGRADD in config.sys as is, but VBXGRADD is used, and
locked? You can check which GRADD driver is loaded by looking into \os2\install\gradd.log.

PS: I also fixed VBoxService.exe, so it no more quits after mounting all shared folders. So,
shared clipbord should work now. I also will add an option to explicitly assign drive letters
to shared folders, instead of using the first available ones. Will release it soon.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 14, 2018, 10:16:28 am »

> -non need to modify the Startup.cmd file, I just copied a shadow of VBoxService.exe  in the Startup folder contained inside OS/2 System utilities, it does its job.

Yes, this should work both ways. No big difference.

No need to comment the

set gradd_chains=c1

line, and add it again. The position of that line in config.sys doesn't matter. So, you returned
gengradd.dll back? As I said, with lhe latest version, vbxgradd.dll should work too. It is better
because it is faster and it provides support for extra video modes, as Martin said about adding
the 1920x1080x32 mode.

And no need to rename gengradd.dll and panogrex.dll files. You only need to comment the respective
config.sys lines out.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:59:21 am »
2Martin Iturbide: I updated to 5.2.22 too, but it didn't helped (I have VBox under Linux on my
laptop. Maybe, it's working for you because you have Windows). It seems, if the host key is
Right Ctrl, it doesn't work. But when I tried to change it to Right Alt, it worked. so, it finally
works for me.

Shared clipboard doesn't work because VBoxService.exe quits after it has shared folders mounted.
Shared clipboard service is a part if it. So, I need to fix VBoxService first.

Applications / Re: Shared folders IFS for VBox Additions, the test version
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:38:57 pm »
2Martin Iturbide: Yes, this works for me too, just tried. Switched to full screen successfully, but can't
switch back because the Host key doesn't work for some reason in VBox version 5.2.20 (Linux host).
Too bad. Needed to kill the VM.

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