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Title: logout problems
Post by: Joop on 2011.10.06, 02:14:00
Can you fix this please;

2: session_destroy() [<a href='function.session-destroy'>function.session-destroy</a>]: Trying to destroy uninitialized session
File: /home/os2worldcom/httpd/html/forum/Sources/Subs-Auth.php
Line: 174

Title: Re: logout problems
Post by: IBManners on 2011.10.06, 06:16:32
Hi Joop,

OS2 World is currently going through an upgrade phase which will take sometime due to
the age and previous intergration of the software used. It is getting there though thanks to

When the upgrade goes live then many of the current problems with the PHP/SQL errors will
be solved, followed by a decrease in board spam.

Ian Manners
Title: Re: logout problems
Post by: Ben on 2011.10.06, 12:56:02

What software is OS/2 World switching to?

Title: Re: logout problems
Post by: IBManners on 2011.10.06, 17:18:32
Hi Ben,

Pretty much the same, just updating whats there and adding some extra stuff to make life hard for spammers but easier for others (I hope). Martins the best person to ask though I suspect what comes out at the end
may not be what originally went in :-)

The stuff way at the back has been bought up todate which is why some errors are appearing, the forum and frontend needs to be bought up todate now as the older versions were not written with the updated backend.

You will have to excuse the cryptic answers as I don't really like mentioning versions etc even though its
not hard to figure out what os2world.com is using.

Ian Manners
Title: Re: logout problems
Post by: Ben on 2011.10.07, 02:40:27



I should really have said more.

I have been using the Joomla SMF combination on a number of different sites for many years and before that Mambo. I gave up the bridge a few years back because of the problems associated with it... such as the ones that are happening here.

The combination that is used here is/was the most stable of all the versions and bridges... as long as no updates were performed... but a lot of time has passed and many upgrades have been released. How long can one continue without the need for an upgrade?

Tiny Portal/SMF is an option, but I always found that to be less than powerful enough, a bit buggy, (though recently went gold), and amateurish.

I am more than a little surprised that nothing better has cropped up over all these years, that will work well together --CMS/Forum combination-- and have a reasonable suite of options and utilities... but there hasn't.

There are, of course, other options, but nothing to get excited about. (And there is always the issue of backward compatibility with the present database).

I was hoping that the people behind the scenes here had come up with something that I had overlooked.

Ah well...

I'm sure an arranged marriage will manifest sooner or later.  :D

I have been hacking together my own front end with an embedded, modern version of SMF, (2), but as always, time is lacking and dates are arriving.

The only real bright spot is that SMF recently changed it's licensing and maybe, (though I haven't looked at it closely), maybe it will resolve the issues that caused the withering, (and subsequent death), of the bridge development. While that offers no solution for the nonce, it does hold some hope for the future. For many people use Joomla, and many people use SMF. AND, (more importantly), many people who use Joomla use SMF. ;)