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Title: OS/2-eComStation Online Community
Post by: miturbide on 2011.05.17, 22:29:59

From time to time I like to make a review on what other collaboration tools exists where the eComStation-OS/2 community hangs out.

I made this list that is public on Google Docs (https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?hl=es&hl=es&key=0AmE-UP8l9avgdGtYN19rTFJyS3VRWFJ6Q1VzMnI3YXc&output=html).

I tried to list some sites where there are some community activity. Any other place with interesting activity that I'm missing? (specially collaboration sites)

It seems that not much people like to tweet about OS2-eCS. Should we start twitting with #OS2 or #eCS ?