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Title: New York City’s subway system use of OS/2
Post by: wstannl on 2012.09.24, 14:32:52
The following story at time.com prompts my question about the use of OS/2 in the New York City subway system:
http://techland.time.com/2012/04/02/25-years-of-ibms-os2-the-birth-death-and-afterlife-of-a-legendary-operating-system/3/ (http://techland.time.com/2012/04/02/25-years-of-ibms-os2-the-birth-death-and-afterlife-of-a-legendary-operating-system/3/)
I refer specifically to this quote:
“While OS/2 is not running any visible part of the system, it does serve an essential purpose, and there are hundreds of OS/2 computers in service,” says Neil Waldhauer, a consultant who helps New York City Transit and other clients keep their OS/2 applications running."
Anyone have any more in depth knowledge of this? I am curious which version of OS/2 is used and where it appears ie) Metrocard dispensers, Metrocard "swipe" entry/exit points, databases, etc.
I have used the subway in NYC and find the whole infrastructure quite fascinating.  :)
Title: Re: New York City’s subway system use of OS/2
Post by: miturbide on 2012.09.24, 16:00:16
Hi wstan

Neil Waldhauer (BlondGuy) hangs out on this forum from time to time. Maybe he can answer some of you doubts.
Title: Re: New York City’s subway system use of OS/2
Post by: Blonde Guy on 2012.09.24, 21:17:53
The subway system still uses OS/2 and a lot of other operating systems from the time of the Metrocard introduction.

I read in the New York times that the automated signaling system on one line was installed in 1922 and is still running. They had a fire and got replacement parts from a train museum. Working with OS/2 on the subway system often seems like that. OS/2 is not used in any application that a customer could see.