Audio/Data-CD-Creator Review

Author: Chris Wohlgemuth (C) 1999-2006

GPL freeware

Being able to create CD and DVD under all OS is basic feature so here is a Audio/Data-CD-Creator review written and posted by Greggory D Shaw.

This is a review of a preview version .057. Do not send any complains to Chris about this version, if you do not like anything about his work do not use ADC. I posted this because the added DVD support saved me time and 40 gig of harddisk space after transferring my Xvid files to DVD. The DVD support is experimental and YOU MUST ADD IT YOURSELF.

Audio/Data-CD-Creator helps you creating CDs with CDRecord/2 and cdrdao/2. It works also as a frontend for any grabber program. As a folder subclass it uses features of the WPS like Drag and Drop and context menus.
  • Full integration into the WPS
  • Image creation
  • On the fly writing
  • Decoding of MP3 files
  • Direct creation of audio CDs using MP3 files
  • On the fly encoding of CD tracks to MP3 files
  • Encoding of wave files to MP3 files
  • On the fly encoding of CD tracks to MP3 files
  • Tracktitle querying from FreeDB servers

Installation - Copied from Tutorial
Make a copy of your INI files before installing the classes or create a new archive using the archiving function of the WPS!

1.) Install WPS-wizard following the instructions coming with that package. Download here !

2.) Install the EMX runtime libraries according to the instructions coming with the package. Download here ! eCom 1.2R already has the EMX runtime installed.

3.) Install Daniela Engert drivers . After unzipping the files to x:\OS2\BOOT\ (replace x with your boot drive letter) - add the following lines to your config.sys:



Note: If you are running eComStation these drivers may already be installed.

4.) REM or delete from your config.sys




If one of the latter drivers is in your config.sys CD-Record refuses to work.

Installing CDRecord-2.0
5.) Install CDRecord using the installation program coming with it. If there's no installation program then you're using the wrong release. It will ask you about scripts, answer YES to it. Next it will ask you about installing a generic installer. Answer YES to that so you can uninstall it if you wish.


6.) Now reboot. This is necessary so the new drivers are loaded by the system.


7.) Go to the CD writing folder on your desktop, open the CDRTools folder and start the Scan the SCSI/ATAPI bus for devices object. A command window opens and you should see a listing of all devices on your SCSI and ATAPI bus.


If you don't see such a listing the installation of the CDRecord/CDRTools package is not complete. Do the following:

Check your EMX installation. EMX is coming with a script EMXREV.CMD to do so.

Check the installation of ASPIROUT.SYS and OS2ASPI.DMD in your config.sys:



Note: The switch /ALL must be present or CDRecord/2 will not work!

Installing Audio/Data-CD-Creator
8.) When cdrecord is working, then install Audio/Data-CD-Creator v.057 by starting the installation program install.exe. It will ask you if you want to install the Generic Installer v1.7. Press YES and the install will cancel.

Start the Generic Installer v1.6 that was installed with CDRecord/2 and then uninstall v1.6, it seems weird to me too.


Restart the install.exe for Audio/Data-CD-Creator and install the Generic Installer v1.7. MAKE SURE THAT YOU INSTALL IT TO THE SAME DIR. OF v1.6 - The default is x:\OS2\APPS\cwinst

Now continue with installation of Audio/Data-CD-Creator.


9) Follow the instructions given on the different pages. There should be a dialog pop up stating that there is a identical DLL file, press REPLACE and finally press Finish. You may cancel the installation at any time. In the CD writing folder you should find a couple of objects now.

***Note: Version .057pre has an error during install, but it completes the install and works for me (clean install of eComStation 1.2R, without WPS Wizard).


Install MMAudio Pak 2
The MMAudio Pak by Russell O’Connor is a collection of audio IO procedures to extend OS/2’s multimedia system. After installation you seamlessly play mp3, ogg, and flac files by double-clicking on the file’s icon. Download here ! - FOR WARP 4 ONLY!!!

eComStation 1.2 needs a modified version MMAudio Pak to install support for MP3 files. You will have to use this modified script to install the MP3 audio IO procedures, due to the license for the MP3 codec. I do not know if earlier version of eComStation have the audio IO procedures installed.

Either way the MMAduioPak is a great addition to eComStation for playing MP3 files seamlessly from the WPS. You can also add a folder to eCenter wtih shadows of your favorite MP3s song for a quick and easy playlist.

Another quick playlist is to select a couple of song while the Ctrl key pressed, then double clicking on one of the selected will play all of the selected songs.


Creating CDs from MP3 files
Open the CD-Writing Utilities folder and create a folder for your new CD by dragging a Create Audio-CD folder from the template to the desktop.


Open up the new folder and drag the MP3 songs that you want on your new CD. All new object are shadows, so you can delete the folder after the CD is burned. At the bottom of the folder it shows how much space is left on the CD.

This should be included with eComStation, it is the very reason why I love the WPS.


Creating CDs from ISO images
It is so easy to create a CD from an ISO image with ADC. Drag a folder to the desktop from the Create Data-CD template. Open the folder up and make sure write image option is checked, then browse to your ISO file location. Select, "Write CD" to burned your new CD.

Keep this folder around, then you have the perfect way to burn your ISO images. I see on the newsgroups all the time about how to burn ISO images, with ADC there should not be anymore command line questions about what switches do I use, with xyz program.


Ripping a CD with 123 clicks
Drag a new folder to the desktop from the Create Audio-CD template. Open up the Audio-CD folder and select grab button at the top of the folder. Make sure you select the songs that you want converted to MP3s. Then select "Grab to MP3" and then press "Encode" to grab your songs.


I did find one small problem with grabbing to MP3. After the conversion to MP3 is complete, the progress window stays open at 99%. If your are converting the entire CD, then that is a big problem because it stops after the first songs.

Update: I have been testing this and by adding the DVD support maybe the source of the problem. I tested ADC .057 in its standard install configuration and found out that there is not a problem with grabbing MP3s.

If you add the DVD support (Froloff's build) to ADC, it breaks ripping from CD. So the trade off is DVD or MP3 grabbing.

Writing DVD+RW Data Disks
I love this feature. I finally got all of my Xvid movies and TV shows burned to DVD and off of my hard drive. Now all I need is a DVD player that plays the Xvid format. Plus I picked up an extra 40 gig of space by transferring them to DVD.

It takes a little bit of time to figure out what you need to replace, for DVD support in ADC. Please email me your notes if you have the correct instructions for adding DVD support, so I can post them here!

Note: If you want to write DVDs you have to use the CDRTools package from


How-To Add DVD Support
THIS IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, I HAVE ONLY USED THE DVD+RW 4.7GB - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! Before writing to DVD+RW, you may have to format the disk first. Use the the DVD Tools included with ADC. If your DVD does not work go to Wal-Mart and buy one for $49, if you live in England its only $24.50 - Cheers!

1) Download the CDRTools package from

2) Make a backup of: C:\OS2\APPS\CDR2_0_0

Example: C:\OS2\APPS\CDR2_0_0_BAK

3) Unzip:

CDDVDRTOOLS-1.7CSD1.ZIP to a temporary directory.

4a) Make a backup of:



TO:......... x:\OS2\BOOT and select rename existing file.

5) Copy all the files from x:\UNZIP\CDDVDRTOOLS-1.7CSD1\BIN, to C:\OS2\APPS\CDR2_0_0

MAKE SURE THAT YOU SELECT "REPLACE EXISTING FILES", the backup is for anything that may go wrong.

6) Reboot - This may break some things in ADC, because you are using a different CDRecord - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

7) If anything goes wrong use your backup of: C:\OS2\APPS\CDR2_0_0_BAK

8) Replace: OS2CDROM.DMD, with your backup and reboot.

9.) Go to the CD writing folder on your desktop, open the CDRTools folder and start the Scan the SCSI/ATAPI bus for devices object. command window opens and you should see a listing of all devices on your SCSI and ATAPI bus.


10) Write down the x,x,x scsibus number. It shows 0,0,0 here.

11) Open the CD-Creator settings, in CD writing folder.

Enter the numbers from step 10, on the Grabbing page:


12) That should be it for adding DVD supporting it ADC. Please read the instructions that comes with the CDDVDRTOOLS-1.7CSD1.ZIP package. The new OS2CDROM.DMD states that it introduces some new limitations that I did not fully understand.

CD-RW, DVD+RW, and COPY 1:1 Tools


This software is one of the reasons why I still use OS/2. I would like to thank Chris Wohlgemuth for his beautiful programming skills that brings the WPS to life and I hope eComStation 2.0 includes more of his programs. Chris if you read this, I wish that you would consider integrating zip/unzip into the WPS, much like Desktop Wizard does.

I will help you with the DVD part, BUT I MUST WARN YOU THAT I JUST TRIED A BUNCH OF DIFFERENT THINGS UNTIL I GOT IT WORKING :) And using a different CDRecord is NOT supported and is clearly stated by Chris Wohlgemuth.

The latest stable versions of ADC v.056 and WPS-wizard v5.2 are at

Audio/Data-CD-Creator home page:

WPS-wizard v5.2 and CDRecord/2-v2.0:
Latest versions:

EMX runtime libraries:

Daniela Engert drivers:

CDRTools package (DVD):

MMAudio Pak by Russell O’Connor:
Warp 4 -
eCom 1.2 -


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