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Title: I feel very lost....
Post by: Dennis on 2007.10.17, 01:00:00
I have spent years developing my 2 dbExpert apps. Randell Flint was a big help, asI could usually call or email him if I was stumped. Sometimes, he would get mad at me because I was so dumb, but usually everything worked out. Now that Randell is gone, I feel very lost--kind of like an orphan. So far, I have no one to turn to when--hopefully only if--I have any problems with dbExpert. I know there are several other people in the world who use dbExpert and know it inside & out. Unfortunately, they communicated thru a dbExpert newsgroup which worked on a Sundial server. Currently, that newsgroup server is down and there is no indication of if or when it will come back up.
If ANY current dbExpert user is on OS/2 World, please contact me either here or at rcrmonte3@wi.rr.com.

Thank you