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Title: Uniaud troubles
Post by: melf on 2010.12.01, 00:40:03
I have a Thinkpad T43p, which has a SoundMax sound card. So far I have been using the driver provided by IBM. I'm now using /SMP /APIC as parameters for ACPI  , a tip I read about making my T43p (not SMP) to not use the same irq on all devices, which it otherwise does. This change made the SoundMax driver stop working, but not Uniaud. However although its working I have problems.

Playing audios via WPS or PM123 seems to work always. Playing videos via eg KMP or VLC do work only if audios not have been played before. KMP eg reports "can't open audio device". It seems as uniaud sticks to those apps or the opposite. This was not the case with SoundMax. I've tried Uniaud before and this has always been an issue.

Do someone recognise the problem? Is there any way to release the sound card?
Title: Re: Uniaud troubles
Post by: Pete on 2010.12.01, 01:34:12
Hi melf

You only need the /SMP switch for multiple processors/cores.

The /APIC switch means make high IRQs available and, I suspect, the SoundMax driver may not like that.

Which version of Uniaud are you using? - and is the SoundMax HDA or AC'97?

Later builds than uniaud114rc7 are more for HDA support so if the SoundMax is AC'97 try the 114rc7/6 builds.

I also find it best to use kai:dart in the audio settings for vlc and (s)mplayer.


Title: Re: Uniaud troubles
Post by: melf on 2010.12.01, 10:57:38
Hi Pete,

I used kai:dart on vlc and -audio dart on kmp; that did the trick. Thanks a lot!

According to APIC, this parameter has to be there, otherwise irq 11 is extensively used.

Title: Re: Uniaud troubles
Post by: abwillis on 2010.12.03, 01:38:50
I am curious, are you experiencing a problem that you need separate IRQs to be assigned?  On my T42 I have them all set to the same IRQ without issues that I can see.  The BIOS does allow changing IRQs so that there are few devices using the same IRQ.
Title: Re: Uniaud troubles
Post by: melf on 2010.12.03, 23:07:34
Hi abwillis,
I have no specific problems that I can point to. I have just found it somewhat odd that irq 11 is so extensively used. Then I read the tip here http://en.ecomstation.ru/ecs-rus/?action=ecs20-known-issues , and have read it on news.ecomstation.com before, so I decided to give it a try. I don't know if anything is better, but nothing is worse either.
I guess there must be some reason do use different irq:s for different devices, although that is out of my knowledge.