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As one of the first in Europe the Dutch HCC OS/2 usergroup is very proud that they have got the opportunity to test the preview version of Serenity's eComStation (eCSprev 1). Article writen by Gerrit Schoenmaker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and posted out via Warpcast

The test was done on a brand new PC with an ABit mainboard with IDE-raidcontroller (normally you will find that with SCSI) which was equiped with an Athlon 700 CPU and 128 Mb memory.

Here are some results of this test:

1 Despite of choosing to install the DaniS506 driver during the install procedure of eCS, still the IBM1S506 driver was installed finally. We couldn't find anywere on harddisk the Dani drivers, e.g. DaniS506.ADD and DaniAtapi.FLT.

2 Machine hangs at reboot after using Wisemachine for the first time at the end of the eCS install. After an other CAD the machine runs ok.

3 Your password and userid for the LAN were not saved during the install procedure of eCS. This is probably due to that the string "PEER" is missing from the IBMLAN.INI file on the line starting with: "wrkservices = MESSENGER," It has to be "wrkservices = MESSENGER,PEER" You can choose a new Userid and Password by using UPM in the SystemSetup folder. At anytime you can logon by means of the default: password, userid! Maybe you have to start PEER manually by the command NET START PEER at the eCS prompt!

4 The overall installation of eCS was smooth and without any problem, even over an existing installation of OS/2 Warp 4.0.

5 Starting a program by dragging a file to the programs object doesn't work in some cases (third party programs not coming with the eCS package). This is certainly the case when you drag a file from a GUI filemanagerwindow to a programobject on your desktop. So one of the most convenient features of the workplaceshell is missing. This bug was first introduced into OS/2 with the kernelrevision at fixpak 13 and it is a great pitty that it's still there!!

6 It's great to see that you have the choice to install JAVA 1.3 during the eCS install phase!

7 It's very important to everyone to get used to the LVM (Logical Volume Manager). It's not that kind of difficult as long as you keep in mind that deleting a volume is killing an existing partition that the volume was assigned to!

8 During installation you can choose to install the Journaling filesystem. It was promised and it's there for free!!!

This completes the first eCS impression of the Dutch OS/2 usergroup.

Gerrit Schoenmaker


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