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Internet / Seamonkey UserAgent String
« on: October 30, 2018, 10:21:33 am »
I've been trying to change the useragent string in Seamonkey (Dave's build of 2.42.9esr/rv45.9) but it won't stay changed. When I close and reopen SM, it reverts to the "correct" string.

I installed "User Agent Switcher", imported a list of current strings, then tried it and found this problem. I've also tried editing 'prefs.js' directly (with SM closed), as well as changing "browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone" and "gecko.mstone". In every case, a restart restores all 3 entries to their original values. I'm not setting the new string to anything extraordinary: I'm just changing the existing OS/2 SM string to SM 2.46/rv49.0. Any ideas?

FWIW... I got started on this because I can no longer access my Google Voice page. This was previously the single-worst page I've ever encountered and could bring my system to a halt for minutes at a time. Now I just get its "waiting spinner" until it says it's done, but nothing is displayed. Strangely, the failure started shortly after I answered a brief survey and said I had to use the legacy version of the page because the current version has too much javascript. Now, I can't access either one.

Applications / XWP v1.0.12 Beta 1
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:28:16 pm »

I'm pleased to announce the first beta for XWorkplace v1.0.12.

Beta 1 is available in five languages and two versions:
- "Full", the standard full-featured build
- "Lite", similar to eWorkplace and ArcaOS Desktop

Portions of this update have been underwritten by Arca Noae, LLC.






Updates and Fixes

XCenter AutoOpen:
- XCenter will now open automatically at startup and after a Desktop
  restart - an icon in the Startup folder is no longer needed. This
  feature can be disabled in the XCenter's properties.

Details view:
- third-party WPS dlls built using the Open Watcom compiler could cause
  the Size field in Details view to be misformatted. XWP now checks for
  the error condition they cause and corrects it.

Class List:
- added descriptive entries for previously undocumented classes and
  updated existing descriptions. [from Lewis Rosenthal]

Trap log:
- added a new section to identify which exception handler caught the
  trap; updated other sections

- fixed trap at startup if XWP's list of Startup folders included
  invalid objects

- simplified the "Worker" thread code; removed obsolete thread priority
  setting from the XWP Setup notebook

- revised the Options menu; added a "Compact" option for Details view
- fixed an exception when files were rendered after a drop operation
- improved error-checking and exception handling.

Build system:
- made several changes to reduce the shared-memory usage of XWP's dlls;
  one of these also eliminated the need for translators to use a C
  compiler to build NLS dlls
- removed a misguided optimization which could cause third-party
  XCenter widget dlls to be 8-10 times larger than needed
- for XWP-Lite builds, suppressed Help file references to features
  that are not included.


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