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This is a list of all the OS/2-eCS open source games you can find. You can use the source code under the terms of each of their open source license. You can use them to improve the game or possible make a derivate game from it.

 So check them out and chip in:

Action Games

[Alien Blaster - C]
[Asteroids - C]
[BallsBall - C]
[Barrage - C]
[Dave Gnukem - C]
[Doom for OS/2 - C]
[Dodgin' Diamond II - C]
[Drift - C]
[Formido - C]
[Hexen/2 - C]
[Jump n' Bump - C]
[Kobo Deluxe - C]
[lBreakout 2 - C]
[Makman/2 - C++]
[Meteor - REXX]
[Qix - Pascal]
[Quake - C]
[Quake 2 for OS/2 - C]
[QuakeWorld - C]
[Rock Dodger / Space Rocks]
[Roll Ball - C]
[SDLInvaders - C]
[SDLRoids - C]
[SDLZombies - C]
[Tunnel Wars]
[xGalaga for XFree86-OS/2 - C]
[xInvaders for XFree86-OS2 - C]
[xkobo for XFree86-OS2 - C]
[Xoids for XFree86-OS2 - C]

Adventure Games
[Abe's Amazing Adventure - C]
[Adventure - C]
[Angband - C]
[DinKum - C]
[Dungeon - Zork I]
[Gross/2 - C]
[Losing Your Grip - C]
[Omega - C]
[Trek - C]
[XRick - C ]
Board Games
[Checkers - C]
[FIBS - C]
[GNU Chess - C]
[Gomoku - C]
[Othello - C]
[Wheel of Fortune]

[DiveRace - Pascal]
[Flying for XFree86-OS2]
[Racer - C]

Cards/Dice Games

[Cribbage - Pascal]
[The Compulsive Gambler's Toolkit - C & C++]
[Goran's Lotto]
[Milestone - Pascal]
[Kniffel - V-Rexx]
[TwentyOne - Pascal]
[xSkat for XFree86-OS2 - C] 

Strategy Games

[2Pong - C]
[Elan - C]
[Fly8 - C]
[FreeCiv for xFree86-OS2]
[LinCity for xFree86-OS2]
[Sim Blob - C++]
[Tower Toppler - C]
[ZeroPoint - C++]    

[Boggle Game]
[Game of Numbers - C++]
[PM Equator - C]
[Slackware Hangman]
[TuxPaint - C]
[Type Fast - C]
[Alizarin Tetris- C]
[Bastisoft Tetris - Pascal]
[Enigma - C]
[HalfWorm - C]
[HTetris - C]
[Jeu De Taquin - C]
[JigSaw - C]
[Kaboooom - Pascal]
[Lines/2 - Pascal]
[Lites Out! - C++]
[Mine/2 - C]
[Mine Sweeper/2 - C]
[PM Maze]
[PM Robots - C]
[Ribble - C++]
[Snakeme - C]
[STris - C]
[Tetris/2 - C]
[Tiles World - C]

[BirdMan - C]




At the OS2World.com Gaming Site we encourage to use OSI approved open source license.

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Name Version Date Download Comments
SDL 20051222 2005/12/22 918 KB SDL Graphic Libraries ported to OS/2-eCS by Doodle.
Libc - GCC 0.6 2005/11/24 3.8 MB This file includes several C libraries based on GCC compiler. It contains file like Lib06.dll, Libc04.dll, libc05.dll.
EMX for OS/2 0.9d + fix 4 2001/03/31 550 KB - Runtime

Download Full enviroment

This are some Libraries required to run XFree86 !!!

The runtime library is "emxrt.zip"

Read the Instructions.

XFree86 for OS/2 4.4.0 2004/03/2 Download
(Size depends on luck)

"For the unknowleged person: this is not just yet another program, it is an entire window management environment, that usually runs in Unix environments; we are talking about 100MB of source code, much of which highly hardware dependent, e.g. the X Servers which access the video hardware of the PC directly. "

Don't forget to read the instructions !

GAMES DLL     924 KB  
VX REXX Runtime DLL 2.1 1995/02/23 393 KB Latest version of VROBJ.DLL, required to run programs written in VX REXX


Name Version Date Download Comments
Scitech SNAP Video Drivers (Shareware) 3.1.6 beta 2006/04/16 12 MB Some games that requires MGL libraries require this drivers. They are only available commercially or with eComStation.
IBM GRADD 0.97 2003/06/26 4.3MB This are the IBM standard video drivers for OS/2. It is better to try first the newer "IBM Special Edition ­ SciTech suite of drivers". If those don't work for you use the normal IBM GRADD one.
IBM Joystick Driver ? 1996/06/11 13.1KB A really old IBM joystick base drivers for OS/2. Don't waist your time on it, use the "Enhanced Joystick Drivers"
Enhanced Joystick Drivers 0.2 - Xmas Edition 1999/12/24 26.8KB Developed by Vesa Jääskeläinen . This guy is the winner of the MAME Runner contest for making new OS/2 joystick Drivers.
Enhanced Version of Gamedd.sys (Joystick) ? 2002/02/10 43.7KB Developed by J Da Silva. He is updating hisdrivers constantly. He was also on the Mame Runner contest.
Gameprt2 1.2 2000/07/01 31KB

"GAMEPRT2.SYS is an OS2 joystick interface driver. It is an updated version of GAMEPORT.SYS."

It's also developed by J Da Silva and contains some source code.

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Windows 3.1 (16bits) Games Settings

This are the reported games to run under Win-OS2 sessions: 

Buried in Time: The Journeyman Project 2, by Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
Works fine with no modifications (will not work in a seamless WINOS/2 session). [Information provided by Craig Miller]

Civilization II (officially known as Sid Meier's Civilization II), by Microprose
Reported to run fine in a Win/OS2 session; be sure to install sound support (install it directly from the OS/2 Warp CD DevicePak). [Information provided byOrang Keren]

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, by Koei Runs fine under Win/OS2 session; be sure that your settings specify 256 colors. [Information provided by Orang Keren]

SimCity, by Maxis Works fine in a full WINOS/2 session. [Information provided by Craig Miller]

SimTower, by Maxis Works fine in a full WINOS/2 session or in a seamless WINOS/2 session. [Information provided by Craig Miller]

...OS/2 and eComStation GAMES !!!

What else can I say ?


This site has some simple objectives, try to make old (unsupported) OS/2 shareware games freeware and OpenSource. And support all the newer OS/2 games that are on the market this days.

If you know a game developer of an old or unsupported OS/2 game, let me know if he is interested on making it freeware or Opening the source of it so another developer can continued the project or learn from the code.


Webmaster: Martin Iturbide

Content: Glenn Montgomery

  • Content:  Chris Syntichakis


We will like to thank:

Marty Amodeo for their Odin Reviews

K3’s Favorite OS/2 Shareware for some games reviews and pictures

Kim Haverblad, for Hosting this web page on OS2world.com and the new Mambo Script

To Aldo Barba (Mambo Soft) that help me with the design

To the developers that had made his games OpenSource

everybody that help building up this site

...and everyone that's is supporting the OS/2 Community.

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ANY game was started/played using the DOSGAMES.set configuration.
You may import this configuration to a MDOS-Object.

There is also available a DOSBox port for OS/2 and eComStation that you can use to test DOS games under OS/2. You can get the OS/2-eCS version from Josh web site.  

If a patch/TSR is required, it's listed after the gamename in brackets.
Normally sound works, when using soundblaster card in computer.

Working OS/2-DOS Session Games

  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Bio Menace
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Blood (soundblaster gives exception...bug in VDM)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Boppin' (vCOMPAT)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Commander Keen 1 - 6
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Commander Keen Dreams
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Crystal Caves
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Death Rally (vCOMPAT)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 2
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 3D (SB-code crashes, select no-sound)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition (same bug like in Duke Nukem 3D)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Halloween Harry
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Hocus Pocus
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Jumpman Lives!
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Monster Bash
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Mystic Towers
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Raptor (vCOMPAT)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Rise of the Triad (SB-code crashes, same crash like in Blood)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Secret Agent Man
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Shadow Warrior (SB-code crashes, select no-sound)
  • 3d Realms/Apogee: Terminal Velocity (sound setup freeze gets fixed by vCOMPAT)
  • Alone In The Dark 1
  • Alone In The Dark 2
  • lone In The Dark 3
  • Another World (use Proceed (1) on memory manager warning)
  • Battle Chess
  • Battle Chess Enhanced - CD-ROM Edition
  • Battle Chess 4000
  • Battle Isle 1 (& Mission Packs)
  • Battle Isle 2 (& Mission Packs)
  • Black Thorne
  • Blake Stone (soundblaster works, music isnt playing)
  • Broken Sword (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mouse move, bug in VDM)
  • Cannon Fooder 1
  • Cannon Fooder 2 (sound goes mad)
  • Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1 (use THESE settings)
  • City of the lost Children
  • Civilzation
  • Cobra Mission
  • Comanche (after using THIS official update)
  • Comanche vs. Werewolf (Comanche 2.0)
  • Comanche 3 (vCOMPAT)
  • Command & Conquer 1
  • Command & Conquer 1 - Mission Disc
  • Command & Conquer 2 - Red Alert
  • Command & Conquer 2 - The Aftermath (vCOMPAT)
  • Command & Conquer 2 - Counterstrike (vCOMPAT)
  • Cool Spot
  • Colonization
  • Creepers
  • Descent
  • Descent 2 (vCOMPAT)
  • Die Siedler/The Settlers
  • Die Siedler 2/The Settlers 2
  • Dimo's Quest
  • Dungeon Keeper
  • Dune
  • Epic Megagames: Electroman
  • Epic Megagames: Epic Pinball
  • Epic Megagames: Extreme Pinball
  • Epic Megagames: Jazz Jackrabbit
  • Epic Megagames: One Must Fall 2097
  • Epic Megagames: Seek & Destroy
  • Epic Megagames: Silverball
  • Epic Megagames: XargonFirestorm
  • ThunderhawkFade To Black (use THIS patch)
  • Flashback - Disk-Version (sound doesnt work)
  • GalactixGobliins 2Goblins 3 (works, use new VDMA for better sound)
  • Hi-Octane (works perfectly, but could run too fast on 1+ Ghz machines)
  • Humans EvolutionID software: Doom (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
  • ID software: Doom 2 (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
  • ID software: Heretic (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
  • ID software: Hexen (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
  • ID software: Quake
  • ID software: Strife (use vCOMPAT to get SB sound)
  • Jack in the Dark
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf & Course Design
  • Lemmings
  • Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (vCOMPAT)
  • Lemmings 3 (crash due too fast computer)
  • Lemmings 3D
  • Lollypop
  • Lost In Time 1 & 2
  • Lost Vikings
  • Lost Vikings 2
  • Lucas Arts: Dark Forces
  • Lucas Arts: Full Throttle
  • Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 3 (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
  • Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 3 - VGA Edition
  • Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis
  • Lucas Arts: Indiana Jones 4 and the Fate of Atlantis - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
  • Lucas Arts: Loom
  • Lucas Arts: Loom - CD-ROM VGA Edition
  • Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 1
  • Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 2
  • Lucas Arts: Maniac Mansion 2 - CD-ROM Edition
  • Lucas Arts: Monkey Island (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
  • Lucas Arts: Monkey Island - VGA Edition (using Magical VM Patcher from vCOMPAT)
  • Lucas Arts: Monkey Island 2
  • Lucas Arts: Rebel Assault
  • Lucas Arts: Rebel Assault 2
  • Lucas Arts: Sam'n Max - Non-Talkie Version
  • Lucas Arts: Sam'n Max - CD-ROM Edition (use vCOMPAT, new VDMA required)
  • Lucas Arts: The Dig
  • Lucas Arts: Tie Fighter - CD-ROM Edition
  • Lucas Arts: X-Wing - CD-ROM Edition
  • Lucas Arts: Zak McKracken
  • Master of Magic
  • Master of Orion
  • Master of Orion 2
  • Megarace
  • Miles Sound System (versions from 1994+, remove VW32S.SYS from CONFIG.SYS)
  • Mortal Kombat 1 (MortalFX patch for DOS&OS/2&eCS, works 100%)
  • Mortal Kombat 2
  • Neverending Story 2
  • OxydOxyd - Per Oxyd (use THIS start-batchfile)
  • Pandora Directive (vCOMPAT, new vDMA required)
  • Pinball Dreams (choose MEDIUM speed, HIGH speed will make game freeze)
  • Pinball Dreams 2 (choose MEDIUM speed)
  • Pinball Fantasies (choose MEDIUM speed)
  • Pinball Worlds
  • Prince of Persia
  • Prince of Persia 2 - The shadow and the flame (new vDMA required)
  • Psycho Pinball (use vCOMPAT)
  • Railroad Tycoon
  • Rayman (including extra level add-ons) (vCOMPAT)
  • Rise of the Dragon
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Alien Legacy (vCOMPAT and latest kernel)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Betrayal at Krondor (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Black Cauldron
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Castle of Dr. Brain (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Codename: ICEMAN
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Conquest of Camelot
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Conquest of the Longbow (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Eco Quest 1 - Search for Cetus (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Eco Quest 2 - Lost Secret of the Rainforest (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Freddy Pharkas (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Gabriel Knight 1 (VGA version works with vCOMPAT)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Gabriel Knight 2 (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mousemove (VDM-bug)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Goldrush
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Heart of China (use Adlib, Soundblaster doesnt work)
    - can NOT be patched using GOSiERRA needs specific patch
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Island of Dr. Brain (GOSiERRAv3, new VDMA required)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1 SCI (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 1 VGA (unofficial by TIERRA using ACS v2.1)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 2
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 3
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 4
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 4 SCI
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 5 - CD-ROM Talkie Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: King's Quest 6 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Laura Bow 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Laura Bow 2 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 1 - VGA-Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 2
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 3
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 6 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Leisure Suit Larry 7 (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mousemove (VDM-bug)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Man Hunter - New York
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Man Hunter - San Francisco
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Mixed-Up - Mother Goose
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Mixed-Up - Fairy Tales (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Nova 9
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Pepper's Adventures In Time (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 2
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Police Quest 3 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 2 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 3 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 4 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Quest for Glory 4 1/2 (inofficial game, just use DOSGAMES.set, but change DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT to 64)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Sid and Al's Incredible Toons (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Slater & Charly (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 1
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 1 - VGA Edition (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 2
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 3
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 4 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Space Quest 5 (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: The Incredible Machine (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: The Incredible Machine 2 (soundcard is not detected, everything else works)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Willy Beamish (GOSiERRAv3)
  • Sierra/Dynamix: Willy Beamish (CD-ROM Talkie, needs GOSiERRAv3)
  • Simon The Sorcerer
  • Simon The Sorcerer - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
  • Simon The Sorcerer 2 - CD-ROM Talkie Edition
  • Slipstream 5000 - CD-ROM Edition (use THIS batch-file)
  • Spear of Destiny
  • SpellCasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls
  • SpellCasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance
  • SpellCasting 301: Spring Break
  • SyndicateSyndicate - American Revolt
  • Syndicate Wars (use vCOMPAT)
  • The 7th Guest (new VDMA required)
  • The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes (HolmesFix)
  • Theme Hospital (remove VW32S.SYS from CONFIG.SYS)
  • Tomb Raider
  • Tubular Worlds
  • Tyrian
  • Ultima 6
  • Ultima Underworld
  • Ultima Underworld 2
  • Under A Killing Moon (vCOMPAT, new VDMA required)
  • Wacky Wheels
  • Warcraft
  • Warcraft 2
  • X-Com
  • X-Com 2 - Terror from the Deep
  • X-Com 3 - Apocalypse (works with vCOMPAT, but crash on mouse move, bug in VDM)
  • Z