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Hello Ivan
It's lucky to arrive for a few days on vacation and find the solution to the problem.
 My case was a little different, but the solution has been the same.
After restoring the system, the ndfs program log said that the smbcli49.dll was missing, when I had the smbcli47.dll
Thank you all
Utilities / Re: DB2 WIN-OS2 ODBC and ReportSmith
« Last post by Sean Casey on Today at 08:38:50 am »
I'll need to take closer look at the personal and even the developer versions to see if they can support remote network connections.  I assumed these were restricted to using only the loopback address.  I like to keep all my data/files/home directory on a (Warp) server separate from my varied client machines. 

v6 DB2 using the v2 CAE from Win-OS2 is working perfectly.  I'm now thrilled I can use ReportSmith with DB2, the final missing piece.  I prefer RS over Approach, Crystal and InfoMaker which are all fine and also easy to use, just not my preference. 
Utilities / Re: DB2 WIN-OS2 ODBC and ReportSmith
« Last post by Doug Clark on Today at 05:34:37 am »
  I don't have v7 DB2 for OS/2 (still looking), but I will be installing IBM's Small Business Suite for Linux which includes DB2 v7.1. .


I am surprised you don't have version 7. IBM has made available a free version of DB2 since version 5 - it was called (in version 5, 6 and 7) Personal Edition.  IBM still provides a free version of DB2 (although not for OS/2), as does Oracle and Microsoft and I think Sybase. It isn't called personal edition anymore but it is a complete version and its only limitation (if I remember correctly) is in the size of the database.  What you don't get in any of the free versions is support - but that it to be expected.

I will find my copy in the (agh) basement and look again at the copyright stuff. But if it was free then, and they still release a free version, I don't see why it can't be posted on Hobbes. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

I'm having some issues with the Joomla script on this site with the registration and the password reset.
I had tried a few things and I'm not sure I can fix it on the short term, I'm trying to migrate everything to Joomla 3 and hopefully solve this issue.

Can you try with the computer that you have your password to login on the main site ( and check "Your Profile" ( and try to "Edit your profile". Give it a try if you have access there to change your password.

General Discussion / Re: Getting a new password for this forum...
« Last post by Dave Yeo on August 19, 2019, 09:54:44 pm »
Assuming you're using SeaMonkey or Firefox, can you use the password manager (under tools) to show your password?
General Discussion / Getting a new password for this forum...
« Last post by Tuure Linden on August 19, 2019, 09:28:32 pm »
I have a problem with my user account because I've forgot my password.

I'm currently logged in on my T60 and that's why I'm able to post here. But having forgot my password I can't login from elsewhere. When I try to reset my password byt choosing "I forgot my password" option I won't get a password reset link to my email. Is there something wrong with the forum's configuration or is my email service provider blocking the messages? And if so, are there any other ways to reset my password?
Utilities / Re: DB2 WIN-OS2 ODBC and ReportSmith
« Last post by Sean Casey on August 19, 2019, 09:00:56 pm »
Doug, I owe you another beer. 

I had given up getting ReportSmith to work w. DB2 after many attempts.  Unlike other ODBC data sources, Borland's documentation stated a DB2 gateway (OmniSQL MicroDecsionware, Gupta) was required to interface ReportSmith with DB2. 

Your ODBC on OS/2 articles are fabulous and have been my go-to source to get ODBC properly configured.   It would be nice to see you publish more in the future!

I had attempted to use the Win16 v5.2 CAE with DB2 6.1 with poor results, but I have had great success using the v2 CAE.  I don't have v7 DB2 for OS/2 (still looking), but I will be installing IBM's Small Business Suite for Linux which includes DB2 v7.1.  Once set up, I'll try your CLP trick and see if I have better results using the v5.2 CAE in Win-OS2.  IBM's DB2 v7 software announcement 201-128 discusses v7 server connectivity with 5.2 and 6.1 DB2 products and is silent on v2, so the v5.2 CAE will be my only option if I use a v7 server.  The v6.1 server running on Warp Server has been working great for my needs.
Applications / Re: David's Doodles
« Last post by David Graser on August 19, 2019, 08:24:40 pm »
That is what happens when one has doodles scattered over several partitions and thumb drives.  :)
Programming / GetLANIPs in Rexx
« Last post by Jan-Erik Lärka on August 19, 2019, 07:10:45 pm »
This code detect available IP-numbers in the LAN...
Code: [Select]
   !_host_!.0 = 0
   DO !_i_! = 1 TO !_host_!.0
      !_host_!.!_addr = !_host_!.!_i_!.!_addr
      CALL SockGetHostByAddr !_host_!.!_addr, '!_host_!.!_'
      PARSE VALUE RxClamDScan( 'zVERSION' ) WITH ...
... and yes, it's possible to use a rexx only procedure to scan files with a clam server using the newer calling method starting with the letter z.
Code: [Select]
   !_lan_! = RXQUEUE( 'Create', 'GETLANIP' )
   CALL RXQUEUE 'Set', !_lan_!
   '@ping 56 1 2>>&1|RXQUEUE '!_lan_!
   !_i_! = 1
      PARSE VALUE LINEIN( 'QUEUE:' ) WITH '64' . . !_host_!.!_i_!.!_addr':'.
      !_dot_! = POS( '.', !_host_!.!_i_!.!_addr )
      IF 0 < !_i_! THEN
      DO !_j_! = 2 TO 3
         !_dot_! = POS( '.', !_host_!.!_i_!.!_addr, !_dot_! + 1 )
         IF 0 = !_dot_! THEN !_j_! = 4
      IF 0 < !_dot_! THEN !_i_! = !_i_! + 1
   !_host_!.0 = !_i_! - 1

Article Discussions / Re: Qt 5 Base for OS/2
« Last post by Jochen Schäfer on August 19, 2019, 05:19:14 pm »
Yes, I know. My daily work is trying to reproducing claims of misbehaving software.
I will try to reproduce the issue.
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