eCo Software runtime updated to version 2017-07-01


eCo Software runtime had been updated to version 20170701



  22.06.2017 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Added build level information.

  14.06.2017 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Now based on SQLite 3.19.3.
   - Fixed OS/2 mutexes usage in multithreaded environment.
   - Added build level information.

  29.06.2017 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Added build level information.

  15.06.2017 Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Added eDosQueryModuleHandle function.
   - Added build level information.

  24.03.2017  Dmitry A.Steklenev
   - Fixed the setting of the last write date and time of directories when unpacking
     the archives, inside of which directory entries are mixed with file entries.
   - If extraction without paths is choosen, creating any directories is
     also skipped.

These are libraries and PM controls used by programs written by eCo Software.

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