Author Topic: OpenSSL at LinuxCon-Europe in Düsseldorf October 13-15  (Read 8979 times)

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OpenSSL at LinuxCon-Europe in Düsseldorf October 13-15
« on: October 12, 2014, 07:22:17 am »
I thought this might be of interest, in case anyone might be near Düsseldorf next week.

You may recall that I joined the OpenSSL users mailing list to voice our collective concerns about the proposal to drop OS/2 from the list of supported platforms. It might be nice for someone to go and at least touch base with the OpenSSL group to let them know live and in person that we're still alive and kicking around here in OS/2-land.

Quote from: Rich Salz, of OpenSSL fame
Most of the OpenSSL development team will be at LinuxCon in Düsseldorf next week. We’ll have some kind of BoF or public session. But feel free to also look for me (and probably others) directly.

We would like to thank the Linux Foundation for their generous financial support that made this historic first meeting possible.

More information on LinuxCon may be found here.

Cheers/2, and don't forget that it's not too late to register for Warpstock USA October 24-26! Check out all of the great stuff we have planned for this year's event on the Warpstock website.
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