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Title: dbExpert, Junk Spy, Relish, etc.
Post by: Dennis on 2007.10.15, 22:58:44
With Randell Flint gone, :'( :'(  what's left of Sundial Systems--his wife, Carla(forgive me if I spelled it wrong)--is searching for someone to continue development of their software--Junk Spy in particular. dbExpert is an excellent database that is easy to understand and use and, IMHO, should also have continued development. Even as non-technical as I am, I have developed 2 separate dbExpert apps that are rather complicated. Randell even told me several times that I had put together a complicated and complex app. Because dbExpert is so easy to work with, I basically developed those apps accidentally. I really have no clue about how a program(?) such as dbExpert works. I just know that it does and hope someone--or a group--will take over its development.