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Title: Problems with fonts in Lucide.
Post by: eilygre on 2011.11.25, 19:50:51
Fonts are normally installed in the PSFONTS folder. I use Scribus, and Scribus finds the fonts in PSFONTS or anywhere I tell it where to find them. When I have created something in Scribus and want to print it I have to write it as a PDF file and print it from Lucide. But if I have used a special font Lucide replace it with another font. As Scribus is a Desktop Publishing Program my choice of fonts is essential. In my case I can't use the result.  So what can I do?.
Well I can take the PDF-file into Acrobat in Windows and look at the result. No. The fonts are replaced with something else. But in Acrobat folder there is a subfolder (Fonts) and there I can copy in my font-file and now the result is as it should be.
My question is about how to make my fonts available for Lucide. There is no font-folder. In the ReadMe file there is an explanation on how to make japanese fonts working, but nothing about "normal" fonts.  In this case the font is jr!ha_ttf.
Can anyone help?
Title: Re: Problems with fonts in Lucide.
Post by: melf on 2011.11.26, 00:16:42
Hi, eilygre. I've tried with different fonts and also the one you talked about. All look fine when I view pdf:s in Lucide exported from Scribus.
Title: Re: Problems with fonts in Lucide.
Post by: Paul Smedley on 2011.11.26, 01:38:03
I asked the scribus guys on IRC - the response was:

<mrdocs> Smedles: i do not understand the Lucide issue
<mrdocs> Scribus will embed or make vector outlines of most fonts

The whole point of a PDF is the fonts should be embedded so it looks the same anywhere,,,
Title: Re: Problems with fonts in Lucide.
Post by: eilygre on 2011.11.26, 18:06:08
My mistake (not often   ;D). In Scribus I have to specify/select which fonts to embed in the pdf-file. I didn't and I have learned. The default seems to be - none.