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Title: NetSurf port to OS/2?
Post by: fvanzeveren on 2012.05.15, 10:06:38

Do you know netsurf (http://www.netsurf-browser.org/), a modern and lightweight browser for old and/or alternative platforms.

My C skill is still in its early stages, so I am not able yet to start such a port...

But, considering the difficulties to port Firefox, I think this one could be a good candidate for an OS/2 port. Furthermore, it could run on old hardware way much better than Firefox.

Hope this challenge will interest some people here ;)

Title: Re: NetSurf port to OS/2?
Post by: miturbide on 2012.05.15, 15:17:24
Hi François

I like firefox, but different options are always welcome.

I'm not a developer, but I did a quick check on the source code page (http://www.netsurf-browser.org/downloads/source/) and I looks that the Unix-alike version uses the GTK libraries which we don't have an updated version/port for OS/2-eComStation. But I don't know if the BeOS/Haiku version uses that libraries.

Also as a browser alternative we have Arora (http://svn.netlabs.org/qtapps/wiki/QT4%20Networking) ported, you need to install the Qt4 libraries (http://svn.netlabs.org/qt4) for OS/2-eCS.
Title: Re: NetSurf port to OS/2?
Post by: Tellie on 2012.05.15, 16:41:33

There are some more Qt browsers, like Qupzilla, Qtweb, Wmaisey

I used Qupzilla these days when i'm using Os2...

Works for me fine, i don't miss the flash atm, but thats personal taste.
Title: Re: NetSurf port to OS/2?
Post by: fvanzeveren on 2012.05.15, 22:12:06
Hi all,

Thanks for your answers.

Regarding NetSurf, I do not think that is is tight to GTK. THere are builds for AmigaOS et Atari Freemint and I doubt that GTK has been ported to these machines. I dount that GTK would run on a Falcon 030 ;)

Maybe in a few months, when I will be more experienced with OS/2 world and C programming.