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How do you join up at NetLabs? Is it just a matter of joining the site?

Have you looked at that project ( It's all laid out there.

And what if I'm a lunatic and code like a madman?  Surely there must be some type of governance or supervising committee which examines my code contributions before introducing them into the mainline?

Just because you have read access doesn't mean you can commit anything. All of the active projects (a rather small subset of the available projects) have maintainers who act as gatekeepers. I happen to have write access for one of the larger projects (XWP), and let me assure you, your good intentions alone would not be enough to persuade me to commit your contribution - it would have to meet my standards. I don't know if other maintainers are as persnickety as I am - but I would hope so.

USB, however, is a special case: unlike almost all of the other projects, it is closed source. You will have to contact one of the two maintainers to gain access.

General Discussion / Re: Problem on the PDF creation
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:50:54 am »
I use ePDF as the printer in firefox

Why bother? FF is quite capable of producing good PDF's on its own. Select "Print to file", then give the file name a '.pdf' extension.

The printer you select doesn't seem to have any effect on output quality. I've installed two dummy printers (since I don't have a real one): an HP9500 Color Laserjet PS and one that uses IBMNULL. The _only_ difference I see is that I get a small margin with the Laserjet even though I've set zero-width margins in Page Setup - the IBMNULL fills the PDF page edge-to-edge.

Applications / Re: eCo Software Runtime Packages - benefits???
« on: April 14, 2017, 02:00:21 am »
I can't comment on the eCoSoft runtime but I can tell you a bit about one of the add-ons that use it: PNG Desktop, aka Sunny Icons.

A few weeks ago, eCoSoft gave Arca Noae permission to have me create a customized version called "Dynamic Icons". Since then I've put in an enormous amount of time chasing down bugs and reworking its menus and notebook pages. I have to say that I'm extremely pleased with the results. The version I released yesterday (beta72 - sadly, only available to AN testers right now) is quite stable and, IMHO, easier to use. If you decide to install AOS when it's released, I hope you'll give it a try.

BTW... an AOS-only feature lets you turn customized icons on and off. If you install 3rd-party icons and find you don't like them, you can just turn them off and use expanded versions of the stock icons until you find a set you like.

Also, to follow up on a question that Martin asked a few months ago... It appears that XWP's Xview and PNG Desktop/Dynamic Icons are fundamentally incompatible. Sadly, most of that incompatibility is due to Xview's design. PNG Desktop was designed to support standard WPS folder windows: one folder per window with all of its settings stored as part of the folder object. In contrast, Xview displays multiple folders per window and stores its settings outside the object in os2.ini. Getting the two to mesh would probably take a lot of work.

Applications / Re: XWorkplace - Change Restart Desktop setting?
« on: January 02, 2017, 03:58:39 am »
the "Process all XWP Startup folders" setting is *not* something that gets saved - only "Close all sessions" is saved. If "Close all sessions" is on in the stored settings, both options get checked - if it's off, both are unchecked. It looks like it has always been this way.

Should I report that as a bug - and where?

It's not a bug, per se, it's a design deficiency. You can file a request for enhancement at if you wish, but setting "reboot only" on your XStartup folders would be __vastly__ faster (on the order of months or years faster).

Applications / Re: XWorkplace - Change Restart Desktop setting?
« on: December 27, 2016, 08:22:18 pm »
I am finding it does not work as you describe. After a Desktop Restart with Process all XWorkplace Startup folders Unchecked the next time that I use Restart Desktop the Process all XWorkplace Startup folders option is Checked.

I restarted my Desktop multiple times and confirmed what you report. I then looked at the code and found that the "Process all XWP Startup folders" setting is *not* something that gets saved - only "Close all sessions" is saved. If "Close all sessions" is on in the stored settings, both options get checked - if it's off, both are unchecked. It looks like it has always been this way.

Applications / Re: XWorkplace - Change Restart Desktop setting?
« on: December 27, 2016, 03:51:44 am »
Is there any way of setting the XWorkplace Restart Desktop option of Process all XWorkplace Startup folders to default to Unchecked?

I'm rather puzzled by this.  The very first time I select "Restart Desktop" from the Desktop menu after a new install, the popup window has "Close all sessions" and "Process all XWP Startup folders" checked. I uncheck both and click OK to restart it. Thereafter, these two are permanently unchecked and I never have to deal with this again. If you don't click OK and let the restart happen, your changes won't be saved. Are you finding that it doesn't work as I've described?

Applications / Re: XWP (xWorkplace) v1.0.11 - filename change behaviour...
« on: December 27, 2016, 03:33:24 am »
I discovered two separate behaviours in the most recent GA drop of XWP 1.0.11, which are different from the previous versions:

1) In the new folder 'Details' view one can no longer change a name of an object by double-cliking with the RMB. That function however remains as-is in all other views, therefore, working correctly.

Like others who responded, it would never have occurred to me to change that setting, so I tried it. I found that it works in both Icon and Tree views, whether "classic" or Xview but doesn't work in *any* Details view at all.  This is something that XWP never touches (AFAICT) so I assume that's just the way IBM designed it. If you can confirm that it _does_ work for you in standard Details view, I'll uninstall XWP and retest on an un-enhanced system.

2) The multiple-desktop (virtual) behaviour when XWP is combined with the SkyScrapper app no longer brings focus back to the Firefox windows. I previously thought this was a side-effect of another test release, but as it turns out this appears to be inherent to how the underlying XWP deals with focus changes. I am going to try to retire SkyScrapper up in haviour of the XWP's built-in virtual desktops functionality, so maybe that'll address the issue.

I never touched XPager nor did I mess with anything to do with setting focus. You may want to review your XPager settings to see if something got changed inadvertently.

Applications / Re: XWP (xWorkplace) v1.0.11 beta3 Comments
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:56:58 am »
I can not copy with drag & drop an icon from one object to another.

I think I would be the first person to notice if drag & drop didn't work :)  Still, I did a lot of testing after I read this and could not find any problem. When something so basic like this stops working, it may be time to reboot.

Defining folder in view 1/4 favotite folder, provides a link menu to that folder that fails

The problem is that the favorite-folder, if I select it from the right mouse, displays the contents of the folder, and if it is a program opens it, and if it is another folder shows its contents.
The program would not have to execute anything.

Skip much where it is selected, the menu, according to the corner of the screen, and the contents of the folder.

I have spent several days trying to understand your posting - and I still have no idea what is wrong. I even uninstalled XWP-Lite and installed the full version so I could do some testing. Everything worked exactly as I expected.

Are you trying to say that a right-click on the _name_ of the favorite folder doesn't open it? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it is supposed to do that - it is only supposed to show you a menu with the contents of that folder.

Applications / Re: XWP (xWorkplace) v1.0.11 beta3 Comments
« on: November 29, 2016, 04:16:51 am »
Think I found a bug with splitview, can someone else try this.
Open up a folder with splitview enabled.
Try to copy/move  anoterh folder, the folder with splitview does not show in the  dialog.

From the "OS/2 Developers" mailing list:

On Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:20:25 +1100, Peter Moylan wrote:

>here's a bug in Split View.
>Open any folder in split view. Right click on a file and select "Copy".
>The list of folders that pops up does not include the one you're
>copying from.

Deep in the undocumented bowels of the WPS lies code with no
public interface that appears to limit this listing to views it knows
about (icon/tree/details). As such, I'd have to categorize this one
as "can't fix (except by dumb luck)".

Rich Walsh

Applications / Re: XWP (xWorkplace) v1.0.11 beta3 Comments
« on: November 25, 2016, 06:59:26 pm »
A few comments... but first an apology:

If you tried to installed XWP-Lite, it failed to create any XWP objects. Sorry 'bout that! The problem lies in 'install\instl001.cmd'. The REXX function 'RemoveUnsupportedFeatures' is missing its 'return' statement. Add it, rerun the script, then restart the Desktop.

As to Object Desktop: I have "the good parts" of v1.5 installed but not its folder enhancements. As many times as I've installed XWP on top of it, I've never had any problems. I can only hope that Greggory's problem was a one-time occurrence.

Finally, Sunny Icons... Martin, here are some answers to the questions you emailed me.

My _guess_ is that Sunny Icons just doesn't recognize the files window (on the right) as a WPS folder window, so it doesn't try to draw the icons itself. Xview doesn't get involved in how things are displayed in that window, so it isn't interfering with Sunny Icons.

OTOH, I could see where Sunny Icons might interfere with Xview. The screen shot of its menu shows a lot of options that Xview handles itself _and_ handles in a way that S.I. is unlikely to understand. Even if they work, they probably wouldn't get saved.

I'm sure that Sunny Icons and Xview can be made compatible, but most of the work will have to be done by eCoSoft or whomever maintains it these days.

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