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I did more test during my last updates and found an interresting thing...
When putting the MMRE driver before the FXWRAP (injoy firewall) driver, the speed increases a lot.
For those using IJFW, I suggest them having the FXWRAP device after the network device like :

After doing this, the speed is mutch better (34Mbps) and stopping the IJFW server, the speed goes up to 56Mbps now...   
Hardware / Canon TS 9000 printers
« Last post by Greg Pringle on Today at 03:47:30 pm »
So far I am  unable to print with a Canon TS9120

I see the latest Gutenprint 5.2.14 lists Canon TS 9000 series printing as experimental.

Has anyone had this working for OS/2 ?
Internet / Re: Security Certs
« Last post by Dave Yeo on Today at 02:19:22 am » should have zips of all the needed DLLs.
For the hell of it, I might try recompiling FF17 tonight just to see if it will compile with GCC 4.92 and link against the RPM installed NSS. Be interesting how fast it builds, the latest takes a good 3 hours with my current 2.4Ghz quad core C2D.

Just as a off topic and personal comment about this; I found interesting the kernel of the Fuchsia project, this kernel is called Zircon. Even that I have my limitations understanding a low level kernel It catches my attention that there is a new open source kernel that is built with a microkernel architecture.

Maybe the world needs an open and successful microkernel that can compete with Linux. Who knows?

There is this news on Slashdot:

A day after the European Commission fined Google over Android, more details about Fuchsia, a new operating system the company has been working on for several years has emerged. From the report:

But members of the Fuchsia team have discussed a grander plan that is being reported here for the first time: Creating a single operating system capable of running all the company's in-house gadgets, like Pixel phones and smart speakers, as well as third-party devices that now rely on Android and another system called Chrome OS, according to people familiar with the conversations. According to one of the people, engineers have said they want to embed Fuchsia on connected home devices, such as voice-controlled speakers, within three years, then move on to larger machines such as laptops. Ultimately the team aspires to swap in their system for Android, the software that powers more than three quarters of the world's smartphones, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing internal matters. The aim is for this to happen in the next half decade, one person said.

But Pichai and Hiroshi Lockheimer, his deputy who runs Android and Chrome, have yet to sign off on any road map for Fuchsia, these people said. The executives have to move gingerly on any plan to overhaul Android because the software supports dozens of hardware partners, thousands of developers -- and billions of mobile-ad dollars. [...] Still, Fuchsia is more than a basement skunkworks effort. Pichai has voiced his support for the project internally, said people familiar with the effort. Fuchsia now has more than 100 people working on it, including venerated software staff such as Matias Duarte, a design executive who led several pioneering projects at Google and elsewhere. Duarte is only working part-time on the project, said one person familiar with the company.

Marketplace / Re: Books: Business Application Software for the IBM PC.
« Last post by JON on July 19, 2018, 09:58:41 pm »
Great Idea, if they don't sell I will walk them over to the Salvation Army as I don't drive any more... Thanks so much for your reponse. Take Care!
Internet / Re: Security Certs
« Last post by ivan on July 19, 2018, 09:26:59 pm »
Thanks Dave, that was what I was afraid of.  Now I suppose I will have to experiment with one of the newer builds and see if I can find the magic incantation, or a zip file with all the necessary extraneous dlls that seem to be necessary with the newer builds. I suppose that is what retirement is for, though it would help if the maintainers put together a compliation of the actual dlls they use (not a list of rpms which may or may not work) to run their build.

In passing I must thank you for your 17.0.11 esr build that has worked so well for so long.
General Discussion / Re: Display issue !
« Last post by ivan on July 19, 2018, 09:17:00 pm »
Strange SNAP works very well with my 28inch 1920x1200 (16x10) monitor on all my AMD multi core processors with integrated graphics (AMD A10-9700 and AMD Sempron 3850 but I haven't tried it with the Ryzen 3 2200G because that is still an experimental build).

Since you are using an Intel processor have you considered the effect the bug ridden Intel Management Engine might have ?
Internet / Re: Security Certs
« Last post by Dave Yeo on July 19, 2018, 05:46:02 pm »
I don't think so without recompiling and linking against the system NSS (and NSPR) library and I'm not sure if that is possible.
You could try replacing cert8.db in your profile with one from a newer Firefox. Make sure you back up your profile first. Unluckily I don't think that'll help with the root certificates and I'm not even sure if FF17 can support the newer security features out of the box.
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