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loads lots of songs onto that.. and finally in the car, the entertainment system (linux) cannot read the damn stick..

Googling (or duckduckgo'in) around he finds that exfat is the culprit and the damn MS operating system "does not work with my radio".

I would love to see a car manufacturer to solve this the MS way. When inserting an EXFAT stick - reformat automatically to something else :-)

I didn't get errors. The messages are silently disappeared or to be more precise they did not show up. I tried with my email client (Seamonkey) but also via Web-Interface from my google account. Google still has my message in the sent folder. No error returned.

Maybe your right. I couldn't find out the moderators name and email to get in contact with him. But have to say I don't like this web front end for google groups. I think I saw a nickname which I believe is a guy in Italy before I unsubscribed. Can't find it anymore. So maybe I'm wrong here.

OTOH I'm a user of this group since many many years. Honestly I can't remember if I only lurked around there or ever posted something before.

As messages to this group are censored and silently deleted don't use this group (

Anyone knows a serious place where to discuss Apache for OS/2 topics without censorship?

You can easily bring the upper shared memory down with Seamonkey and I think some javascripts. When I work on some wiki sites (Atlassian Confluence) it only needs a few tabs open and you have to have an eye on upper shared memory as it is all eaten up very fast. Even VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT=2560 does not help very much here.

Utilities / Re: MeShell commandline frontend timetable
« on: June 21, 2020, 11:04:42 am »
David, this is a version build from the current sources from perforce. It includes the fixes which were done over the last years mostly by Steven. I think the version included with ArcaOS was build from the same sources. When I set up a git repository for 4os2 at I also uploaded this packages (zip and wpi) at netlabs. None of the changes Martin desires for MeShell are included there.

Applications / Re: OS/4 (non technical issues)
« on: June 18, 2020, 06:13:17 pm »
Is there any evidence that AN prohibits the drivers to run on OS/4 kernel on purpose? Or is this just a side effect cause OS/4 kernel is not as compatible as it should be?

Guess OS/4 kernel developers have to debug the reason to shed some light on this.

Utilities / Re: MeShell commandline frontend timetable
« on: May 22, 2020, 04:46:32 pm »
Hi All

Yes, Andi, those are the settings in use for news.gmane and, like Dave, all I ever see is a response that tells me connection timed out.

Why would news.gmane work for some people but give a "connection timed out" to others?


Sorry you're right. gmane newsgroups don't work here anymore too. Just tested and it timed out. Previously I though it works cause usually all my newsgroups are read at startup and I did not get any error message.

Utilities / Re: MeShell commandline frontend timetable
« on: May 21, 2020, 04:28:09 pm »
I read netlabs groups via Seamonkey newsreader since ages. Guess every news reader will handle it. NNTP, server name -, port 119

Utilities / Re: MeShell commandline frontend timetable
« on: May 21, 2020, 01:22:08 pm »
.....At the moment, it is not possible to register at netlabs, I contacted Adrian already. Can someone tell me a current developer of 4os2? Then I try to get contact with E-Mail. Or another person could send a ticket after I have sent him my informations.
Adrian regularly reads the newsgroup -

I would say there is no current developer for 4os2. As you can see here - - over the last years Steven fixed some tickets and packed the latest packages together. The last major improvements were made by me about 10 years ago. Including making the netlabs project pages and writing down all infos about here - And no, sorry, there is no list of special 4os2 commands in the sources which would help you. At least I didn't find such when I looked at it a few days ago triggered by your discussions here and at

If you found a bug in 4os2 and urgently want to create a ticket for it you can post it here. If it is that urgent that you can't wait on Adrians response for your own netlabs user data I can copy it over. But as said above, when you want to look at the sources you have to use p4 to check out from or use the web interface there.

A few days ago I started again the discussion about transferring 4os2 sources to a more modern version control system and place it at f.i. Or at But given the (no) response it seems no one cares about. 

Programming / Re: Git : SVN plugin
« on: May 12, 2020, 04:36:33 pm »
Triggered by this discussion I tested (again) SmartSVN7 with a real big software project. It started to convert the local repository but didn't finish. It took a while until I discovered that my data partition with all my programming projects run out of free space and that's the reason SmartSVN couldn't complete the conversion.

After freeing some space I now know (again) the real reason why I stood with SmartSVN6 since years - my license is only valid up to version 6 :-( Now I've a only partially converted big, and I mean real big, project which I can not handle fully with SmartSVN7 (the PRO features are disabled) and I can't handle it anymore with SmartSVN6 cause it complains about directories which are under control of a newer SVN version :-(

Time to check my backups.

Sorry for being off topic - just a reminder, sometimes there are good reasons to stay with good old proven software instead playing with new one.

Programming / Re: Git : SVN plugin
« on: May 11, 2020, 07:30:06 pm »
I've no experience with SmartSVN, because I don't like the overhead of a JAVA app (shared mem). svn.exe suffices for me.
As always with GUI programs compared to command line utilities you do not have to remember all the command line switches. Moreover the built in compare and merge utility makes it worth to use such GUI tool. As we don't have something similar to Tortoise SVN/GIT the best options for people who prefer a GUI for such tasks are SmartSVN and SmartGit on our platform TTBOMK. And I've to say these two work quite stable here with since years.

Thanks for your explanations about svn versions. I always thought if a repository is upgraded once you can't go easily back. That's the reason why I stay with SmartSVN6.6. Maybe I should start using SmartSVN7.0.7 now.

Programming / Re: Git : SVN plugin
« on: May 11, 2020, 04:59:15 pm »
IIRC correctly if you check in with 1.7 you can't check out with 1.6 anymore. Think you can't use our SmartSVN afterwards too. Maybe I'm totally wrong here and someone else knows the details.

Programming / Re: A clock in WPS - Educational Project
« on: May 08, 2020, 12:08:33 pm »
Have you looked at URE - Universal Ressource Editor? Should be on hobbes. But aren't the option already listed on edm2?

Applications / Re: OpenOffice 4.1.7 gives error on startup
« on: May 04, 2020, 02:37:23 pm »
libvpx ! ?

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