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Title: Supported eCS-OS2 Hardware Wiki
Post by: miturbide on 2009.10.13, 23:51:34

I had been playing arround for some week about creating a Wiki with reports of hardware running on ecs-OS2. The idea will be to bring the community and space and a easy way to create their own hardware reviews, telling what it works, what it don't ?

The basic idea of the Wiki will be:
1) To have list of working hardware
    ex: http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Digitizer_Tablets (http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Digitizer_Tablets)
2) To have a list and track down the drivers
    ex: http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Digitizer_Tablets_Device_Drivers (http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Digitizer_Tablets_Device_Drivers)
3) To have the ability to have a page created for each device to include more comments
     ex: http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/IBM_Thinkpad_G40 (http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/IBM_Thinkpad_G40)

4) And as always, try to promote open collaboration, open source drivers, etc.

The site still a draft and I'm discussing with several people about this. I still need to connect the gallery images to the wiki. I really don't know if it worthy to keep going on.

What do you think about the idea ?

Anybody that want to join me on creating/improving this Wiki ?

Title: Re: Supported eCS-OS2 Hardware Wiki
Post by: Saijin_Naib on 2009.10.14, 00:17:05
Could you hook up to entries already in the ecomstation.ru hardware database?
Title: Re: Supported eCS-OS2 Hardware Wiki
Post by: miturbide on 2009.10.14, 00:26:00
Well, I will had to talk to the ecomstation.ru people about this. to see if we can collaborate.

I'm not sure if from the MediaWiki script I can call the database. But if I call a database I'm not sure how easy a wiki page can be edited to include more information.

I will need to think about it. For the moment it is just an static table listing the devices.

oh.. By the way, The OS2World.com userID and password is not connected to the wiki. If you want to edit the wiki you need to create a new account at:http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup (http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup)

Title: Re: Supported eCS-OS2 Hardware Wiki
Post by: chennecke on 2009.10.14, 13:13:12
Something I'd like to see added is information about when the devices were manufactured and the devices' capabilities.

I hate to say this but I think a Wiki is not really suitable for this kind of project, mainly because you cannot search with sets of criteria and the display is likely to become convoluted.

Hm, are there any RAD tools for developing database applications for Joomla? I know that there are one or two nice ones for TYPO3 but I haven't looked into Joomla for quite a while.
Title: Re: Supported eCS-OS2 Hardware Wiki
Post by: miturbide on 2009.10.15, 15:48:12
Well, I think that a Wiki is a good tool to list the drivers, articles, tools, single hardware review. Possible for listing on a table the devices is the place where I have doubts about using it.

About the searchs, well there is any workarround we can do about that. Possible connecting googlo search to the site or trying to find another search script for MediaWiki. But I think that with firefox Crtl+F and the wiki search the searchs can be fair enought.

Plus, I want to be a collaborative site. What is more easy than a wiki for this. Instead of having strict submition forms this can give more freedom on the information I want to post about a device.