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Title: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
Post by: miturbide on 2012.08.28, 15:10:21

I had been trying to convert a INF file to HTML with INF2HTML (i2htm091.zip (http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-viewer.php?dir=/pub/os2/util/convert&file=i2htm091.zip)). But in some .INF files the process get trunked when reaching to extract the images. If I disable the images extraction, the file is converted to HTML completely.

But I still want to extract the images.

Does anybody knows...
- If the INF file can be fixed so it can not give any errors to extract the graphic files?
- Or if there is any other way to extract the pictures when I got this INF file that gives errors with INF2HTML?

Here is a file that gave me error with INF2HTML.
Title: Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
Post by: aschn on 2012.08.28, 22:37:31
IIRC, the Hobbes version is outdated. Ulrich started first with a REXX
version, but I'm too lazy to look up which one is on Hobbes. ;-)

The last version is on netlabs.org CVS, repository xwphelpers. The
CVS checkout contains the compiled h2i.exe:

epm: G:\Dev\netlabs\xwphelpers > h2i
h2i V1.0.5 (Jan 13 2006) (C) 2001-2003 Ulrich Möller
  Part of the XWorkplace package.
  This is free software under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
  Refer to the COPYING file in the XWorkplace installation dir for details.
h2i (for 'html to ipf') translates a large bunch of HTML files into a
single IPF file, which can then be fed into IBM's ipfc compiler.
Usage: h2i [-i<include>]... [-v[0|1|2|3]] [-s] [-r] <root.htm>
   <root.htm>  the HTML file to start with. This better link to other files.
   -i<include> include a C header, whose #define statements are parsed
               to allow for entity references (&ent;).
   -v[0|1|2|3] specify verbosity level. If not specified, defaults to 1;
               if -v only is specified, uses 2.
   -s          show some statistics when done.
   -r          show only <root.htm> at level 1 in the TOC; otherwise all
               second-level files are moved to level 1 as well.

Shit, I've just recognized that you tried that tool that works the other way
round. Sorry! It works never well enough for me - and I made a lot of tests.
Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a reliable-working tool for converting INF
to something else.

But NewView is able to create an IPF file from an INF file. AFAIR, the output
to IPF is usable, but that feature could need some more work. When you're
on IPF, then there are several options that all work better than INF2HTML.

Title: Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
Post by: abwillis on 2012.08.28, 23:06:06
I was going to recommend NewView to save to IPF but then I couldn't in a quick search find any tools to do anything with IPF other than to create an INF.
Title: Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
Post by: miturbide on 2012.08.28, 23:25:08
Thanks Andreas, Andy for your reply.

The tip of using NewView is helping. "Tools-> Save as IPF..." on Newview extracted all the BMP files correctly.

Now I'm trying VyperHelp (http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-search.php?key=vyperhelp) to try to convert it directly from IPF to HTML. 
Title: Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
Post by: miturbide on 2012.08.30, 23:58:44
ok, I solved my problems with the INF rebels I wanted to transform to HTML.

It was solved with a mix of Newview, VyperHelp, IPFC.exe (DDK), INF2HTML and VisPro help editor (it was a coincidence that I used this one).

Thanks for the help.