Article: 5 alternative Operating Systems for PC

There is a reference to eComStation on this article:

"4. eComStation: eComStation OS is nothing but the OS/2 operating system that was originally created by Microsoft and IBM. After a while, Microsoft left the collaboration; but IBM continued to develop the OS. OS/2 also competed with MS-DOS and some initial versions of Windows operating system. This OS is often seen in old ATMs and PCs. IBM also tried marketing this operating system as OS/2 Warp. Currently, IBM is also not developing the operating system. OS/2 is now belongs to Serenity Systems and the company has the rights to distribute the operating system with the name eComStation. To try this operating system, you will need to download the demo CD."


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OS/2 Distro & Version

Which OS/2 based OS do you have installed and use frequently ? (VM or Real hardware)

ArcaOS 5.0.x
eComStation 2.x
OS/2 Warp 4.5x (Client and/or Server)
OS/2 Warp 4.0 (Client and/or Server)
eComStation 1.x
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