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Title: Odin
Post by: rdonnelly on 2008.10.17, 21:27:33
HI, I am new here, I have used all 3 versions of OS/2 ver 2.1, 3, and 4. I have not used OS/2 in a few years because of the need to move on to win32 apps. What is involved in using Odin? Is it a just a file converter, or would I need to add additional programs to the OS/2 installation as well? Is there any one for hire to make these conversions for me, so that I can just install it? I would really like to get away from the world of windows if it is possible. I tried the eComStation demo, and I really liked the way it ran without hogging my memory and CPU.

Thanks Bob
Title: Re: Odin
Post by: melf on 2008.10.17, 22:28:54
Hi there and wellcome to OS2world!

Odin translate windows API:s to OS2 API:s if I got it right, so it is like running a windows program os/2 natively - in theory. There is a limited number of win32 programs that works, so have no great hope, but in fact some run very well. There is a list of programs working and there is probably more, you just got to test. But if you want to get away from the windows world, why not explore os2-eCs software instead? As a former Os2:er you know about hobbes, but also take a look at ecsoft/2, a nice place for software. If you really want to use windows software under eComStation I should rather recommend a virtual PC like Virtual Box , ported by Paul Smedley for eCS.

Hope this is a first answer for you. Personally I think you do the right thing moving to eCS. You'll re-experience the accuracy and responsiveness again - a feeling not compatible with Windows. Wellcome home!
Title: Re: Odin
Post by: rdonnelly on 2008.10.17, 23:45:14
Ok, I am not like a computer guru, I have no education in computing, I have been playing with them for about 15 years, I know dos, all the windows, and I did alot of OS/2 configuring back in the day. Would it be real complex for me to odin an accounting program and another program that was written in fox pro? I am not looking to do any complex programs.

Title: Re: Odin
Post by: melf on 2008.10.18, 15:14:20
To begin with Odin, this is my suggestion: Begin downloading an odin-wpi-pack for easy installation. Latest is http://www.ecomstation.org/sidebars/cmd/odin/files/odin-20050402-xp.wpi  I think. Then you have to reboot. You can now update this odin pack with the latest, which I think is http://www.ecomstation.org/sidebars/cmd/odin/files/odin-20060817-xp.zip  . It's easily done by the Odintool (program object is made on desktop).

To run a windows program, just drop the *.exe install or program executable on pe.exe, which is located in odin\system32\ . It's also possible to configure it so it regognize windows-exe:s when you double click them.
Sometimes Odin complaines of missing dll:s, then you can take them from Windows and put in system32 map. Sometimes it also works better if you install a program in windows and then move that to eCS. You have to try. For more info check netlabs.org under API-layers. I don't think there is more developement around Odin any longer. 

If you want to "odinize" more complex programs I think that is another business. Earlier OpenOffice builds for eCS, Adobe reader 5 and Opera are examples.
Title: Re: Odin
Post by: Pete on 2008.10.18, 20:17:02

Talking of Acrobat Reader V5 I suggest that you experiment with that as well as Odin.

If you do not already have ARV5 installed it is available, along with other Innotek software, via links on http://www.os2bbs.com/os2news/Warpzilla.html - you will note that the Innowin runtime is required; also available from that page.

To use ARV5 as a substitute Odin simply create a program object of the ar5os2.exe file and then drag'n'drop win32 executables onto that object. They either work or they do not  :-)

I currently run OpenOffice115 for Windows using the ar5os2.exe trick :-)


Title: Re: Odin
Post by: rdonnelly on 2008.10.18, 20:49:24
Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to purchase eCs and give Odin a try.