Author Topic: Perfect computing system layout, these days?  (Read 2576 times)


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Perfect computing system layout, these days?
« on: January 13, 2023, 06:02:26 pm »
For mine, due to advancements in technology that have enabled the magic, it is:

1. a beefy desktop PC (DT):
  - it doesn't move, it sits near my layout desk, which only has KVM on top.
  - it's DIY, so min i7, 32gb ram, ssd's, usb throughout
  - it runs the multi-VM strategy (Host-OS, virtualization layer, many VM's)
  - there's other stuff on the table ... electronic projects, current reading, etc. ... hey, it's an 8' door or layout space! stuff expands to fill ...

2. a beefy laptop (LT):
  - same beefy stuff as DT (only I didn't build it, but I'm keeping an eye on DIY laptop offerings)
  - same multi-VM strategy
  - this sits with me on the couch, in the morning, while the coffee is still feeding in (intravenously) ... there's no way I can operate the vastness of the layout table and its contents yet, but I *can* manage to open the LT lid and resume where I left off from yesterday.

3. the "NAS" ...
  - this is the Synology NAS box; disks, ram, and Synology OS, which BTW, does virtualization as well
  - while I'm still waiting for the coffee to kick in, the NAS has been busy doing tons of stuff in the background. I'm not smart enough (or awake enough) to do these on a regular basis, but I was at least smart enough to get the NAS to do it all.

And that's about it ... two systems & the NAS, whereas before I had dozens, in various states of production, assembly/disassembly, and "thinking about it" piles. I still have a lot of those piles, they've just moved out into long-term storage, awaiting their fate (resurrection in some other project, or extinction in the form of recycling).

I won't even list the books, which have mostly been replaced with digital copies, and the originals also sit out in long-term storage, awaiting their fate. At least here, I hope they will be resurrected one day to fancy bookshelves in a library room with the wooden "ladder" that hangs off of, and rolls around, to all the walls.

Where I see advantages to this recent turn of events, as technology allows simplification down to a few specific machines (or books), others might see only disadvantages. Who doesn't love the smell of 20- or 30-y.o. electronics cooking off, when the power switch is hit.

So, I stagger to the couch and get the laptop open for morning work, or I stagger to the bench area at some point, and switch to the single desktop system for daily work. In both cases, VM's are at the ready. If I have to go on the road, the LT comes with me, and the multi-VM strategy does as well.

OS/2 is in there, and in no way do I see it fading away ... rather, it is enabled by all this technology to keep doing things in its special, OO way. It only takes my imagination, which opens the door for OS/2 ... it does the rest.

Others ... what are you doing?

I will only assume there is some amount of staggering about ...