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> Ok, now I got a little bit further. It now mounts and the command line view on files and folders is ok.

And what was the problem? VBoxService.exe not started?

> But WPS only shows folders (from the mount point) but not the files. Also, funny enough but no changeable because of lack of EAs, the view always reverts to "Tree View", even if I select "Icon View" from the Properties->menu.

RMB->Open as->Icon View does not work? It opens an Icon View fine for me... Strange. Newer saw such situation as you have. EA's are present, empty ones.

> Browsing around in the mounted directory tree traps the WPS but it recovers.

How did you achieved this? Never saw such problem.

> I have the same prob as Mauro: I cannot copy anything from the mounted folder to my OS/2 virtual guest drive.
I have removed the read-only bit from the mounted folder (which is an NTFS volume of my Windows Host) but it does not make a difference at all.

The current folder is readonly. Open File Commander, choose Files->File attributes and remove "read only" checkbox. Remove "read only" flag not in
VBox shared folder settings, but a "read only" DOS attribute flag on the file system, with FC/2 or attrib command.


> can't copy the file in any OS2 folders

As I said above, just remove the "readonly" bit from your current folder, and everything will work.

PS: Everything is copied fine in my system. If you wish it to be fixed on your system, please provide
me with enough information, so I can reproduce it in my system. Or, at least, show me the COM port logs.
Otherwise I cannot help you.


> It just does nothing. I meant CFG file and not INI File,sorry about the confusion. How do your tools find the CFG file?

The .cfg file should be located in \os2\boot. It only has influence to drive letter pinning. If .cfg file is not found, shared folders
will be mouned to first available drive letters. What do you mean by "it does nothing"? it should mount at some drive letter,
at least. Did some shared folders mounted? Is VBoxService.exe running? (see my answer to Mauro below)


> confirm it is not appearing so it should be not mounted. But it works back (shared folder appears but is empty in the WPS pane) if I turn back to the version r186 installation

Are you sure VBoxService.exe is started? Are paths to shared folders specified in VBox shared folder settings, correct?

> dont't know how to test if vboxservice.exe and virtualboxFS.ifs are running

Does the

pstat /c | more

command show VBoxService.exe in the process list? If not, try running VBoxService from the command line and see
if it writes any errors to the console. Maybe, some required DLL's are missing. Do you have libcn and libcx installed?
Old versions did not require libcx, so they may work without it, but newer ones do not.

Also, e.g., WatchCat or Theseus show all loaded modules (all .exe/.dll/.sys/.ifs etc.).

Hi all!

I uploaded a new version:

Here, I fixed problems in FS32_PATHINFO/FS32_FILEINFO, with FIL_QUERYEASFROMLIST[L] option,
which caused the following effects: 1) Icons of program objects whose programs are located on a shared
folder, were disappearing 2) sometimes, when opening a WPS Drives folder, this caused some WPS hangs
when calling FS32_PATHINFO. Now these problems seem to be gone.

Still, a problem with current folder, becoming readonly, is present. Should be fixed in near time.

2mauro: I mean, paths to shared folders in VBox settings. They are diferent in Windows and Linux. So, you should correct them accordingly.

> no shared folder volume isn't appearing in WPS pane at all, like it was before any Guest Additions installation
What do you mean? Shared folder isn't mounted? Is IFS loaded? VBoxService.exe is started? Did you tried to start VBoxService.exe manually?
Does it mount the shared folders then?

2 mauro:

Quote from: mauro
just doublechecked, the folder is properly read/write in Windows and same setted in Virtualbox.
I just need to try how this r216 work on same virtual machine ready on Ubuntu hosting, I'll let you know.

No, on Ubuntu host machine what done in the Windows host machine isn't working at all, the shared folder volume does not even appear in the WPS pane. The OS2 virtual machine there is cloned from the other. The only difference is the Virtualbox software version used:  Windows = 6.0.4 , Ubuntu = 6.0.8

What do you mean? Empty WPS folder? Did you tried to open it in FC/2? Maybe, some permission problems (maybe, your current user, under which VBox is
started, has no permissin to access the directory, which is shared to a VM?)? Is this the same shared folder as in Windows? So, your Linux has access to the same disk as Windows?  Did you corrected the paths accordingly? If you cloned VM under Windows and restored under Linux, the old paths will be invalid.


RPM package is planned in the future.

PS: Also regarding your error you mentioned on the screenshot. Can you check if the folder which contains the os2space.jpg file is readonly? Will the file copy
successfully, if you remove the "read only" bit? (There is some unknown problem: folders become read only after some time. This leads to some erros.)

just doublechecked, the folder is properly read/write in Windows and same setted in Virtualbox.
I just need to try how this r216 work on same virtual machine ready on Ubuntu hosting, I'll let you know.

I tested this on Linux host. It has "w" bit removed from some folders, and, as a result, copy operation
does not succeed. If you return the "w" back, everything will work. Did not tested it on windows host,
but it probably add "readonly" bit, so the symptoms should be similar like on Linux host. Are you sure
it isn't readonly? Did you tried to create a file or subdirectory in that g:\ directory? Will it fail?


> Can I also place all these files into another directory than \OS2 (and updating config.sys correspondingly) ? Or is this a problem for the .INI file ?

You can, if you wish, of course, but why? It does not use INI files.

> our package does not seem to work with VirtualBox 6.1.2 which is what I use. Too bad.

No, it works fine for me. Tested successfully with VBox 6.1.2 (Linux host). What is not working for you?


> I am using r186 (presumed to be not-Oracle branded, you started this thread announcing the availability of your job on r177) and those files were still "SF" called.
Of course previously they were called "VBoxSF". But then Knut get known that my version is almost ready, and made his own version. Two different IFS'es with the
same name become ambiguous, so, to not confuse one with another, I decided to rename my IFS to "VBoxFS.ifs".

I never suggested to place my files in c:\programs\VBox. Thay always intended to be on c:\os2. Those versions which go into c:\programs\VBox were made by

Looking at your screenshots: Are you sure you're using r216, not r215? As I could remember, the specified error were in r215, and should be fixed in r 216.

PS: Also regarding your error you mentioned on the screenshot. Can you check if the folder which contains the os2space.jpg file is readonly? Will the file copy
successfully, if you remove the "read only" bit? (There is some unknown problem: folders become read only after some time. This leads to some erros.)

PPS: r216 still has some problems. When opening folders with Ctrl-W in File Commander/2, I sometimes got some WPS hangs when it calls DosQueryPathInfo
with FIL_QUERYEASFROMLIST[L] parameter. Need to be fixed soon.

2mauro, Martin: They are not misspelled. The IFS is renamed to VBoxFS, whereas Oracle version is called VBoxSF. They are different and should be
distinguished. No  need to rename. Please read readme file. Everything is described here, including the motivation for renaming. Please note that if
you renamed file, rename it in  config.sys too. But as I said, my IFS is now called VBoxFS not VBoxSF. It is not only file is called VBoxFS not VBoxSF,
but internal IFS name too. So, if you rename it, it won't boot. Each IFS requires it's own version of VBoxService.exe. My IFS won't work with Oracle
version! Oracle version requires the IFS called VBOXSF, and my version required VBOXFS.

So, please read the README and change your IFS in config.sys to VBoxFS.ifs. VBoxFSAttach.exe is renamed to VBoxFSAttach too.

PS: "FS" in the file name stands for File System, whereas "SF" stands for Shared Folders. They are renamed to not confuse these two versions
which each other. They are different, so, now they are called differently. They are renamed a year ago, so I wonder why this question
arises since a year? Why not earlier? :)

2Andreas Schnellbacher: I cannot login into new Trac too. Wrote to Adrian at #netlabs, but no answer yet. You can download it via a direct link above in the host OS,
then copy it via an older version of shared folders, or, download it from another guest to a FAT/FAT32 partition, then attach that partition to an OS/2 guest, then copy
it as usual. Or, download it with the host OS, and attach it to the VM. It is an ISO image, so it can be attached as any other additions ISO. If host networking does not work, then you can use a flash disk to copy the downloaded additions.

Hi all! I did some fixes to dummy EA's creation in VBoxFS.ifs. Now I'm able to run WarpIN installers from the shared folder.
Also, copying/moving files from/to shared folder and other drives now should work. I uploaded the new build, r216, to the ftp:

2Martin: The proccess of using COM port is generally the same for all drivers: You attach a terminal to a COM port via a null-modem cable.
Some docummentation is present in "doc" subdirectory of the Additions ISO. I'm sorry, but it is incomplete, yet. because unfinished. But you
can ask any questions here. To enable debug output, you need to add the "/d" parameter to the IFS command line in config.sys. The IFS is
using the QSINIT/ArcaLDR/OS4LDR log buffer. Some bits are described in debug.txt.

2Mauro: Why do you need to repeat all the installation instructions from the beginning each time? You only need to replace the binaries. No other actions
are required if you had everything installed previously. I just updated the instructions. As this update is related to the IFS only, you can replace the IFS only.
Regarding the trap, you must probably did something wrong and fucked up the system. If you would replace an IFS binaries only, I'd suspect, there will be
no place for errors.

2Martin: Yes, brackets in pathnames may be illegal symbols

> I was wondering also a different thing. You call your file with version 5.0.51, but currently the official vbox OS/2 guest drivers are on version 6.1. (which I guess there is not much difference). Are you using a current copy of the addons source code? Do you have it sync with the official repository?

No, My version is different and not related to the official version. They have completely different source code and can't be merged. Of course, I didn't
backported anything from 6.1 additions to 5.0 ones.

> 3) Copying files from the WPS (from the shared folder - Windows Host, to the WPS desktop) gives me some problems too.
Some files give a path can not be found error, other just lock the WPS on the copying dialog box.

Maybe, too long filenames or illegal filenames? Did you checked that?

> 4) Maybe it is related to problem #3. I can open directly from the host some files like PNG, PDFs, and some wpi installers. But EXE WarpIn installer give me this error when I run them from the shared host.

Maybe, some access right-related problems? I had some problems trying to rename a file but it appeared that these files had access right problems. I had a JFS partition
under Linux, and a file had a "readonly" attribute, so I was unable to rename it under linux. So, it was a problem outside VBox. Maybe, this file has access problems on
the host? Can you check a different guest OS with the same shared folder? Maybe, these problems reproduce there? Also, did you checked if the .exe can be
started from FC/2? Is there any difference from the WPS window?

PS: Did you tried to look what is written in the COM port log?

PPS: Tried to copy files with the WPS. There are some problems with that. If I drag a file with WPS from a shared folder to a ramdisk, I got an "SYS0225: The extended attribute list size is incorrect". After the second attempt to do so I got a kernel trap. Looking at the COM port log, I see that there is something wrong
with FS32_FILEINFO. It looks like I repaired FS32_FINDFIRST/NEXT onlym but not FS32_FILEINFO/PATHINFO. Need to check this further.

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