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Applications / ZOC startup error...
« on: June 20, 2019, 03:47:14 am »
It's been a while since I actually had my ZOC 4.15 up and be honest, probably some 4 yrs ago (or longer) when I replaced the battery in my APC UPS and needed to re-set the battery constant.

Well, as it happens here I am again...NEW UPS battery and my APC box is stuck thinking it's still got a bad battery. This is a known issue (SmartUPS 1500) and the fix is to connect through a terminal and issue some commands to re-set the internal UPS microprocessor to a default/NEW battery status.

The alternative is to drain the UPS by discharging with a series of 100W bulbs, which I'm not really crazy about.

OK, so back to ZOC...LOL, starting the darn thing up produces the following in my POPUPLOG.OS2:

Code: [Select]
06-19-2019  21:00:00  SYS2070  PID 0066  TID 0001  Slot 00af

Does anyone have any ideas what this is caused by?

Given how many changes have occured on my system over the years I have no idea what may be impacting ZOC today.


Applications / Re: New verssion of VLC
« on: June 09, 2019, 05:55:34 pm »
Are people not using a cmd file to start vlc? Here I use,
Code: [Select]
set BEGINLIBPATH=K:\vlc2\usr\local\lib;%BEGINLIBPATH%
vlc %1 %2 %3
which is located in K:\vlc2\usr\local\bin.

Yup, you bet I am:

Code: [Select]
SET BEGINLIBPATH=G:\apps\multimedia\vlc2\usr\local\lib;%BEGINLIBPATH%
G:\apps\multimedia\vlc2\usr\local\bin\vlc.exe %1

For my part, this became a FF issue...once the browser was down and memory released VLC was OK.

Applications / Re: New verssion of VLC
« on: June 09, 2019, 02:47:13 am »
Hmm...yeah, belly-up here as well, all I get is this:

Code: [Select]
06-08-2019  20:28:53  SYS3171  PID 01ba  TID 0001  Slot 00fe
P1=00000001  P2=0012f770  P3=XXXXXXXX  P4=XXXXXXXX 
EAX=00150160  EBX=0012f76c  ECX=001502c4  EDX=00000020
ESI=0012f7b0  EDI=0012f838 
DS=0053  DSACC=f0f3  DSLIM=ffffffff 
ES=0053  ESACC=f0f3  ESLIM=ffffffff 
FS=150b  FSACC=00f3  FSLIM=00000030
GS=0000  GSACC=****  GSLIM=********
CS:EIP=005b:1ffb9e92  CSACC=f0df  CSLIM=ffffffff
SS:ESP=0053:0014ffec  SSACC=f0f3  SSLIM=ffffffff
EBP=0015002c  FLG=00010202

DOSCALL1.DLL 0002:0000a4ec

I'll try a re-boot...FF has eaten up a boat-load of maybe that's not helping?

Internet / Re: Kompozer and/or Nvu
« on: June 08, 2019, 02:23:34 pm »
Nvu 1.0 (20050629) still works here, now Kompozer on the other hand is a slightly different story. Initially upon 1st attemp it appeared to try to start up, the main window flashed and it went away afterwards.

As Dave suggested I was guessing there is some sort of incompatibility between it and FF45.x that I'm running. I went to CLI and started the *cmd that my WPS objects points to, which is:

Code: [Select]
rem the following may only needed if another Mozilla based app is in LIBPATH
SET BEGINLIBPATH=G:\code\tools\kompozer
REM SET MOZILLA_HOME=<profile_path>

...well, strangely enough that came up fine. So what I seem to have here is KompoZer 0.8b4pre (20100331).

Further on, as I attempted to re-start it again it still flashed and went away...however, re-starting the very next time made it come up just fine. So literally on my machine here, for whatever reason, I have a repeatable cycle of:

1) 1st start - main window flashes and app dies
2) 2nd start - full app comes up
3) 3rd start - back to 1st start behaviour
4) 4th start - back to 2nd start behaviour

LOL...go figure!

Networking / Re: Samba 4.9.0 based client
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:52:49 am »

still cannot believe, please don't wake me up!

I kept trying every variation of settings in smbfs parametres, and now I've found it needed the "workgroup" specification in the Workgroup field, and nousers/nopassword in the login table.

Ahh....this is so easy to overlook...sorry I did not catch this earlier. On my network I have mapped all the static IP addresses for each machine to a hostname. The same HOSTS file has been deployed on all the networked PCs, so when I want to access my NAS box I simply point to "NAS" everywhere. This way at least I have a single source of the name to IP address mapping and if things ever change I do not have to chase around all different places to update the stuff.

In parallel to this I re-named my workgroup to "HOME".

Well, congrats...glad to hear you are up and running now!

Networking / Re: Samba 4.9.0 based client
« on: May 30, 2019, 03:45:05 am »
Logs will help us understand what's happening.

Create a file ndpsmb.dbg in the root directory of the drive where netdrive is installed. Restart ndctl (or reboot).

try and access your windows 10 share - and after, send me a copy of ndpsmb.log (not sure where this will get created on a Warp 4 install).

On my machine (Warp 4.52 install) this goes where "SET LOGFILES=" in my CONFIG.SYS points to.

Can you post the specific versions of the installed components you have?

I have been almost exclusively using NetDrive to access all of my LAN shares, that's across Linux based NAS box, Win7 and Win10 machines. It is working fine for the most part, there is an annoying problem with the shares just "going away", a NDCTL re-start usually fixes that though...never been able to pin-point what causes that issue though.

Anyways, happy to give you a rundown of what I have here:

Code: [Select]
Samba Client Versions:
File system NDFS32 Version 3.028
Plugin Vendor netlabs
Plugin Revision 3.05.0
Plugin Date/Time 3 Jan 2019 15:59:04
Plugin Build Machine ARCAOS-D0C2
Plugin Language Code en
Plugin File Version 3.5
Plugin Description NDPSMB - SMBFS NetDrive External Plugin Build 20180916
Commandline utilities Version 3.0.37-eCS 1.0.6-565
EVFSGUIVersion 2.5.RC7-[2014-11-14]

I picked up this handy dump from the EVFSGUI utility. The NetDrive itself is version

The support packages I have deployed (to specifically give NetDrive the Samba plugin functionality) are:
1) samba-client.i686 - 4.9.5-1.oc00
2) heimdal.i686 - 7.6.0-0.oc00
3) heimdal-libs.i686 - 7.6.0-0.oc00
4) ndpsmb-3_5_0-GA-20190103.wpi (which was a AN test build, maybe a GA by now?)

Web applications / Re: Browser or website problem?
« on: April 24, 2019, 05:36:28 pm »

You might have to force the re-load (including cache re-fresh), here are the shortcust:

1) Hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button


2) Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)

More details are found here =>

Applications / Re: Samba client on OS2 Warp 4.52
« on: April 24, 2019, 05:25:58 pm »
Hi mauro,

...I just saw that is a shareware, it costs 29$ to to use it,  but also read this point (below) in terms & conditions which would state a free utilization if limited to Samba plugin only, that would apply to my case, am I right?...

I was not aware of this, but that's a pretty awesome way to let folks try things out. I have used it for other access such as mapping into a ISO file, to FTP or NFS shares. So given that I was going to use it across numerous applications I just went ahead and purchased the license. For the sort of functionality it delivers I thought it was a very reasonable cost.

Try it out first and go from there!

Applications / Re: Samba client on OS2 Warp 4.52
« on: April 23, 2019, 11:59:29 pm »
Hi mauro,

Martin provided a pretty good explanation.

I have been using NetDrive for some years now. You can access various types of storage through plug-ins, in the case of Samba the NetDrive has a Samba plug-in, which in turn requires that a Samba client is present on your local machine.

In my case that allows various disks mounted across my various computers on the LAN to be visible on my local OS/2 machine, as if they were local drives. In particular though I am heavily using this functionality to access our NAS, which is really where I am pushing everyone in my household to start storing their documents.

Of course you do not neet NetDrive to use Samba client, you can do it from CLI as well, just a little more troublesome, that's all.

Hi ivan,

...Have you tried backleveling lucide to 1.3.5GA (2012-09-13) to see if that changes anything?

Thank you for that suggestion along with the confirmation this works for you. I figured that was going to be my next step if all else failed. Indeed, that release of Lucide works just fine here as well, so it may be the poppler library as Paul suggested (poppler.pentium4, 0.59.0-3.oc00 installed here), or perhaps something else?

I will log a new ticket for Gregg, hopefully he hasn't grown tired of seeing yet another defect being reported by 'yours trully' 8-P

...OT and out of curiosity what TCP/IP monitor are you using? The one I have always used stopped working when I upgraded to ArcaOS.

Well, I have been using 'PU Monitor' v2.1 (build 166) for a number of years now. It is very compact and highly customizable (field sizing, frequency of reporting, averaging over periods, etc), so it allows me to basically tailor the sampling frequency to produce a human readable and continuously updatable reporting feed. In other words, the numbers do not flash by so fast that it's impossible to tell what's going on.

I've attached a quick screen capture of where I have it overlayed on top of WarpCenter. It does have a built-in function to "dock" with WarpCenter, although I have not used that option in the past.

Logged a new Lucide ticket, please see

Hi Paul,

...The bytes to read is passed from the app to Netdrive, see

I'm guess an issue in poppler?



Yup, indeed, it must be. I took ivan's suggestion and that indeed got me to a working Lucide viewer setup.

Hi Paul,

Yes, just the ndpsmb.log that's creating from placing ndpsmb.dbg in the root of the boot drive will suffice.

Alright, so I've attached a ZIP file of two runs (separate LOGs):

1) PDF file - log.ndpsmb.test_1_pdf
2) JPG file - log.ndpsmb.test_2_image

Now, looking at these from here I pick up one major difference, the image file is showing a good chunk of successfull file read as follows:

Code: [Select]
2019/04/21 21:32:53.18: 9 2: NdpFileRead <\public\test_image.jpg> 32768 32768 0
2019/04/21 21:32:53.20: 9 2: NdpFileRead in [0x703b20], ulRead = 32768
2019/04/21 21:32:53.20: 4 2:  smbwrp_read successful, nread = 32768, ret = 0

So it looks like 32K blocks each read and subsequently my IP trafic monitor shows a pretty steady 3-4Mb read for a split second, file loads pretty quickly.

In the meantime the PDF file shows a lot of this stuff:

Code: [Select]
2019/04/21 21:12:15.95: 4 2: lseek 0 2002 1917337
2019/04/21 21:12:15.95: 9 2: NdpFileSetFilePtrL <\PUBLIC\Garage - Wayne Dalton 9602 - 9100_9600_Brochure_2.10.pdf> 2002 0 2002 0
2019/04/21 21:12:15.95: 9 2: NdpFileRead in [0x703b20], ulRead = 256
2019/04/21 21:12:15.96: 4 2:  smbwrp_read successful, nread = 256, ret = 0

...which implies that each read is literally all of 256 bytes...some are even smaller, I see stuff that's occasionally as small as 37 bytes.

Can you tell why this is happening? Maybe there is a setting in my smb.conf that's causing a problem?

Hi David,

What version of Lucide are you using?

I've got 1.41 RC_4 (2019_01_08), which I believe is the last test release that Gregg did. Not sure if that has gone to a final release.

Mail-News / Re: Security fixes for Mozilla
« on: April 19, 2019, 02:55:21 am »
Well, a re-boot later (probably should have done that to start off with, just to be sure) the browser does come up, but traps on the very last steps of loading any sites (tried several, including this forum).

Dave, I want to say this is very similar to something we hit when you built the AMD PhenomII version...does that ring any bells for you?

Mail-News / Re: Security fixes for Mozilla
« on: April 19, 2019, 02:34:53 am »
Hey Dave!

I've been experimenting with porting security fixes from tenfourfox, a Firefox fork for PowerPC Macs that was also forked from 45ESR. Currently at about 50 changesets, over a 100 security issues patched I believe. For testing I've uploaded, which also has unofficial branding instead of nightly...

So I wanted to give this drop a whirl, unpacking to a clean dir and attempting to run produced the following trap:

Code: [Select]
 Exception Report - created 2019/04/18 20:24:54
 OS2/eCS Version:  2.45
 # of Processors:  5
 Physical Memory:  3327 mb
 Virt Addr Limit:  2560 mb
 Exceptq Version:  7.11.3-shl (Jul  5 2016)
 Exception C0000005 - Access Violation
 Process:  G:\APPS\TCPIP\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE (04/13/2019 15:32:15 282,117)
 PID:      144 (324)
 TID:      01 (1)
 Slot:     AB (171)
 Priority: 200

 Module:   N/A
 Filename: N/A
 Cause:    Invalid execution address 00020CBE
 EAX : 00000008   EBX  : 0019F844   ECX : 00000002   EDX  : 0019FF4C
 ESI : 0019F948   EDI  : 18A68C54
 ESP : 0019F820   EBP  : 0019FA4C   EIP : 00020CBE   EFLG : 00010206
 CS  : 005B       CSLIM: FFFFFFFF   SS  : 0053       SSLIM: FFFFFFFF

 EAX : not a valid address
 EBX : read/write memory on this thread's stack
 ECX : not a valid address
 EDX : read/write memory on this thread's stack
 ESI : read/write memory on this thread's stack
 EDI : read/write memory at 0003:00008C54 in LIBCN0
 Stack Info for Thread 01
   Size       Base        ESP         Max         Top
 00100000   001A0000 -> 0019F820 -> 0018F000 -> 000A0000
 Call Stack
   EBP     Address    Module     Obj:Offset    Nearest Public Symbol
 --------  ---------  --------  -------------  -----------------------
 Trap  ->  00020CBE   Invalid address: 00020CBE

I've attached the full trp file below.

Did not re-boot, but the ffturbo was killed and no DLL remainder in memory.

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