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Title: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: BigWarpGuy on 2007.08.13, 18:21:29
http://www.secondlife.com/ (http://www.secondlife.com/) They open sourced the client viewer. It would be neat if someone would port it to OS/2-eCS.  It is not really a game as much as a online world. It would be nice to see if one could create an OS/2-eCS presence in this online world.  ;D    8) 

http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/ (http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/)
"Linden Lab is making the source code for the Second Life Viewer available to everyone. Talented developers from around the world will be able to collaborate with Linden Lab to refine and enhance the experience for all residents of Second Life."
http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/getit (http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/getit)
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: kimhav on 2007.08.13, 23:57:08
Well, I've played around with SL couple of times with some time between and I can still not get over that it's kind of empty of people - except around the entry area. So in one way I don't see any use at all for SL client for OS2; but then again; could this be the future GUI for doing the net?

Little update; noticed that this was posted within the Games area; what is this actually? It's not a game and it's far from being something like the EA game Sims....
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: BigWarpGuy on 2007.08.14, 02:25:52
In the old forum, it was in the game section since I did not truly know what it was. I am still not sure what it is. I tried it and it does seem rather empty of people (virtual ones).  It might -as you said - be a gui for future online games(?).

I have read of people creating places and/or 'stores' in the online world.   ;D
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: Andrew Lee on 2007.08.14, 21:28:12
I've never tried Second Life, but the system requirements listed for the Windows and Mac clients list minimum 3D cards.  The performance would probably be horrible without hardware 3D acceleration.
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: BigWarpGuy on 2007.11.16, 18:21:58
I tried the free version. Perhaps the free version is limited. It was not all that much to do there. Perhaps it was to give people an ideal of what it is like. It was okay.  8) Even though there is not much there, it would be neat to try it on my eCS pc.
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: kimhav on 2007.11.17, 11:54:27
Well, there is only one version available and that is the "free version"; the way they make money is if you want to buy stuff within Second Life; meaning that you would need to buy Linden dollar - or what the name is. So there are people that "build" stuff within SL; they have to pay to upload "material" such as images and texture to be used when building stuff. If you want to build a house, you need to buy the land and pay "tax" for the land you own.

So in many ways it works out how it would work out in real life; but here is an interesting question for SL fans - when will you take power over the Linden SL puppet "government"? No free elections and no democracy? I thought that the virtual world should be better than real life :-)
Title: Re: OS/2 Port of Second Life?
Post by: magog on 2007.11.19, 19:24:58
I read a few days back that the 3D engine is going to be changed as Linden Lab bought another company specialized in 3D graphic engines several month back.
Now they begin to move to WindLight and Nimble.

For German speaking people you find something on Golem:

Here we have the Google translated version of the Golem article: