lSwitcher 2.90 released

lSwitcher 2.90 an ALT-Tab program switcher with feature-rich task bar or XCenter widget has been released.

It is recommended that you uninstall any previous versions before installing this.

It can be found at
or at Netlabs:

Changes in this verion include:

  • - Fixed failure to close XCenter on shut down (shut down fails) under certain  rare circumstances
  • - Fixed DOS TSR to work with Ctrl+Tab (Only left Ctrl/Alt keys work in full   screen sessions)
  • - Removed redundant window redraws.
  • - Remove scroll divider menu setting. Now we look it up and set it accordingly.
  • - Cleanup menu and dialog formatting.
  • - Added accelerator key F1 for help.
  • - Fix Taskbar opening in the wrong position on video resolution change.
  • - Document the fact that wildcards (*, ?) can be used in exclude list entries.
  • - Use CADH.SYS to facilitate SIGKILL if it is present.
  • - Fixed system hang on trying to open 2 Xcenters both with the widget installed
  • - Removed the Icon only per-process option. Icon only remains as a global setting.
  • - Resolved conflict with XPager Sticky windows and an issue with windows being  restored outside of virtual desktop areas.- Added ini file for the Taskbar and split settings into individual entries.
  • - Added "Help" to Taskbar context menus and "Help" buttons in Properties  notebook; mostly context sensitive.- Updated the help file - Added "About" page to Properties notebook.
  • - Fixed ability to expand number of rows of icons when widening the Taskbar.
  • - Updated the installer.- Fixed a disappearing icon issue with grouping
  • - Improved the grouping logic.- Limit exclude list entries to one per program title independent of number  running.
  • - Added "Tile" and "Cascade" to context menus
  • - Fixed the fact that using "Show", "Maximize", or "Restore" from a context  menu on a minimized/hidden process would place it at the bottom of the  z-order.
  • - Changed context menu on groups of buttons to the desktop menu since everything  else only effects the first group member.
  • - Fixed Auto-Hide and change z-order to not activate with menus open.
  • - Fixed Auto-Hide not working until the mouse was moved over the taskbar.
  • - Some build system improvements external header file updates and debug stuff.
  • - Developed standards document for consistency in terminology and style.

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