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Applications / Re: About bldlevel
« on: September 15, 2019, 04:49:29 am »
2Pete: It seems, bldlevel.rexx requires osFree version of oso001.msg. It is an extension of standard OS/2 version.
You can download oso001.msg, oso001h.msg and oso001.txt (message file source) from

PS: If you don't want to touch your oso001.msg, you can modify the script, so that it will bear messages in its body,
instead of a message file.

Applications / Re: About bldlevel
« on: September 14, 2019, 10:47:43 am »
2Martin: Build Level is just a special string embedded into the binary. Yuri Prokushev researched its format and wrote a doc about it:

Also, he reimplemented bldlevel.exe in REXX:

The buildlevel.exe file you mentioned above is converted from bldlevel.rexx via RexxWrapper (, written by Mark Hessling)

BTW, you can embed the build level string in any file. For example, QSINIT is a plain COM file, but its "os2ldr" contains the build level information. It's just a special string embedded into the binary. AFAIK, in LX/NE executables, it is contained in entry table, if I'm not wrong.

Internet / Re: TOR and FF
« on: August 13, 2019, 02:21:02 am »
2dryeo: I didn't tried HTTP proxies, but socks5 proxies like Tor or SSH tunnel, doesn't work.

You just create a SSH tunnel from local host to

ssh -D 2222 -N

and use it as a Socks 5 proxy on address, and it does not work

The same works fine in FF under Linux. I complained about that to Dmik, he says that it is
some hidden default proxy settings are not correct. But I checked all proxy settings in about:config
and did not found anythin suspicious. All was correct. So, this is indeed Socks proxy settings are broken.
As I said, everything is working fine under Linux. And I don't see why some defaults in OS/2 should be
different than in Linux.

And the same is with SSH and Tor.

Internet / Re: TOR and FF
« on: August 12, 2019, 08:14:36 pm »
2Remy: Unfortunately, it seems, proxies are broken in current versions of FF and SM. So, I won't be able to use Tor or any Http or
Socks proxy in FF / SM. Trying different proxy-related settings didn't help.

Applications / Re: VirtualBox 5.0.51 for OS/2 error
« on: August 01, 2019, 11:35:47 pm »
#define VERR_INVALID_CPU_ID                 (-1018)

This means that invalid CPU ID is specified. On IBM kernels, CPU ID's are calculated as local APIC ID's. Unfortunately, this method
is unreliable, because sometimes CPU core's LAPIC ID's are not from 0..NCpuIDs interval. I think, this is your case. In my case,
my CPU has contiguous interval of LAPIC ID's, so you're unlucky. I'd suspect that you're using IBM's kernel? Unfortunately, IBM
kernels lack a reliable method of getting current CPU ID. OS/4 kernels have a specific KEE API for that. Also, OS/4 kernels have
API for CPU rendez-vous. This is required for enabling hardware virtualization (VT-x/AMD-V). IBM kernels also have no such
feature. So, in your case I'd suggest using OS/4 kernel.

PS: your error occurs when VBox switches to a CPU with a spectfic LAPIC ID. VBox assumes that CPU ID's are consecutive,
but in your case it's not (most probably).

PPS: You also can try pinning VBox executable to a 0 CPU, so it will not hit a hole in CPU ID's range.

Applications / Re: VirtualBox 5.0.51 for OS/2 error
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:54:10 pm »
Did you install VBoxDrv.sys? If yes, is it the latest version?

ZorinOS? What's it? Linux distro? Never used it. Yes, 64-bit guests currently don't work. Yes, some Linux distros
haven't a 32-bit version. The work on hardware virtualization is being worked on, but not yet. It should
work, in theory. At least. I ran Ubuntu 64-bit guest on WinXP 32-bit host, so it can be done on OS/2 too,
but not yet. Why do you need necessarily the exotic ZorinOS, why not e,g, Debian,
which has a 32-bit version?

PS: I have Debian on a bare hardware too (two separate machines and a ssh session from one
to another)

2Doug Bissett: You're right. Another cause of this error could be libcx allocating buffers in high memory. Some OS/2 API's doesn't
like when buffers are in high memory, so they need to use them in lower memory. To use buffers in lower memory, IIRC, LIBCX_HIGHMEM=2
option can be used.

2ivan: No, VboxDrv.sys does not write any messages during the boot. The message you posted can mean different things. It means that it fails
to create the XPCOM object. Something got wrong. The reasons can be different. It usually just fails to load some libraries. Usually, some of the
required libs is missing, or outdated. Or, it fails to loads a library because of a shared memory problems. May also loading libraries to high memory
help. Or, some libraries are missing or outrdated. Are you sure you installed all needed libraries? The download page lists all the dependencies.
You'd better use yum/rpm to install dependencies, because installing everything manually is tricky and not supported.

PS: What VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT do you have? (it may be too low)

Hi all!

I uploaded a new release:

There were some forgotten changes in previous release I added here. For example, forgotten memory release
in some places. So, now these memory leaks are fixed. Martin, please better use this version.

Hi all! (especially, Martin).

I fixed stack overflows in filename translation (short <-> long) code, occuring on IBM's kernels. On OS/4
kernels all was ok, because they have twice more stack. So, trap 0008 occuring when selecting the shared
folder in windows file manager, may be fixed too, as I suspect that it is the same (I observed trap 0008 too).
So, Martin, please test. The link is:

2mauro: The problem with empty WPS folder didn't solved yet, so far. Though, last versions stability was enhanced since "months ago". So, some traps and hangs were fixed. Also, some new features were added, like shortening file names for VDM. So, I'd recommend to update your version to the latest one.  Updating always doesn't hurt. If you see something bad, you always have option to roll back to the previous version.

Applications / Re: ArcaOS title bar themes
« on: July 10, 2019, 02:32:05 am »
Styler/2? That's it is included into eCS, but it is available separately, without eCS. Didn't it included into ArcaOS?

Applications / Re: WINOS2 functionality on the Thinkpad X220 or X201i
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:04:46 pm »
2Blonde Guy: Ah, starting at 3.23.10. I thought, 3.10, which is the very old version. I wonder why ACPI helps for VDM. Maybe, that's
because of a patch applied to the kernel by ACPI.PSD?

Applications / Re: WINOS2 functionality on the Thinkpad X220 or X201i
« on: July 07, 2019, 06:51:05 am »
2Mike Koelling: X200 is a Core2Duo system. I have X61T, which is CoreDuo too, and DOS / WinOS/2 works fine.
But on another laptop, T420, which is Core i5, it does not work, Symptoms are the same: Black DOS window
with a blinking cursor. Fullscreen DOS session does not work too. Adding lines to config.sys and autoexec.bat
(as Roderick suggested) does not help too. Installing ACPI.PSD versions 3.23.1 and 3.23.5 does not help too.
The same thing is with my father's Toshiba Core i3 laptop. It seems, the problem is with Core i3/i5/i7. Older
Core2 Duo machines work fine.

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