Author Topic: VirtualBox v5.0.51 Testing  (Read 3919 times)

Dariusz Piatkowski

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Re: VirtualBox v5.0.51 Testing
« Reply #75 on: May 21, 2018, 04:04:11 pm »
Hey Doug,

...The trap happens every morning when I first boot up, but sometimes also happens on reboot during the day...

Sorry if I missed it in one of the previous thread posts, but what module are you trapping in?

I'm asking because I had something similar happen to me when experimenting with the SNAP and Panorama drivers. I was switching between them (somewhat of a re-install, but not a clean 'by-the-book' one) and ended up trapping right during a re-boot. Took me a while to research but I ultimately tracked this one down to a config file (the name of course escapes me now, but I probably have it somewhere in my notes).

Soo...I'm hoping that your module name may ring a bell here?

Doug Clark

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Re: VirtualBox v5.0.51 Testing
« Reply #76 on: May 22, 2018, 06:15:34 am »

I was trapping in OS2KRNL.

I submitted a bug report and got a response and a fix from ArcaNoae on Sat.

The short version is

"The trap is occurring when PM is attempting to load LEDPANEL.FON which is
installed by PMDCALC.WPI.  The font file itself is OK, but it exposes a defect
in _ldrGetMte..."

So far the fix has been working.

Andi B.

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Re: VirtualBox v5.0.51 Testing
« Reply #77 on: August 05, 2018, 12:12:16 pm »
> It seems "enable VT-x / AMD-V" are enabled by default in the settings. I was not sure about that previously in my posts to Valery in the thread "VirtualBox Problems" as the original VM I had created (Windows XP) was done under Windows 7 and Windows VirtualBox v5.0.22, so I wasn't sure if I had fiddled with the settings at some point.

No, I just created the new VM from scratch, VT-x/AMD-V is disabled. In any case, disable it if it enabled, for some weird reason (unless you have one of the latest OS/4 kernels).
I came over this again as I set up a new VM with a FreeBSD image. VT-x/AMD-V was enabled here. This is with v5.0.6_OSEr143. A slightly newer version as the official linked at

I know this thread is about v5.0.51 but I think VBOX for OS/2 lacks some update on the official wiki page (and the included readme). Although I'm running some VMs inside VBOX I didn't remember the proper settings anymore. Valery please update the wiki page. Especially the necessary/recommended settings for VT-x, IO-APIC, PAE/NX, preferred network mode (which one works reliable), best network adapter setting (I read somewhere some Intel server card should be choosen), ... Of course settings for ArcaOS/eCS are needed. Special instructions for unofficial kernels may need an own paragraph. It's really hard to read all postings to find them out. At least a link at to the current (updated) readme would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Valery Sedletski

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Re: VirtualBox v5.0.51 Testing
« Reply #78 on: August 05, 2018, 04:06:42 pm »
2Andi B.:

v.5.0.51 is an unofficial leaked version (though, it works quite well). I uploaded it for someone for testing purposes. So, it is not listed on wiki page and it does not include README. README is a bit updated, but not significantly, so a README from latest official version can be used. The current README is always located in the SVN repository in sources: (note that SVN trunk is a bit newer version, not yet working and not yet released).

VT-x/AMD-V can be enabled in newly created VM if your system supports hardware virtualization. Though, if it is not the OS/4 kernel, hardware virtualization will not work and the VM will likely panic, if you enabled it. So, if you don't have the OS/4 kernel or your system does not sipport VT-x/AMD-V (like my main system, I have Athlon 64, single core Socket 939 without AMD-V), you should disable it too. You simply need to uncheck the checkbox AMD-V/VT-x. PAE/NX can be checked, it should always work, and doesn't caause VM to crash. IO-APIC is recommended to be disabled for WinXP guest. Otherwise, it may be useful in some cases (depends on a guest OS). NIC depends on guest OS too (for OS/2 guest this may be Intel 1000/Pro MT, as well as AMD PCNet). The only network sharing mode working is simple NAT. TAP driver is currently broken. OS/4 kernel is needed for hardware virtualization support. Note that the official version avaiable for download from the wiki page, does not include hardware virtualization. Unofficial v.5.0.51 supports it. Nothing special is needed. Just enable AMD-V/VT-x in BIOS and in VBox settings. Otherwise, these two versions should be the same.

OK, I'll try to update the wiki. I thought it is evident thing that hardware virtualization is unsupported on IBM's kernels. As it never worked on them and it lacks the "CPU rendez-vous" feature which alows to run code on all CPU cores in parallel. This is essential for enabling AMD-V/VT-x. So, it is experimental feature with OS/4 kernels. Of course, VBox enables it if it finds that it is enabled in BIOS and it is supported by your prosessor. But it cannot check which kernel you have installed.

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