Native OS/2 Port of Lotus Notes 8.5 claimed by none

Task: A Native OS/2 Port of Lotus Notes (Hannover)

Description: A Native OS/2 Port of Lotus Notes (HANNOVER) that will give OS/2 users access to "a set of office productivity tools which support the Open Document Format (ODF) standard. These productivity tools include word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities. "Hannover" users will be able to create, manage, edit, and import documents in ODF. The IBM productivity tools can also import and edit Microsoft Office documents and export those documents to ODF for sharing with ODF-comliant applications and solutions".

Url: none

Current Bounty: $50 - Moved to OS2World Common Fund

Sponsors: Romana Britton

Submitter: Sheldon A. Britton

Closing Date: 2013-06-30

Closing Notes: The Bounty expired and was moved to the OS2World Common Fund