SOA value may be best demonstrated by focusing on the applications

Article: SOA value may be best demonstrated by focusing on the applications
Date: November 21, 2006

"The boss (and company IT maven), one Rob Garretson, then-editor in chief of the IDG News Service, picked IBM's OS/2 for the operating system upgrade from DOS 5 (shell) and early Windows across more than a dozen PCs supporting our real-time news collection, editing, and distribution duties. OS/2 seemed great in planning, with it's multi-tasking benefit to reduce memory-leak (and other) crashes. Problem was, the applications we needed most did not run well, and often crashed the OS more than in the old DOS shell.

This is an old and deep can of worms, of why DOS and Windows applications were haphazard on OS/2, but the point was in the heat of business battle — it was the applications that determined how we made business decisions. I needed to move boat-loads of copy, fast. Crashes were killing us. We ended up, reluctantly-but-swiftly, swapping out OS/2 for the latest Windows, and then on to Windows 3.3, and on and on. The business people, in this case, me, didn't care what the underlying platform, network, or object model was — we wanted our apps to run. Microsoft did very well by this logic: still does."


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