Cologne 30.11.2013. Advance Notice - OS/2 - eCS User Meeting


this is an Advance Notice of the private initiative to host an OS/2 and eCS User Meeting in 2013, in Cologne, Germany.

As Thomas Müller and me have not been able to participate in Warpstock Europe for the last times we decided to meet each other to talk and share experience about OS/2 Warp and eCS, especially on modern hardware.

As it makes more fun the more users would participate, we decided to book a room on our cost in case some more users would like to participate.

The figures are:

- Date: 30th of November 2013, Saturday, from about 11 in the morning till 20 in the evening (or longer if needed ;-)  )

- Place: the youth hostel where Warpstock 2006 was hosted -

- We already arranged the room "Lille" there, where about 30 people will have seats and tables. There is WLAN access and a Flip Chart as well. Thomas and me fully pay the rent, so even if there will be no one else participating it will be no loss for us (But hopefully some will show up)..

- Therefore there is no need to pay for entrance nor need to registrate. We want to have the organisation work as less as possible. You "just" have to pay for your journey, the stuff you might want to drink or eat and the room you might want to rent in case you want to stay overnight. Even though it might be a good idea if those, who already decided to take part could inform us - we do not expect more than 30 people to come - but if so we would have a problem as there are no other, bigger rooms free that day. But I guess even more than 30 people can use the room. :-)

- There is no "program" planned, it is just to share experiences and so on

- I would like to offer free of charge installation help if needed for OS/2 or eCS on Netbooks, Tablets and Laptops - if I have the ability to. If you would like to have help it may be a good idea to send me an email before so I can be prepared for this.

- This is not planed to compete with Mensys, Warpstock, User groups or whatever, it is just a privat initiative - and everyone interested in this is invited to come!

- IMPORTANT: As everything is already fixed it is about 99% that it will take place and will happen - but I have to wait for the hirecontract that will arrive the coming week to sign it and send it back. So - if you plan to come please wait untill I have the hire contract signed - I will report this as soon as it will happen, I think till the end of next week.

- If you want to stay overnight the youth hostel gives you the possibility to, but there is a limited amount of rooms. You have to book and arrange this by yourself, the link above shows you the way. But I would advice you to wait with this at least till the end of next week, when the hire contract is finally fixed

- Thomas and me appriciate all hints, critics and suggestions you might have regarding this idea, please feel free to state them i.e. here with this topic. In theory there is the possibility to give a presentation as well - if someone would like to do so - as a Beamer can be rent for 25 Euro.

-> And - if you like - at that date the anual famous Cologne christmas markets have already started so you might take the chance to visit them in the evening as well.

We will report as soon as there are more news.

Thomas and Sigurd

Source: Sigurd Fastenrath


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