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Title: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: millese on 2011.09.27, 23:36:08
I am running os2 version 4.5 and am wondering if I can make this version support a usb keyboard and mouse? I found found 2 files usbkeybd.exe and usbmouse.exe, but when I try to execute either of them they error saying they can't open the various files. I was reading here that USB keyboard and mouse support need to be enabled, but I'm not sure if that functionality even exists on my version and if so how do I enable it? Any help would be much apprectiated. Sean
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: ivan on 2011.09.28, 01:12:37
Open config.sys in either EPM or the system editor and look for something like:


If you have that just remove the rem in front of the last two lines to enable them and save the file.  Then check that you do in fact have usbkbd.sys and usbmouse.sys in c:\os2\boot (I am assuming your boot drive is c ) and reboot.  You should then have usb keyboard and mouse support.

If you don't then change the exe at the end of the files you have to zip (from memory they are self extracting winzip files) and extract them with unzip.
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: Radek on 2011.09.28, 16:37:26
I recommend also checking that you have the correct number of USB drivers active. Download usbcfg7a.zip from Hobbes and unpack it in some directory. After having activated the USB support (Ivan's piece of CONFIG.SYS above), run usbcfg and see that USB controllers found on your machine agree with your CONFIG.SYS. With Ivan's example, you get 2 OHCI, 1 EHCI in the CONFIG.SYS and the actual number of USB controllers on your machine. If these two data sets does not agree, you can put them in agreement from the program (your CONFIG.SYS will be modified, restart).

The wrong number of USB drivers activated is a frequent cause of USB device malfunction (mouse or keybard not working, USB stick not found, and so on).
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: millese on 2011.09.28, 16:44:30
Thanks! I'll follow these instructions and get back with my results.
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: millese on 2011.09.28, 23:46:04
I just checked my config.sys and there is no reference to usbkeybd or usbmouse. There is also no usbkeybd.sys or usbmouse.sys anywhere in the boot directly or anywhere else I can find. This computer has only had ps2 mouse in keyboard to date. Is there any way I can get the usbkeybd and mouse .sys files to copy into the boot directory and add the entries into the config.sys? If so, are there existing keyboard and mouse lines in the config.sys that I would need to rem from the ps2 keyboard I am trying to go away from? Thanks Sean
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: millese on 2011.09.29, 02:33:17
I thank you both for the input. I was able to download and install usbbasic.exe and install, then I was able to run usbkeybd.exe and usbmouse.exe and all is well. Thanks again!
Title: Re: More OS2 newbie support
Post by: RobertM on 2011.09.30, 20:26:24
For anyone else attempting this, if you run into problems (where it works for others), you may need to enable USB Legacy Support in your computer's BIOS.