DFSee version 14.9 released

DFSee version 14.9 has been released.

MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 14.x key already.
However, there are some nice new features and some bug fixes in there!

 - HELP texts added to most DFSee scripts (use  on popup messages!)

 - Easier conversion between MBR and GPT style, using commands or the menu

 - Media re-scan, get new inserted disk visible without restarting DFSee

 - Crash in R/W bad-sector scan fixed (Windows, possibly Linux/macOS too) and avoid bogus bad-sectors reported at the end of a filesystem

 - Program Update can use .WPI (OS/2) or .MSI (Windows) instead of the ZIP

Note: Version 14.8 users (or PUPPY 14.7) can update directly using the menu:

 Program Updates / Downloads ->
 Get latest STABLE update

(Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions too, if WGET is there)

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks,
filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with
edit/view/copy capabilities including limited UNDELETE.

More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:


Or from the HOBBES website:
 or (after processing):

Functional changes since 14.8

 - ATTACH/DETACH: Automatic switch to FDISK mode when in another mode
 - CONFIRM: command can take take an -H:sssiii helpid as option
 - CR: Allow creation of a (small!) partition in a Partial-Cylinder FSP
 - CREATE Dialog: NO-align and MAX-size default if Partial-Cylinder FSP
 - DFS*.dfs scripts: Added a HELP section for confirmation popup help
 - Disk-style 'FLP' for LargeFloppy renamed to 'FSO' for FileSystem Only
 - EDIT and  key: Made default view HEX/ASCII editor instead of auto
 - FS: Recognition of Linux/MacOS FS if no bootsec (IM, ATTACH, VOL etc)
 - GPT2MBR: Convert GPT-style to MBR, wipe GPT hdr, optional alternate
 - GPT: Display GPT-hdr and table contents even if no guard part present
 - HELP menu: Pre-load help for most DFSee scripts (for Help->Select)
 - HELP: Support reading single HELP-sections from TX-script file
 - HFS: Recognise 'cerd' as last mounted FS, as a valid HFS superblock
 - LOADHELP: Added -S and -H:sss option for help-sections in Script
 - LOADHELP: Search target file in EXE-dir, PATH and current-DIR
 - LOADHELP: Strip CR and LF characters from all lines (UNIX etc)
 - MBR2GPT: Convert (or recover) MBR-style to GPT-style partitioning
 - MEDIA: '-update' option updates DFSee disk list (partitionable media)
 - MENU: Enable wipe-freespace in filesystem, for any valid FS detected
 - MENU: File->Attach/Detach/Display disks->Update DFSee disk-list c-U
 - PART/MAP: Support APM style disks, and allow partitions selection
 - PART: Disk-style 'APM' for Apple-Partition-Map (macOS disk images etc)
 - PART: MiB size in std table with 3 fractional digits below 0.95 MiB
 - PART: Warnings if GPT-table and MBR partitions present, or no GPT guard
 - PTEDIT: Extra warning when adding AA55 signature to APM-style disk
 - RC: Improved error explanation on compound or multiple commands
 - RC: Improved handling and reporting of Read-Only/lock-error issues
 - SCAN -w: Fixed crash on Windows/Linux/macOS and default buffer size
 - SCAN: Fixed bogus errors reported at end of objects (large buffers)
 - SCRIPT: Strip spaces at start/end of each line (continuation!)
 - SCRIPT: message() and confirmed(): optional helpid 2nd param
 - SCRIPT: no execute of message() and confirmed() in syntax-only
 - STORE: Improved Last-accessed-LSN/PSN value, added Base-Final PSN
 - UNIX: Fixed crash on excessive fast keyboard/mouse input
 - UPDATE: Fix DFSGETUP/DFSINSTL scripts bad ZIP name (dfsee_install.zip)
 - WIPEFREE: Allow any object with a filesystem, not just VOL/PART

Regards, JvW

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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