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Title: internet key
Post by: onlineuser2 on 2011.05.10, 10:30:01
Is there a way to use the so called internet usb keys?
Title: Re: internet key
Post by: warpcafe on 2011.05.10, 10:35:33

never heard of that term (here in Germany at least). Can you give me some context?
Is that some kind of wireless-driven USB modem (including a telco provider SIM card) ?

Title: Re: internet key
Post by: onlineuser2 on 2011.05.10, 12:13:07
In short, someting like that: usb wireless key to connect to wireless thelephone line to use internet service (paying by hour connection or amount of traffic).
Something like that: http://www.vodafone-mobilephones.com/phone-reviews/vodafone-usb-modem-stick.htm

I thing there are some differentt spcs about these type of device.
As I saw around they are spread used, but, as till now I was not in need of it, I never wonder about.
May it be that os/2 ecs will use some kind of them? Which?
Title: Re: internet key
Post by: warpcafe on 2011.05.10, 13:20:32

okay, I thought of that. Just wanted to make sure...
In fact, the *IS* a way to use them. But as usual, your mileage may vary. ;)
According to Sigurd Fastenrath, it is possible to make use of them via a USB modem driver and by using (IIRC) Injoy to pass it the parameters for dial-up login. But that is way beyond my skills... you may wnat to get in contact with Sigurd?

Here some links to more or less recent threads which (amongst other) contain some details:

HTH, Thomas
Title: Re: internet key
Post by: Sigurd on 2011.05.10, 16:04:03

what I did is to get an Internal USB Modem to run with OS/2 Warp 4 and/or eCS 2. For your attempt it might be better to take a look here:


there is especially information related to an "externel" USB Modem - an USB Stick, nearly the same as you may want to buy.

For me I did need a patched USBCOM.SYS (to enable USB 2.0) to use the internal modem, this is not needed for external USB Deivce, I guess. Meanwhile it seems to have been deleted from hobbes where I once placed it for whatever reason - maybe licening - but - I do still have...  ::)

Well, the connection is somewhat lower than via WLAN with my UMTS Modem, it may be due to the limitations of the Injoy program for data transfer via comport. Watching HTML 5 vidoes does not really make fun, but for everything else (email etc. etc.) it is really fast enough - and neat to have a connecting from wherever you want  :) - see picture.

I did describe "my way" in this video here, if you are interested in:


As if it seemed to me that nobody else have been interested in I never made a HOWTO like for the EEE.

Wish you luck!
Title: Re: internet key
Post by: onlineuser2 on 2011.05.10, 16:31:14
Thanks to everybody,
I'll try as soon as I have the intern key in my hands.,
(It may be I'll contact you privately).

BTW: It shpould be a question to better explain for everybody...