Author Topic: GCC for eCS: Pecularities re malloc, memcpy, and free with C structures ?  (Read 5044 times)


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I am just trying to port C code to eCS implementing binary trees, that has run smoothly even in stress
tests with Valgrind - a memory leak checker for Linux and Mac OS X - being plugged in.

Tomorrow, one of our best C programmers at my company will check my code for errors. However,
since the crashes in eCS diminished significantly - but not vanished - when not memcpy'ing C structures
into other C structures, by just using assignment statements instead: is there anything special with memory
management in eCS ?  The errors happen when removing a large number of nodes from the tree, `only`.

I just read a non-eCS related comment on StackOverflow saying that using assignments instead of
memcpy could confuse the system if the structure to be copied resided on the internal C heap.

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