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Title: Strange coincidence...
Post by: MikeG on 2007.05.24, 15:33:28
I was looking through the testcfg source from the OS/2 Device Driver kit. I took a break and just did a couple random searches for something OS/2 related. I ended up reading this guys blog and realized his name (Jeff Muir) was the same name I had seen in the source file I was looking at from 1992. Just funny:

http://citrite.org/blogs/jeffreymuir/2006/10/15/citrix-and-microsoft-1989-1998/ (http://citrite.org/blogs/jeffreymuir/2006/10/15/citrix-and-microsoft-1989-1998/)
Title: Re: Strange coincidence...
Post by: MikeG on 2007.05.25, 13:25:48
As a follow up...

I posted to his blog and exchanged a couple emails. I told him I saw his name in the testcfg source and here is what he had to say:

Yes, I wrote that.  I wasn't particularly happy with how it turned out
but it was used as part of OS/2 just before I left for Citrix.

I had written tools QSYSTEM and QCONFIG that had inspired my manager to
write TESTCFG.  The problem was that TESTCFG had no one to ask about the
status of the machine.  It is all history now but it is interesting that
it came up after all these years.