OS/2 User Group Meeting Cologne 2013

Report of the OS/2-User Group Meeting in Cologne, November, 30th, 2013

The meeting in Cologne was originally planned as a private meeting of Sigurd and me, as we did not have the opportunity to meet at the last WarpStock Europe. We very much liked to meet again since we last met at the WarpStock in Trier. As I was very fascinated of Sigurds success on installing eCS on late hardware, we intended to meet to compare notes on different kinds of news. The idea to make it a public event was born quite early to give others the opportunity to take part.

The meeting was announced weeks before in different newsgroups by Sigurd. He asked for annoucements of participation. We were very happy that quite a lot people would like to come as well. At least fifteen users took part, what we did not expect from the beginning. That was really a nice surprise from our point of view.For me the meeting started with my arrival on Friday evening in Cologne. Uwe (the admin of de.os2.org) was so kind to pick me up from the station. Together we drove to the hostel in Cologne-Riehl by tram (http://www.jugendherberge.de/Jugendherbergen/Koeln-Riehl451/Portraet).

Before I checked in we took place in the lobby to discuss urgent problems concerning data saving on de.os2.org (the platform was down quite a few days before). Uwe drove home late in the night promising to take part the next day as well.

Saturdaymorning Sigurd arrived as announced at 7.30 a.m.. We started to do some preparation for the day. We did not have a fixed timetable. Sigurd was prepared to do a presentation on his latest success of installation eCS on late hardware.

At about 9 a.m. first participants arrived. Most of them knew each other from Warpstocks held before. We got in contact quick in different chatgroups. At about 10'o clock we did a more official start by checking what the interests of everybody were. By this we did a planning of the day.

Sigurd started with a presentation of his latest trailor, which he produced in cooperation with his son (will we see that on youtube again, Sigurd?). That presentation was followed by one of his latest success of installing eCS on his X200 Tablet. His X230 Tablet refused to do its job since the preparation in the morning. Not before Sundaymorning he realized what he missed to do in the hectic rush of the day. During his presentation hints on installation were given to and from the community of experts.

Another presentation was held by Wolfgang from http://www.wdsibyl.org/. He introduced his new development platform to us. Further on he introduced some software (for example  eBurnIt, eBackup, eLabels and others) to us, developed with WDSybil (have a look at his site). By this he gave some hints to present experts concerning softwaredevelopement. Questions of experts and nonprofessionals were answered very capable by Wolfgang with a lot of vienna charm. Thanks a lot Wolfgang for the enrichment of this event by your visit!

Subsequent the event was followed by a discussion concerning the future of de.os2.org. Uwe provided an insight into his work he did on the technical architecture of os2.org. The following discussion made clear, that each and every attendee was very much interested in backing up the data. Uwe made clear that backing up the data has to be done short-term. The attendees agreed, that this is a goal of high priority. The future design of de.os2.org should be discussed later on. Different ideas were discussed without coming to a decision.

After some attendees had to leave Michael showed us his work. He presented his project of a bootable USB-stick. After booting with his stick he was able to work with FC/2 or PM-Shell. The goal of his project is to provide a very lean and fast booting OS/2-system to do some testing on software he developed himself. The booted system has to be very lean to avoid to much interaction with other systemcomponents. By this Michael wants to make clear statements concerning the quality of his developed software.

Another object we did some work on was the confiuration of InJoy/2 to get online via UMTS. This was a request by me where I got assistance by Sigurd. Finally we have not been successfull because InJoy/2 was not able to open the configured COM-Port. So there is still some work to be done.

Wilfried had offered to show his developed software of custody account management. The software gets defined chart-developvment via internet and displays it. Unfortunatly we did not have enough time left to get that being presented. We very much like Wilfried to do that next time. Would that be possible, Wilfried?

Before the meeting in the hostel Köln-Riehl ended, we decided to have another meeting the following year the same time (meanwhile Sigurd and me already booked for a meeting at least at 29th of Novembre). The attendees did some financial support into a virtual piggy bank. By this the following meeting will be paid in the same hostel.

Some possible topics have been named, as for example: 

- Softwaredevelopment with freely available Vispro Rexx 

- Custoda-account management with OS/2 

- Virtualization under eCS / OS/2 - Soft- and Hardware Helpdesk as well as support on installation of    applications as for example wireless Lan 

- other topics that may be named meanwhile

The meeting ended with a short trip to cologne city where we had dinner. There we noticed real enthusiasm of a member of that group. When he took off his jacket a shirt could be seen created just for this meeting with a lettering saying "OS/2 User Group Cologne Meeting 2013".All in all we can say: this was an exciting meeting in an relaxing atmosphere inviting to be rerun.

We would be glad to welcome you (again) next time.


Sigurd and Thomas


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