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Utilities / Re: best process killer application
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:48:39 pm »
2Dave Yeo: WatchCat works fine with both PS/2 and USB keyboards with a wccall.exe utility from ErOS2. If someone interested, I can share it.

Utilities / Re: Create an ISO from a CD
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:38:31 pm »
Me, together with Rich Walsh, would also suggest to use "readcd f=iso_image.iso dev=HOST,ID,LUN -retries<NUM>", which
is the easiest way to grab CD's to an ISO image. Probably, you'll need the latest CDRTools to support DVD's and BD's.

I have CDRTools version 2.01.01a59. I see an older version at Hobbes. So, maybe I should upload it somewhere?

PS: DVDToys are just a frontend to CDRTools, and cost some money. So, I'd better use CDRTools directly.
PPS: Though, I own a DVDToys license :)

BTW, you'd better use this build:

It contains a small fix for a starting point for a counter which is after a tilde. It was zeroed-out sometimes incorrectly, so
some dirs or files were inaccessible (ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND). Now it should work.

2Doug Bissett: No, no LFN API in OS/2 VDM, so I'm not going to provide LFN to VDM. I'm just shorten filenames, so that they will be available
to DOS/win16 programs, and convert short filenames back to long ones, so they could be accessed. Why it could lead to problems? This feature in fact, was ported from fat32.ifs, where I added the similar code for exFAT. Now I adapted the same code for vboxfs.ifs. As far as I can see, I don't see any problems it may cause, so far.

2Dave Yeo: Yes, I plan to make a command line switch to disable that in the future, but not yet. Just in case someone does not like this. So far, I saw only one reason to not do that. Imagine, you have both "My documents" and "Mydoc~3D" directories in the root directory. Then under DOS, the first one will be abbreviated to the second name, and the second name will be inaccessible. If that's not desired, you'd better avoid creating file names ending at ...~<Number>. But such names are usually not needed. So, it is unlikely if you'd ocassionally create such a file/dir.

2Martin Iturbide: So, DOS window works for you, but "winfile" traps? Strange, because "winfile" works fine for me. Could you provide
any logs? (Enable logging with "/d" switch to vboxfs.ifs, redirect COM port to a host pipe, and connect with a terminal emulator. So far,
I only aware of "putty" being able to connect to a named pipe, but Putty does not seem to have output saved into a log file. But you can
try). I start "progman" first, and run "winfile" from a Program Manager icon. Works fine for me.

PS: So far, and Norton Commander work fine for me. Though, when I try to start Volkov Commander,
I get an IPE in OS/2 kernel. Seems to be a VBox bug.

Hi all!

I added a new release:

The feature added is path translation: long <-> short filenames for OS/2 VDM. Now for DOS processes,
paths are abbreviated as 8.3 file names. Each name is abbrevited, plus a dir entry number is added after
a tilde, so using that number, names can be converted back to long ones.

So, now all file names are accessible from DOS.

Please test.

R.M.Klippstein: No, no problem. I'm happy to help, if I can :) But better ask in Slack (as here is the topic on VBox Additions, not VBox in general).

wrc should be version from the yum repository, not from your version of OpenWatcom. You should install gcc-wrc. Please install all
build time dependencies from here:

iasl  vboxtools\os2x86\bin\iasl.exe   (533548)

What is 533548? This does not seem to be a valid date. I'm using the version


It is in my d:\ecs\bin directory. I can share it with you if you need. It should be on PATH when you're running configure.

Kbuild: Linking VBoxPython2_7
weakld error: Unresolved symbol (UNDEF)  '_yydebug'.
The symbol is rferenced by-.

I have no out\os2-x86\release\object\VboxDTraceCmd\src\VBox\ExtPacks\VBoxDtrace\generated\ directory in my
build at all. What is your kBuild version BTW? Mine is:

kmk -v

kmk - kBuild version 0.1.9998 (r118688303)
Built Jul 26 2017 20:41:48

Something is wrong in your environment.

2rklipp: Can you show which "rc" and "iasl" versions do you have? What "which wrc", "which  iasl" commands say? Start them and show
which versions they show?

2R.M. Klippstein: I'm compiling with both MCP2 and eCS 2.2, and I see no problems. VBoxACPI -- what do you mean? IASL errors?
RC error? Hm. Is it somewhere complained about that error already? I don't remember what's the problem already. A week ago,
I compiled the VBox sources in eCS 2.2 VM under Linux host -- no problems, all build time dependencies were the latest from the Netlabs-exp
repository. I don't have ArcaOS, so no idea. Maybe, you're using Netlabs-rel?

PS: in r199, only Additions were updated, so you'll not get any advantages compiling all VBox sources.

It is ramboot for being independent from a file system from which it is booting. All files are located on an on-disk file system. Only a minumum number of files load from ramdisk. So, it is a full OS/2 installation. Though, it is stripped-down a bit, to fit to 300 MB. But I have a full-fledged OS/2 on a flash stick too, so you can enhance it if you wish. For details, read readme.eng file.

2Rich Walsh: My most used plugins for Netdrive are FTP and ISOFS plugins. I have no SMB shares in my flat, so
nothing to test on. At least, when FTP plugin is active, It shows 0 in DosFindFirst. Also, I checked ISOFS plugin,
it shows 0 too.

2Rich Walsh:
Yes,  indeed. I created the test example for DosFindFirst, and now see that different IFS'es return the following results:

HPFS - 4
JFS - 0
FAT32 - 0
CDFS - 4
NDFS32 - 0

So yes, original IBM's IFS-es return 4, you're right

2Rich Walsh & Lars Erdmann:

vboxfs.ifs was created looking at fat32.ifs and ramfs.ifs. So, they should behave similar way. Looking at fat32.ifs, I see:
1) In FS_PATHINFO and FS_FILEINFO: filestatus.cbList = sizeof(filestatus.cbList); (i.e., 4 for one ULONG).
2) In FS_FINDFIRST worker,

Code: ("C") [Select]
                     if (!f32Parms.fEAS || !HAS_EAS( pDir->fEAS ))
                        /* HACK: what we need to return here
                           is the FEALIST size of the list
                           that would be produced by usGetEmptyEAs !
                           for the time being: just tell the user
                           to allocate some reasonably sized amount of memory
                        pfFind->cbList = 0;
                        rc = usGetEASize(pVolInfo, pFindInfo->pInfo->rgClusters[0], NULL,
                                         szLongName, &pfFind->cbList);
                        if (rc)
                           /* HACK: what we need to return here
                              is the FEALIST size of the list
                              that would be produced by usGetEmptyEAs !
                              for the time being: just tell the user
                              to allocate some reasonably sized amount of memory
                           pfFind->cbList = 0;
                        rc = 0;

so, in absence of EA's, it returns cbList = 0; Yes, I looked primarily at FS_FINDFIRST. Rich, you seem to be right.
At least, FS_FILEINFO and FS_PATHINFO do thye same.

    So, the problem is with something other.

That may be true, but returning 0 in cblist is still incorrect. Write a simple test program and point it to a file on a JFS, HPFS, or even FAT drive to confirm this. BTW... AN's version of FAT32 also returns 4.

Yes, but the error occurs when FS_FINDFIRST (but not FS_FILEINFO / FS_PATHINFO) is called. It returns 0 in cbList in both vboxfs.ifs and fat32.ifs. Though, I see no problems at all
with fat32.ifs.

Quote from: mauro
Now, since I like very much  systems on a self-bootable USB stick, and also said that OS2 W4 cannot support itself such capability, I created a self-bootable fully installed Ubuntu 18.04 USB stick, and setted an autostart command for the OS2 Warp 4.5 guest machine (updated as above described) cloned and moved from the initial Win10 host system to the Linux VirtualBox application there.

OS/2 can boot from a flash stick. For that, I created the Universal OS/2 Boot disk (based on my FreeLDR bootloader). It can boot from any medium,
like CD, flash stick or a partition on a hard disk. It is available from here: (the latest version is from Oct 21, 2016).

The disk exists for about 10 years. For installing onto the CD disk, you need to create an ISO image (just start tools/rambtcd.cmd script. Mkisofs
is included). To boot from a flash stick, or a hard disk partition, you need to copy contents of the ZIP archive to the root directory, and write a boot
block and MBR. For that, there is the installer in "tools/freeinst". Also, if your disk is FAT/FAT32/exFAT, then you can use "sysinstx" with fat32.ifs.
(it installs FreeLDR bootblock too). fat32.ifs supports FAT/FAT32/exFAT. And FreeInst supports more file systems: FAT/FAT32/HPFS/JFS.

If boot block and MBR are written correctly, FreeLDR should boot into its menu. From the menu, you should select the required options: Language
(LANG=en_US or ru_RU), video driver (GENGRADD/Panorama or SNAP. GENGRADD and SNAP SE are included. Panorama can be added easily by an eCS/ArcaOS owner), video resolution, kernel, boot loader, etc. If no options selected, it will boot into PM/WPS with GenGRADD and 800x600 resolution, kernel is 14.104a. Also, OS/2 kernel and QSINIT are included. Please, read details in readme.eng file.

PS: OS/2 can boot into three configurations:
1) Textmode with TShell

There are also options to boot DOS from a diskette, or chainload different GRUB versions (GRUB legacy, GRUB4DOS, GRUB2).

Quote from: Rich Walsh
Just to confirm: if your IFS receives a request for the total size of all EAs (FIL_QUERYEASIZE), and you want to indicate that their are no EAs, are you returning '4' (and not '0')? Returning zero is the most common coding error when handling EAs.

What do you mean? cbList field? It is always returned to be 0. (It is so in vboxfs.ifs, fat32.ifs and ramfs.ifs/emsfs.ifs). Why it should be 4?

I used the working code from fat32.ifs as a template, so it should work. I see no problems with displaying disks with Drives WPS object
in fat32.ifs. So, the problem is with something other.

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