Testing the Neptune Project

I get my hands into the Neptune CD, a huge collection of PM123 skins that are completed tested under OS/2 and eCS. Plus some extra stuff included by it's author. Check the Screen Shots !! The Neptune project goal is to sort a variety of skins for the PM123 MP3 player for OS/2. There are actually two flavors of the Neptune CD, with 1000 skins (NEPTUNE-CD 1000) and the second one with 1900 skins (NEPTUNE-CD 1900).

The 1900 Skins CD includes:
  • 1900 tested skins for PM123 - WOW!!
  • PM123 version 1.1 beta 4 Shareware and Plugins tools.
  • A PM123 1.1 User's Manual.
  • Various OS/2-ECS documents.
But the good part of it is that it includes several index INF files where all the skins are displayed, so you can quickly find the skin you like.

Michal Pohorelsky made a hell of a job sorting on the INF file and testing all the Neptune Project skins.


Also, you can find the PM123 manual made by Michal.


And of course the 1900 PM123 tested skins are included !!!


As an extra on this CDs, Michal has included his favorite Anti-MS screen shots.
Check the sample...


This is a great CD for everyone that uses PM123 to have and the price is really low.

Buy your Neptune Copy at:

PM123 WebSite

Martin Iturbide


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