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Kim Cheung Executive Director and Bob St.John of Serenity Systems together with Achim Hasenmueller of Innotek, Joachim Benjamins of Mensys, Oliver Mark of IBM, and Richard Spurlock of Starfire Technologies. Serenity plan was to clear up confusion regarding what people can expect from eCS by the end of the year, in the next 18-36 months, the next 4 to 5 years and hear the observations and insights of industry participants and experts.

Bob St.John, Oliver Mark and Kim Cheung

Most questions during the session was mainly regarding development topics and how far Serenity would be able to push it before IBM would stop then regarding making changes in the source code. Kim Cheung was not worried that IBM would have any problems with code changes, since IBM owns the OS/2 code. So all changes made by Serenity is still owned by IBM. Question was also reaised if customers to Serenity would get that same updates as from IBM. Serenity would actually offer the same updates as IBM and most important also their own improvements done to eComStation. Also to be menioned is that together with eComStation software package it is also included a full version of Lotus SmartSuit. That would make Serenitys offer better than IBM offer when buying OS/2.

Serenity offers sounds like good deal for the most OS/2 Users. But, if You do not care or have the use for enhancements that Serenity puts into eComStation. Well, You might just as well go with IBM offers.

Kim Haverblad


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