OS/2 Index (ecomstation.ru)

eCo Software goes calculate the activity of OS/2 development and activity of users.

Please help us collect statistics, how many updates were released in 2015?

What GROUPS of information do we collect? What kinds of data?
* RELEASE - releases of OS, Fixpaks
* BIGAPPS - large applications updated (large means HUGE, like Firefox, OpenOffice)
* MEDIUMAPS - medium / shareware apps
* BARRIERS - significant fixes in OS
* CONFERENCES - how many conferences were organized, are planned in this year
* DRIVERS -- system drivers
* WPS - WPS Updates / UI updates
* REVIEWS - how many reviews / technical articles were published
* SOLUTIONS - how many updates of solutions, releases on new solutions for business
* SELLINGS  - sellings to Home/Small office users  [this info is not available]

What formula to use? (what do you recommend?)
OS/2 Index = k1*RELEASE  + k2*BIGAPPS + .. k20*SELLINGS

Please post the data (your links) in Format:

* 2015xxxx -- DRIVERS -- ACPI driver was updated -- significant updates
* 2015xxxx -- REVIEWS -- Review of technology is published here .. -- useful for all users


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